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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Unmasking an aspect of dining out that will make you think twice before ordering off the menu, and utilizing his knowledge of all things edible, Andrew Zimmern is on a quest to find the world’s most bizarre foods.Andrew knows that one man’s poison...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew Zimmern is off to the island nation of The Philippines."
"Join Andrew Zimmern as he takes a culinary tour through Morocco."
"Join Andrew, as he takes a bite out of Ecuador."
"Andrew's gastronomic tour of the world continues with a trip through Spain."
"Andrew Zimmern visits the Emerald Coast for southern hospitality and food."
"Andrew experiences some unique food on his journey through the UK!"
"Come join Andrew down in the islands, mon."
"Think Mexico is nothing more than tequila shots and wild spring breaks?"
"As part of the Alaskan culture, Andrew Zimmerman bites into everything."
"Andrew Zimmern's off to Taiwan--a culture of flavorful food that stinks!"
"Andrew heads to his hometown of New York City for a week."
Season 2 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew's in Beijing, home to one of the world's most vibrant food scenes."
"Join Andrew in Iceland as he samples such delicacies as rotted shark."
"Get ready to alter all your preconceived ideas of Russian life. Andrew's taking a culinary tour through St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia."
"Join Andrew on a culinary tour through the place he calls home: Minnesota."
"Andrew reveals Bolivia's culinary secrets on a trip of amazing discoveries."
"Andrew's touring the world's longest, thinnest country, Chile."
"Join Andrew in Guangzhou, the bizarre-food capital of China."
"Andrew's in Delhi, one of the world's oldest continually inhabited cities."
Season 3 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew enjoys the tropical paradise and people of Phuket, Thailand."
"Andrew samples sardine meatballs and cow spleen in Sicily."
"Andrew's in Goa, India's smallest state, known for its tropical attitude."
"Andrew explores the food and culture of the Samoan Islands."
"Andrew finds out why Paris is known as the food capital of the world."
"Andrew finds the best foods in LA hiding deep inside city neighborhoods"
"Adventurous eater Andrew Zimmern throws a Halloween party for show fans."
"Andrew samples authentic Hawaiian cuisine, including Spam."
"Andrew explores Ethiopia, an African country famous for its cuisine."
"Maine residents find most of the food they eat in their own backyards."
"Andrew invites a group of friends to celebrate their respective holidays."
"Andrew travels to the \"Pearl of Africa,\" where the food is simple."
"Andrew heads to Japan, where the people have a passion for food."
"Andrew investigates the connection between food and sex."
Season 4 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew samples the traditional Tanzanian breakfast, supu."
"Andrew feasts on Seoul's authentic soups, barbecues and fermented foods."
"Andrew eats wallaby and crocodile in the Australian Outback."
"Andrew gets a taste of the Appalachian Mountains' culture and food."
"Andrew has the opportunity to try some of most exotic species in Australia."
"Andrew experiences the diversity of food and culture in Singapore."
"Andrew takes a Wild West tour of the Lone Star State of Texas."
Season 5 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew travels to rural a region in northeastern Thailand known as Isan."
"Cambodians eat some of the most unusual foods on the planet."
"Mongols live off their harsh land in much the same way their ancestors did."
"Andrew uncovers unique food traditions in the great state of Arizona."
"Andrew returns to the vibrant and trendsetting city of Tokyo."
"Andrew explores the meat culture of Buenos Aires."
Season 6 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew Zimmern pulls the night shift to explore the hidden world that fuels Big Apple. From eating goat brains at a cabby hangout to slurping blood clams at 4 am, he finds out feeding hungry New Yorkers is an all-night job"
"Andrew meets some Greeks who are passionate about their food."
"Andrew goes to Chengdu China, the epicenter of tongue-numbing, spicy Sichuan cuisine. From pig brains dunked in the boiling chili oil of the Chengdu Hot Pot to mind-blowing spicy rabbit heads to heart attack noodles, Andrew finds out just how much heat he can stand."
"In Hungary, it's not just goulash for Andrew: it's also blood cake."
"Andrew ventures to Finland, where he dines on delectable delights."
"Andrew fuels up on cobra blood for an extra kick of energy."
"Andrew gets a dose of turtle jelly soup, snake bile and medicinal bug tea."
"Outside Johannesburg, Andrew sinks his teeth into zebra."
"Andrew experiences the true flavor of Jamaica."
