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Knots Landing

Hoping to ride the crest of its success with Dallas, CBS spun off this series featuring the black sheep of the Ewing Family, Gary Ewing. Gary was a weakened reformed alcoholic who had deserted his wife Valene Ewing, and then remarried her and...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Knots Landing
"Gary and Valene Ewing move to the cul-de-sac. Sid's daughter from his first marriage is visiting and brings a lot of emotional baggage."
"J.R. visits Knots Landing as he wants to drill for oil offshore and the community protests."
"Teacher's pet Richard runs for a school-board seat against a free-thinking teacher whom Karen finds dangerously attractive."
"Laura is feeling unappreciated, so she goes to a cocktail lounge in the middle of the afternoon and meets an artist. The artist buys her a drink, then invites her to his studio to do a portrait of her as a ruse to rape her. She hides the truth from Richard by saying a serial rapist that is on the loose in Knots Landing just had raped her at home before Richard got home. Val knows that this is not the case and as she goes down to the police station to identify her attacker, the police end up arresting the wrong man."
"Lilimae Clements, Val's mother, turns up in Knots Landing to visit her daughter. Valene confronts her over being abandoned as a child as Lilimae pursued her music career. As ghosts from the past come back to haunt the mother and daughter, they begin to put the past to rest."
"Lucy comes to visit Knots Landing to see her parents, Valene and Gary. Lucy hopes that she will be happier with her parents, but due to past issues and Lucy's lifestyle in Dallas, things do not go quite as planned."
"Diana is kidnapped by a motorcycle gang who have been causing trouble in the neighbourhood."
"Sid's ex-wife Susan visits under the guise of needing his signature on some documents. Karen invites her to stay the weekend to test Sid. When Sid doesn't fall for her, she spends the night with Richard."
"Ginger is being harassed with gifts from a mysterious source."
"Karen discovers that she is pregnant and can't decide if she's delighted or devastated."
"Deeply in debt, Richard leans on his neighbors for some quick cash."
"After earning a promotion, reformed alcoholic Gary starts drinking again, which causes him to spiral out of control."
"The lost weekend continues as Gary spirals downward until, sick and violent, he lands in a detox ward."
Season 2 - Knots Landing
"Sid is accused of rape by a hitchhiker. Meanwhile, his younger sister Abby Cunningham arrives in Knots Landing."
"Sid fires Richard as his attorney and Karen helps clear his name. Abby decides to stay in Knots Landing and moves into a house on Seaview Circle."
"Gary meets Judy Trent who wants his help in getting her husband Earl support from AA. Abby begins to show her manipulative nature by taking advantage of Eric and trying to seduce Kenny. Karen confronts her."
"Richard quits his job at his law firm, hoping he will be hired by another, while Laura is blossoming at her job in real estate. Val starts college and Gary makes a deal with Orchid Cab Co."
"Following her arrest for drug possession, Sue Ellen Ewing's younger sister Kristin Shepard arrives in Knots Landing after calling Valene for help. She is later caught in a compromising position with Kenny."
"Diana feels pressured to sleep with her boyfriend Bobby, and undergoes a rite of passage afterwards. Meanwhile, Richard and the saucy Abby have a brief encounter."
"The neighbors throw a barbecue for Laura to celebrate her new success as a realtor. At the party, Richard paws Abby and Laura overhears them planning to meet later."
"Michael's continued hyperactive behaviour is a major source of concern for Karen and Sid. Abby becomes bookkeeper at Knots Landing Motors. Gary receives threats from Orchid Cab Co. and is ordered to pay them $50,000."
"J.R. returns to Knots Landing and Abby asks him to lend Gary $50,000 to pay off a debt."
"Sid is oblivious to Linda's seduction, Richard gives Laura the brush-off and Abby tires of Richard."
"When her ex-husband files for custody of their children, Abby fights back with her most effective weapon: sex."
"Linda finally has Sid right where she wants him: lip to lip and miles from home after their car conveniently breaks down."
