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Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Season 12 Episode 9

Fresh off the heels of his engagement announcement, Rob has another piece of news that will change the family forever. Meanwhile, Kylie struggles with anxiety from being in the spotlight.

Episode: 9/21 eps

Duration: 44 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 2.8

Season 12 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians
"In the season 12 premiere, the family is jolted by news that Rob is dating Tyga's ex; Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 struggles to shuffle around her own life to make sure that Lamar has proper care and a house of his own, Scott sets out to build a new lifestyle in hopes of winning Kourtney back, while Kourtney takes steps to embrace this new chapter of her life."
"Kanye invites the entire family to NYC for his fashion show, but Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 is torn over whether Lamar can handle such a big first appearance since his accident. Meanwhile, Kim tries to keep Scott busy in NYC in hopes that he'll stay out of trouble, and Lamar meets Caitlyn for the first time."
"After years of being Rob's number one supporter, Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 is upset when she is the last to know that he is moving into a house of his own. Meanwhile, Kim begins to speculate what is up with Kourtney and Corey's budding friendship, and Kourtney becomes an interior design monster after landing the cover of Architectural Digest."
"The girls start to make peace with Rob's new relationship, but feelings get hurt when Rob starts making jokes on social media. Meanwhile Kris and Kim reach their breaking points as housemates and Kendall struggles with feeling left out."
"Kendall, Kylie and Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 undergo a prosthetics makeover in hopes of experiencing a \"normal\" day out. Meanwhile Scott is feeling insecure about his place in the family and Kris is resistant to Corey's idea of fun."
"Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 heads to Napa with Kourtney and Kris where her tough decision to move forward with her divorce is made even tougher by Kris's actions. Meanwhile, Scott goes to great lengths to rid himself of the alleged Kardashian Curse."
"Kris orchestrates a surprise family vacation to Vail, but their nostalgic getaway hits a bump when the family learns that Rob has proposed to Blac Chyna back in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Kourtney worries about Scott's behavior on the trip and how Tyga's presence will affect him."
"The family vacation in Vail continues as everyone tries to process the shocking news of Rob's engagement. Meanwhile Scott tries to prove he can behave himself for the rest of the trip."
"Fresh off the heels of his engagement announcement, Rob has another piece of news that will change the family forever. Meanwhile, Kylie struggles with anxiety from being in the spotlight."
"On a trip to Iceland for Kanye's music video shoot over Kourtney's birthday weekend, Kim finds herself spread too thin as she tries to cater to both her sister and her husband. Meanwhile, Scott debates surprising Kourtney by showing up in Iceland, and Lamar tries to mend Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 and Rob's relationship."
"Feeling that Kanye is constantly misunderstood and unfairly vilified, Kim struggles over whether to publicly take a stand for her husband. Kim also prepares for her sexy cameo in Fergie's \"MILF $\" music video."
"The girls jet off for a once in a lifetime trip to the formerly restricted country of Cuba. Meanwhile, Kourtney butts heads with a family member and Kris starts to lose it when she can't reach her girls overseas."
"As the Kardashian Cuban vacation continues, Kim's commitment to her work engagements on Mother's Day stirs up a disagreement. Meanwhile, Scott comes down with a major case of FOMO, and Kim tries to resolve the tension over Kylie's Puma endorsement."
"The drama between Rob and the family flares up again after Chyna launches an app they find questionable. Meanwhile, Scott is on a mission to prove that Kourtney's allergies are fake."
"When Rob and Chyna get into an explosive fight, the girls rally behind them with hopes that they can fix their relationship. Meanwhile, the family tries to convince Khlo\u00c3\u00a9 to break her streak of bad birthdays, and Kourtney is panicked over going on a press tour without her sisters."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Kim finds herself in a major ordeal when she unknowingly upsets her mom after helping Cait get ready for the ESPY awards. Meanwhile, Khloe tests out life with bigger breasts, and Scott searches for a healthy way to keep himself occupied."
"The family heads to San Diego for MJ's birthday, but Rob bails and goes missing after a fight with Chyna. Meanwhile, Scott goes to great lengths to resurrect the Lord after much prodding from the family, and Kim struggles with doing North's hair."
"Scott bonds with Kris and her friends."
"Kim's decision to try for a third child proves to be a matter of life and death. Meanwhile Kendall fears backlash from supporting stricter gun control and Kris gets emotional upon recognizing her mom won't be around forever."
"With Rob's baby only a month away, the family is excited to celebrate and go all out to plan a DILF baby shower for the couple, but, when Rob and Chyna get into a fight, the party is ruined. Kim often feels like she can be a better manager then her mom, so, when Kris gets sick, Kim jumps at the opportunity to sub for her mom and manage all the sisters. When Kris gets into a bad car accident and totals her car, the family rushes to her side, quickly reminded life is too short, and they all need to appreciate one another."
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