"Andrew heads up north for a taste of the joie de vivre in Montreal."
"Andrew samples the Pennsylvania staples most people never hear about."
"The attraction for Andrew in Rio de Janeiro is the diverse food culture."
"Andrew delves into the cutting edge food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area!"
"Andrew is back for another exotic food adventure, this time in Sardinia."
"Andrew eats a plate of fermented meats in Morocco."
"Andrew delves deep into the rainforest of the country of Suriname."
"Andrew eats his way through the historic city of Venice."
"Take a food tour around the world without leaving our nation's capitol."
Season 7 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"It's Midwestern comfort food with a twist."
"The food and the culture in the Big Easy are a mix of Southern and modern."
"Seattle food is high tech sophistication mixed with rugged simplicity."
"A city steeped in American history can also produce new food trends."
"It may just be the food that keeps the city's motor running in Detroit."
"Andrew visits West Virginia, where people are still living off the land."
"Andrew sees what really makes the Charleston, SC, food scene tick."
"Andrew makes a trip to the coastal crossroads of the south, Savannah, GA."
Season 9 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew Zimmern skips the DC landmarks to explore the history of food."
"Andrew Zimmern finds a world of unexpected flavors in America's heartland!"
"Andrew Zimmern gets a whole new taste of Alaska's Inside Passage."
"Andrew Zimmern finds America's Dairy Land is reinventing traditional foods."
"Andrew Zimmern explores Chicago's most innovative and exotic cuisine!"
"Andrew Zimmern finds that old fashioned foods may still be the best!"
"Visit the Ozarks where hunting and fishing are still a central way of life."
"Andrew visits northern California where people are reinventing the way they look at food, from how they find it, to how it's developed, or even presented."
Season 10 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew finds out that some of the best foods in Los Angeles are hiding deep inside city neighborhoods where outsiders never go! From pig head tamales at a food truck in Watts to steamed chicken embryo in Long Beach, there are plenty of unexpected foods waiting to be discovered in LA."
"Luaus may be a time honored tradition, but Andrew wants to find out what Hawaiians really like to eat! From dried octopus bile sac to crispy pork intestine to a traditional take on a raw fish salad that includes the eyeballs, Andrew gets a taste of Hawaii's other side when he explores some of the unexpected foods that can be found in this Pacific paradise!"
"Andrew makes a beeline for the nation's third coast, the often forgotten Gulf shore where people strive to preserve their own unique way of life! From stingray tacos to pan fried duck testicles to nutria stew, Andrew is getting a tasty foray into an overlooked corner of the world!"
"Andrew gets a global food experience without ever leaving NYC when he visits the borough of Queens. From a Pakistani kebab joint with a dish made out of goat liver and brains to a Tibetan place with soup made from yak meat to buffalo chicken feet with maple syrup from a French Canadian chef, this ethnically diverse section of the big apple is home to a world of flavor!"
"Andrew Zimmern heads where southern hospitality and soulful cooking meet."
"Andrew visits Rhode Island, where New Englanders blend old traditions and experimental concepts to create a unique food culture. From classic clam cakes to monkfish liver mousse, Andrew finds that food in this tiny New England state is full of flavor!"
"Andrew Zimmern visits Louisville where food traditions meet modern flavors."
"Andrew discovers a melting pot full of surprises when he visits St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. The hard working people in this tropical paradise blend resourcefulness and diverse cultural backgrounds to create a flavor that's all their own. From herding a special breed of island cattle to chasing down land crabs, to fishing for a shelled fish that can't be caught with a hook, Andrew gets a true taste of Crucian culture. Among the menu items: bullfoot soup, shellfish liver, conch roti, and breadfruit tostones."
"Andrew comes to St Louis, a river city where the food reflects the diversity of the neighborhoods and the people who live there. From iconic barbecue joints, to corner restaurants, to the mighty Mississippi, there are plenty of places offering up new food experiences for Andrew to try. Whether it's brain sandwiches, crispy pig snouts, fried Asian Carp, raw paddlefish roe, or pig heart pastrami, Andrew is ready to taste all the flavors that can be found in St. Louie."
"Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of Texas-sized personality in vibrant Houston."
Season 11 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"From chicken paprikash to dinguan, Andrew finds NJ is full of flavor!"