"Val deals with the news that she has a malignant tumour in her colon and may need a colostomy far better than Gary does. Bobby arrives from Dallas to give Gary home truths."
"Ginger's baby shower ends in suspense and terror when armed robbers take the party guests hostage."
"Ginger's younger sister Cindy's weakness for weed ensnares Eric in lies, family strife and near tragedy."
"Abby comes onto Gary. Everyone believes that Laura is having an affair with Scooter and Earl Trent asks Val to sleep with him."
"J.R. is back in Knots Landing to patent Sid's new car-engine design, but Sid is not interested."
"Abby's ex-husband Jeff kidnaps their children Olivia and Brian. The Orchid Cab Co. come back to haunt Gary and Sid when the cut the brakes on Sid's car, which goes over a cliff."
Season 3 - Knots Landing
"Sid survives the car crash but goes into a coma. Gary is apologetic to Karen but she won't listen."
"Sid insists on undergoing an operation that could cure him of his paralysis but also possibly kill him."
"Now facing life as a widowed mother of three, Karen tries to move herself and her children along with their lives."
"Abby tries to find her children and Lilimae returns to Knots Landing."
"Abby's children are returned to her after she tricks Jeff and she gets a restraining order against him."
"Karen's former boyfriend, Teddy Becker, visits Knots Landing and believes he is Diana's real father. Val and Lilimae bond after bad memories resurface."
"Laura believes that Richard is having an affair when he starts to go to client parties so she goes on a trip to Santa Barbara with Scooter out of spite."
"Diana misinterprets Karen's friendship with Bill and out of spite she goes to a party with a biker friend whom Karen hates."
"Lilimae meets a con man who wrongly believes she is rich. He takes her to Las Vegas hoping to marry her but when he discovers she is poor, he confesses all. Gary spends time with Abby and her children and Lilimae warns Val about the situation."
"The women of the Cul-de-sac are stranded in a supposedly haunted house where they must spend the night."
"Gary and Abby invest in a company which make methanol cars. Gary mortgages the house behind Val's back. While in Mexico, Gary and Abby have their first kiss, while Val is left home upset by the recent revelations."
"Richard and Laura set Karen up on her first date but she doesn't like the man."
"Karen's college friend Victoria Hill visits and organizes a fashion show which the women of the Cul-de-sac help out with. Laura discovers she is pregnant."
"A man from Valene's past drops by for a visit, but he leaves behind his stepdaughter Cricket. From the very start it seems that Cricket is a problem child with serious issues. Gary tries to find Cricket's father."
"Val writes a journal about the Ewings of Dallas for an assignment and it ends up getting published without her knowledge. Laura leaves Richard."
"Abby, Gary and Val go to Sacramento to meet a senator about making methanol legal or their business will fail. Abby sleeps with the senator to get the bill passed."
"Val's book about the Ewings is published but Gary is angry because it is about his family's scandals. Gary and Abby become closer."
"Gary and Abby sleep together for the first time."
"Abby and Gary continue their affair until his own guilt forces him to end it. However, Val is already suspicious and confronts Abby."
"Laura moves back in with Richard after finding his suicide note. Karen and Lilimae spot Gary and Abby together. Karen later catches them in the act and confronts them but then Val walks in on them and leaves Gary."
Season 4 - Knots Landing
"Karen meets Marion Patrick \"Mack\" MacKenzie after barging into the Federal Prosecutor's office, where he is handling Sid's case. Gary tries to talk to Val following their split and Abby sends J.R. chapters from Val's book \"Capricorn Crude\"."
"J.R. comes back to Knots Landing following a deal with Abby. In the meantime, Mack and Joe talk Karen out of going after the people who murdered Sid and Laura prepares to give birth."
"Gary wants to get back with Val and even Lilimae tries to help. He also becomes entranced by a beautiful singer called Ciji. Mack continues to help Karen and Ginger becomes jealous of Ciji and Kenny's working relationship."
"Karen looks through KLMotors books to find checks from West Century Auto, Frank and Roy's company, whom she believes are Sid's killers. Karen also invests in Richard's restaurant after hearing about money worries from Laura. Val meets her new publicist, Chip Roberts."
"Gary must go to Dallas for the reading of his father's will and asks Val to accompany him, but she refuses. Abby wants to go with him but he doesn't ask her, and she is furious with him after later discovering he asked Val. Richard opens his restaurant \"Daniel\". Ginger is upset about Kenny's attentions toward Ciji's career and not hers. Karen and Mack finally get a confession from Sid's murderers."
"Following the reading of Jock's will, Abby surprises Gary. Meanwhile, Val comes to Dallas to promote her book and Chip talks Lilimae into letting him stay with her."
"Abby's mad when Gary and Kenny decide to go into business together to produce a record for Ciji, and then promises money to Richard. She tells Gary if they don't have a partnership she will leave him. Abby makes Richard sign a contract that she will be in control of Gary's investment in Daniel, and if he doesn't sign, she'll make sure he doesn't get any money. Val is upset that Lilimae invited Chip to live with them. Lilimae introduces Chip to Ciji, and they're attracted to one another. Diana gives Chip a car from KLMotors. Karen and Mac go camping for the weekend, ..."
"Abby and Gary move to a beach house together. Val becomes suspicious of Chip. Chip tells Ciji that he is dating Diana, which is helping her career."
"Laura discovers Richard took money from Abby. Abby is jealous of Gary and Ciji spending the day together. Diana discovers Mack with another woman and she tells Karen. Mack confesses his love to Karen but she doesn't reciprocate."
"Diana needs a kidney transplant but the family aren't compatible matches so Karen asks Abby to be tested. Karen lets Mack comfort her during the ordeal. Ginger writes a song and shows it to Kenny who has Ciji sing it, which infuriates Ginger."
"Abby initially refuses to donate her kidney to Diana until she is talked around. Chip tells Diana he loves her and presents her with a necklace, which was originally for Ciji. Laura and Ciji become close friends."
"Mack's father, Pete, returns to his life and begs for forgiveness as he is dying. Chip wants Ciji to sign a contract which will make him entitled to her earnings. Karen throws a party in the cul-de-sac and Diana sees Chip kissing Ciji."
"Abby sells Ciji's contract to Jeff Munson. Jeff wants Kenny to produce Ciji, but Abby will only sell if they cut Kenny out of the deal. Abby goes to Gary's lawyer, James Westmont, and wants him to protect her interests in case Gary doesn't marry her. Ciji tells Chip that she's pregnant, and Chip yells that this will ruin everything and manhandles her. Val has been putting off signing her divorce papers but eventually signs them."
"Kenny and Gary almost have a fight over Abby's deals. Mack proposes to Karen and she accepts."
"A tabloid newspaper prints Val's new manuscript about her break-up with Gary. Chip lies to Lilimae about Gary cheating on Abby with Ciji and Val overhears. Karen and Mack get married in Las Vegas."
"Mack moves into Karen's home, which results in mixed feeling within the family. Gary begins to drink again because of Abby's scheming. Richard tells Laura he dislikes her spending so much time with Ciji. The rumours of Gary and Ciji's supposed affair are out in the open."
"Gary wakes up in Ciji's bed. Abby threatens Ciji to stay away from Gary. Ciji confides in Laura about everyone hating her as she hasn't done anything wrong. Richard accuses Laura of having a lesbian affair with Ciji. Abby has a clause put in her contract that gives her full power if Gary's alcoholism continues. Ciji discovers an old newspaper clipping Chip had been keeping about himself that says he is being sought for beating up a woman and that his name is actually Tony Fenice."
"Laura throws Richard out after he confronts Ciji and physically attacks her. Ciji tells Val that she has caused Gary to drink again and they fight. After Ciji doesn't show up to perform at the restaurant, her dead body washes ashore."
"Ciji's body is discovered and a murder case begins with many people as suspects. Later, Gary is charged with her murder."
"Gary starts to sober up while in jail but Abby refuses to bail him out. Val admits to having a fight with Ciji before she was murdered."
"While Gary is being held in jail for the murder of Ciji, it's Valene that confesses to killing her. Lilimae tells Chip that she's had enough of his lies and kicks him out of the house. Richard walks out on his family."
"While Abby plots to have him institutionalized, Val makes one last ditch effort to get through to Gary; Laura interprets Richard's disappearance as an admission of guilt; and the Wards prepare to leave Knots Landing."
Season 5 - Knots Landing
"Mack believes Chip killed Ciji and a search begins for him. Karen is upset that Diana has gone with Chip. A mystery man helps Val when she is bombarded by reporters. The murder charge against Gary is dropped due to lack of evidence."
"Val discovers who her mystery man is. Diana and Chip are on the road, where Diana discovers the police are after Chip. Chip confesses to her that he killed Ciji."
"Abby and Gary move into Westfork Ranch. Abby and Westmont secretly start a subsidiary of Gary's company called \"Apolune.\" Chip and Diana are found by the police but Diana rebuffs Karen in favor of Chip as she has just married him."
"Diana tells Karen that Chip killed Ciji for her. Abby has five days to marry Gary as he will then inherit 10% of Ewing Oil and she wants it to become community property."
"At Greg's fundraiser, Val introduces Ben to Gary. Lilimae tries to make Chip and Diana testify as there isn't enough evidence to prove that he killed Ciji. When Chip is released without charge, Lilimae runs him down with her car."
"Lilimae is arrested as Chip lies in a coma. Diana blames Karen for running down Chip. Val seeks comfort in Gary and they end up sleeping together."
"Eric persuades Diana to testify. Laura advises Gary to leave Val alone. Gary and Abby marry. While at a hotel on their honeymoon, he meets a woman who looks exactly like Ciji."
"Karen begins to take pain killers. Abby decides to secretly develop Lotus Point but Laura discovers what Abby is up to. Gary receives his 10% share of Ewing Oil but also becomes obsessed with Ciji's lookalike, Cathy. Chip disappears from the hospital."
"Abby finds out she'll need a coastal variance to develop Lotus Point and asks Greg for help and they end up in bed together. Gary continues to pursue Cathy. Val and Ben sleep together."
"Gary begins to have Cathy dress and sing like Ciji, which disturbs Laura. Abby and Greg are caught together by his daughter Mary-Frances. Diana finds Chip hiding at Gary's ranch."
"Mack tries to find the head of the sinister Wolfbridge group is. Cathy tells Gary she isn't Ciji and never will be. Abby receives her variance from Greg and they kiss but are seen by Laura. Karen continues to take the pain pills which causes Val concern. At the ranch, Chip tells Diana they must leave together but when he sees Cathy, he stumbles back and falls onto a pitchfork and is killed."
"Mack realises that Wolfbridge is bigger than he first thought. Abby warns Laura to not play her game. Val tells Mack that she is worried about Karen's dependency on pills but Karen disagrees with her."
"Greg's wife, Jane, comes to town. It becomes clear that Abby hired Cathy because she looked like Ciji and wanted to keep Gary occupied, but when Cathy tells her she wants to end their deal, Abby won't let her. Ben asks Val to be more committed to their relationship. Val discovers that she is pregnant but that Gary is the father."
"Val tells Ben that she is pregnant with Gary's baby and he leaves her. Mack's investigation into Wolfbridge results in his home being ransacked and Greg's office too. Abby is forced to be partners with Wolfbridge in the Lotus Point development. Karen's pill dependency gets worse."
"Karen is admitted into a rehab program. Abby gets angry at Greg for getting her involved with Wolfbridge. Greg also has his own problems with them during the election."
"Gary discovers that Cathy spent four years in prison. Ben tells Val to inform everyone that Gary is the father of her baby. Ben and Mack delve deeper into Wolfbridge and Karen begins therapy."
"Gary tells Abby about Cathy's prison sentence but Abby pretends to know nothing about it. She tells Cathy to leave or she will tell her ex-husband where she is. