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Hunting Hitler

According to documents that were declassified by the FBI in 2014, Adolf Hitler may have survived World War II and fled to South America following the fall of Nazi Germany. In this series a team of investigators -- led by 21-year CIA veteran Bob...

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Season 1 - Hunting Hitler
"Kennedy, Rambam and Williams investigate Nazi vestiges in Charata, Argentina. They visit an old school and an isolated farm. Searching for an underground bunker, they use Ground Penetrating Radar at property formerly owned by Carlos Buck."
"Kennedy investigates Nazi artifacts at a dig of three buildings located in the jungle of the Misiones province of Argentina. DePaul considers the remains of the Fuhrer bunker and exit tunnels in Berlin, Germany."
"DePaul searches for a tunnel escape route between the Fuhrer bunker and the Tempelhof airport. Meanwhile in Argentina, Rambam, Kennedy and Williams visit San Antonio Oeste to learn about the Lahusen Wool Co. and U-boat activity in 1945."
"With GPR DePaul looks for a connecting tunnel in Berlin. Kennedy does a grid search for a scuttled U-boat off of Argentina. DePaul and Williams visit the Galicia region for clues in Franco's Spain and see the port city of Vigo."
"Kennedy dives to the sonar hit in Argentina. Using Skype, Baer and Cencich conduct an interview. DePaul and Williams view the Samos monastery and Nazi RDF equipment in Spain. They proceed to investigate U-boat use of the Canary Islands."
"DePaul and Williams view tunnels and visit Villa Winter in the Canary Islands. After being directed to Bariloche, Argentina, Kennedy and Cervantes reconnoiter the secluded Inalco House on Lake Nahuel Huapi."
"The team goes to La Falda, Argentina. Kennedy uses GPR to search for a tunnel from the Hotel Eden. Williams interviews an eyewitness. Another FBI report leads Kennedy and Williams to investigate a 1947 ballet at the Cassino Hotel in Brazil."
"After an inquiry for a communications tower in Cassino, Baer now eyes Bogota, Colombia. To substantiate a 1948 report that Hitler flew there to develop V-3 capability, Kennedy searches for the burned remains of a plane buried in a marsh."
Season 2 - Hunting Hitler
"While investigating makeshift runways, the team find evidence Hitler would have had a stopping point on the way to Spain; historian James Holland goes to Denmark, where they investigate an airstrip and a bunker system."
"Bob and John's dual investigation continues in Europe and Argentina. While investigating makeshift runways as an escape from Berlin by air, the team finds reason to believe Hitler would have had a stopping point on the way to Spain. Following files that place Hitler in Denmark after the war, Lenny and James Holland head to Denmark, where they investigate an airstrip and a massive bunker system"
"Bob and John's investigation leads them to Northern Spain, where a declassified document shows Hitler and a close associate, Leon Degrelle, could have moved from Denmark to San Sebastian, Spain."
"While following leads on a Nazi escape network, the teams in Southern Spain and Northern Argentina both make discoveries of vast tunnel systems in the mountains."
"Holland and Simpson consider U-boat activity in Cadiz, Spain, and scour Tangier for a Nazi HQ site. Kennedy and Williams examine a factory in Buenos Aires. Baer and Cencich view evidence of a meeting between Juan Peron and Martin Bormann."
"Holland and Keil investigate the report of a major explosion in March, 1945, in Thuringia, Germany. Kennedy and Williams visit the remains of Dr. Richter's facility on Huemul Island near Bariloche, Argentina."
"Kennedy and Williams seek the true identity of Juan Keller in Osorno, Chile, and later meet his adopted daughter. Simpson and Wood visit a cemetery in Asuncion, Paraguay. Kennedy and Simpson are sent to a suspected Nazi compound in Chile."
"Kennedy and Simpson tour and later reconnoiter the former Colonia Dignidad, now known as Villa Baviera, Chile."
Season 3 - Hunting Hitler
"Bob Baer recruits a terrorist targeting officer, Nada Bakos; the team uncovers two planned escape routes for Adolf Hitler; Tim and James discover a vast tunnel system; Lenny and Gerrard investigate a massive compound hiding under the perfect cover."
"Lenny and Gerrard make a startling discovery in a sabotaged aircraft hangar in northern Germany; Mike and James scan an Austrian lake in search for a large cache of secret Nazi documents."
"At the bottom of an Arctic fjord in Norway, Tim dives on Nazi relics that may blow the case wide open. Mike and James encounter a smuggler who leads them to Nazi castle on the Italian border."
"Mike and James excavate the grounds of a remote Alpine hotel in search of buried Nazi dead drops. In Rome, Lenny and Gerrard make a shocking discovery that implicates some of the world's most powerful people."
"At a lagoon in Uruguay, Tim and Mike uncover evidence of a long-range seaplane that was shuttling Nazis all around the continent. In Buenos Aires, Tim and Gerrard convince an informant to share a massive cache of explosive documents that could unravel the clandestine global Nazi network known as \"Die Spinne.\""
"On the trail of \"The Angel of Death,\" Tim and Mike investigate a key Nazi support point in Uruguay. Mike and Lenny review newly declassified Chilean files that reveal a secret plot to attack the United States."
"Tim and Gerrard discover a mysterious militarized Nazi compound deep in the jungle of Paraguay. Mike and Lenny explore a Nazi concentration camp in Chile before an anonymous source leads them to Hitler's Last Will and Testament."
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