"Andrew Zimmern finds that Pittsburgh has a knack for blending old and new food traditions. From old world favorites like stuffed cabbage and braunschweiger to cutting-edge goat heart tartare, Andrew tastes Pittsburgh's finest"
"Andrew hits Virginia, where plenty of surprises await."
"Andrew finds that Toronto is a melting pot of edgy eats. From horse heart salami and seal flipper pie to pig's ear and cuttlefish, Andrew discovers that amazing dishes from around the world can be found right in Toronto!"
"Andrew Zimmern makes some unexpected taste discoveries in Cleveland."
"Andrew Zimmern pulls the night shift to explore the hidden world that fuels Big Apple. From eating goat brains at a cabby hangout to slurping blood clams at 4 am, he finds out feeding hungry New Yorkers is an all-night job"
"Andrew hits the Minnesota State Fair where bizarre foods are a main attraction."
"Andrew delves into the cutting edge food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area!"
Season 12 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"From raw pig's blood Lawar in Bali and ground pig snouts, ears and tongues in Cleveland, to cured pig legs in Sardinia and pig face bacon in Los Angeles, Andrew remembers his favorite porcine finds-from the rooter to the tooter."
"Andrew looks back on all the times he's had to earn his eats. Whether it's making kimchi on the factory line, harvesting clams right off the ocean floor or inseminating Alaskan salmon eggs, he's working for his food."
"From the lost clips to behind the scenes moments with the crew, Andrew shares some of the footage that's never made it into any other Bizarre Foods episode. Mishaps, practical jokes, and fantastic foods are all part of the fun."
"Andrew is back with another round of never-before-told-stories and behind the scenes moments with the crew. From hot wings in Chicago to Muskrat pate in Detroit, he reveals some of the foods that didn't make it into the show."
"Mystery meat and fermented fish make the list as Andrew looks back on the most challenging foods he's encountered. From putrid smells to gelatinous textures, he admits to the foods that have been the hardest for him to get down."
"Cooking with fire is one of mankind's earliest discoveries, yet no two cultures do it the same. Andrew travels the world sampling the strangest animal parts, lizards, and creatures to be cooked on grills, charcoal or an open flame."
"Andrew explores the bold flavors of Dallas and Fort Worth, including the traditional and the unexpected. Featured foods include cow head roasted underground, a Thai meal made with chicken feet and water bugs, and goat meat stew."
"From meat and seafood to dairy, bread and snacks, how we get our food often depends on where we live. Straight from the sea or fresh from the udder, Andrew gives us a taste of his global grocery experiences."
"Andrew dusts off his passport and heads to Cartagena, Columbia. He eats capybara, shark and more in the city's mind-blowing market, before heading to the mountains for a taste of freshly caught caiman and jungle rats."
"Andrew downs frog shakes, giant Amazonian snails, and fried guinea pig in Lima."
"From skinning a muskrat in Maryland, to Beaver chili in Maine and even cooking up stir-fried rat in Thailand, Andrew's talking about and tasting all things critters. Hair, tails, and nails included."
"Andrew explores the \"new South,\" Atlanta, Georgia. He feasts on calf brains on toast at a gourmet pub, helps butcher a goat at a nearby farm then grills up the organs, and gets a Korean scrub down with Margaret Cho."
Season 13 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew heads to the coast in Lisbon, Portugal. He braves crashing surf to harvest barnacles from the rocky shore, feasts on mounds of mollusks at a snail festival, and learns the secret to making the world's best canned fish."
"In Ireland, Andrew eats his way from Cork to Dublin. He tries the ultimate smoked salmon, dines on pigeon with bog oak, and eats one of his all-time most bizarre foods: 3 thousand-year-old butter that was found buried in a bog"
"Just because food is factory-made, it doesn't mean it's not created with loving care. Andrew goes behind the curtain at factories across the globe producing artisanal and strange foods, from jelly beans to blood pudding to escargot."
"Andrew finds out what's cookin' in Brooklyn. He fishes for sea robin to grill dockside in Sheepshead Bay, tries kombucha bacteria pancakes in a defunct pharmaceutical warehouse, and eats a spleen sandwich in an Italian Focacceria."
"Andrew explores the western most part of North America, St. John's Newfoundland. He fishes for cod to fry up the cheeks and tongues, makes moose pie in a family grocery, and dines on chicken fried seal flipper with a local chef."
"Andrew heads to the Faroe Islands, a mysterious Nordic wonderland. He dives frigid waters for giant horse mussels, feasts on a fermented sheep's head and a blood-filled sheep's stomach, and eats seagulls scooped from the ocean."
"Andrew explores how the marriage of cooking and science is producing eye-popping discoveries. While some chefs are extracting the essence of flavors without actual foods, others are creating taste sensations not found in nature."
"Andrew samples a dozen different barbeque styles around the world, from a buffalo meat tailgate party to Texas pit BBQ to a pig roast in South Carolina, barbequed mutton in Kentucky to chicken hearts in Peru and pork in Korea."
"Andrew heads to Hawaii's Big Island, far from the tourist filled beaches. He pulls huge fresh water prawns out of hidden streams, harvests abalone from an aquaculture farm, and feasts on tuna eyeballs at the local grocery store."
Season 14 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew visits Guatemala, where ancient flavors are still alive in the food today. From fresh bull testicle ceviche at the market to a Sunday dinner with possum as the main dish, Andrew tastes rich heritage in every bite!"
"Andrew heads to Croatia, an Eastern European kingdom straight out of a storybook. An up-and-coming tourist hotspot, Andrew still finds ancient tastes from roasted dormice and giant offal kebabs to baked rooster and grilled frog."
"Andrew goes to one of the world's culinary capitals, Paris, France. He feasts on mushrooms harvested in underground caves, brines ham delivered to the presidential palace, and learns the dying art of aging artisanal French cheese."
"Andrew travels to Philadelphia, a city built on doing things their way - especially when it comes to food! From cheese-steak and shad cake to turkey neck and pig liver, Andrew discovers the secret to a good bite is Philly pride."
"Andrew shares more of the unforgettable moments from the road that never made it into the show. From eating pig brain in Vietnam to sipping honey water in Mexico, these never-before-seen moments are too good to miss!"
"Andrew travels south to Oaxaca, Mexico for tastes and traditions thousands of generations old. From winged ants and grilled intestines to grasshoppers and dried beef hearts, Andrew eats a path through Mexico's culinary capital."
"Andrew learns that hard work runs in the family when it comes to family-run food businesses. From harvesting caviar in Florida to serving moose pot pie in Newfoundland, food just tastes better when the family legacy is at stake!"
"Andrew travels to Amsterdam for unique reinventions of traditional Dutch recipes.From invasive goose krokets and insect-filled nuggets to smoked local eel and hollow pig head, Andrew tastes the city's nonconformity in each bite!"
"Andrew heads to the American heartland to taste his way through meat-centric Kansas City. From jiggly pig snoots and sliced spleen to backyard-trapped woodchuck and world-class BBQ, Andrew satisfies his carnivorous cravings in KC."
"Andrew travels to multicultural hot spot Jerusalem, Israel for tastes older than the city itself. From cow udder and veal brain to turkey balls and mullet roe, Andrew gets a once-in-a-lifetime look at why this city's so legendary!"
"The best food experiences are often served with a side of adrenaline. From midnight spearfishing in the Alaskan wilderness to eating poisonous vipers in Philadelphia, Andrew goes out of his comfort zone to find the best bites."
Season 15 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew heads to Okinawa for ancient eats like tuna eye and pickled pig ear. From poisonous pufferfish and raw goat, to boiled lobster head and the last sea snake eggs on earth, Andrew tastes the secrets of locals' famed wellbeing."
Season 16 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew follows in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark while experiencing the bountiful cuisine of the Pacific Northwest. He samples Pacific lampreys, forages for edible barnacles and harvests for sea salt on this culinary adventure."
"Andrew eats his way through the southern BBQ trail- gorging on pluck hash made from lungs, liver and tongue, liver nip dumplings, bacon wrapped deer covered in junk juice, BBQ meats tossed in mustard and raccoon hash."
"From BBQ raccoon to rabbit liver, squirrel stew to tooth-cracking hard tack, Andrew sinks his teeth in to the foods that have sustained soldiers and civilians since the lean times of the Civil War and shaped a region's cuisine."
"Andrew sets off on the spirited highway- Route 66 where he tries ranch dressing soda, judges a calf ball cook-off and dines at some of the most iconic diners along the way. He eats quail stew, onion burgers and ox tail."
"Andrew heads to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to experience the foods found along the Lake Superior shoreline. From pork-shoulder cooked underground to hearty pasties and fresh whitefish, the food here is as unique as the people."
"Andrew cruises up the Pacific Coast Highway on a seafood sampling adventure. His journey takes him hagfish fishing in the Pacific Ocean, sampling the slimy reproductive organs of sea urchins and foraging juicy gooseneck barnacles."
"Andrew circles the globe to discover food making processes old and new. He helps make and eat traditional longevity noodles in Taipei, olive oil on a Morocco mountainside, and coconut-chocolaty butter krak in Philadelphia."
"Andrew travels the world on a hunt for the planet's most delicious game. He hunts and eats stingrays in the Florida panhandle, black bear skin cracklings in Arkansas and deep fried marsh hen in Louisiana."
"What many fishermen throw back, Andrew cooks and devours- including fried dogfish in Boston, North Carolina pufferfish, and Houston's scorpion fish. He travels to Rome's Tiber River to eat fresh eel and to Namibia for the oysters."
Season 17 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Andrew saddles up for life as a cowboy. From barbacoa made with the centuries-old traditions of vaqueros, to calf guts stew on the chuckwagon, to fried and funky snacks at the rodeo, Andrew eats fresh and meaty cowboy cuisine."
"Andrew samples Appalachian fare as he treks Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail. From fried, crispy peascakes and buffalo bone marrow to ham cured and aged in pillow cases, Andrew searches for the flavors of the frontier."
"Andrew Zimmern follows Mark Twain's path down the Mississippi River for a taste of Americana. Floating from meal to meal, he tries frog legs on a cargo ship, hunts wood duck and learns the art of Deep South pheasant pot pie."
"Andrew Zimmern heads south to explore Louisiana's Cajun country. From blood sausage to chewy ginger cakes, seafood gumbo to wild hog heart, Cajun country is rife with edible resources and French-inspired recipes from the past."
"Andrew traces the path of Columbus's expedition across the DR. From cow stomach stew with African roots, to native Taino flatbreads and fresh blue crab, Andrew eats his way across the cultural evolution of Hispaniola."
"Andrew follows the footsteps of Florida's conquistadors. From buccaneer-style bacon and the first breed of cattle in America, to crab juice roasted on an ancient, native fire and powdered shrimp, Andrew searches for eternal youth."
"Andrew tests his mettle on the trail that brought gold rushers through the treacherous Yukon. Along the way, he eats black bear heart, beaver tail, and fish oil-soaked crackers with the gritty characters who call it home."
"Andrew embarks on the Erie Canal, an engineering marvel that connects some of New York's greatest small towns. He chows down on tomato pie, juicy roast beef sandwiches, chicken rigatoni, and fish pulled fresh from Oneida Lake."
"Andrew takes a voyage of self-discovery across the Mojave Desert. From Palm Springs pickleball with oxtail stew and alien-inspired rejuvenation and jerky to a Sin City meal with Carrot Top, this journey explores the joy of escape."
Season 18 - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
"Pastrami bear tenderloin, sauerkraut stew, and boiled muskrat are among the foods that Andrew enjoys on the Paul Bunyan trail. He joins Northern Minnesota natives for potluck dinners of wild rice, crayfish, duck, and fish head soup."
"Andrew eats rotten tomato ketchup, confederate biscuits, and ham cake on the Jesse James trail. Venison heart, crappie ceviche, stewed rabbit, and pan-fried pheasant are on the menu as he traces the steps of the notorious outlaw."
"Andrew eats like a king in butcher shops, fortresses and farms. From veal breakfast sausage to carp sperm sacs, Germany's romantic road gives Andrew lots to chew on- including pancreas stew, udder schnitzel and grilled goose."
"Andrew dives into the culinary treasures of Italy's Amalfi Coast. He samples raw red mullet aboard a fishing boat, tastes years-old fish sauce, visits the Sistine Chapel of Salumi, and tucks in to Mama Agata's cloud-like meatballs."
"Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of the culinary impact of Napoleon's march through Poland; he tries decadent tripe soup, rump steak seasoned with gunpowder and the brain of a roe deer roasted over a campfire."
"Andrew explores the route taken by Pueblo leader Po'pay during the 1680 revolt against the Spanish; along the way, he breaks bread with people who embody the enduring spirit of the Pueblo culture."
"Andrew Zimmern explores ancient superfoods, heirloom seeds and indigenous culinary traditions of Aztec Mexico; he eats wild boar with native cactus, stinkbug salsa and seven-chili rabbit before trying sweaty tacos inspired by Aztec ingredients."
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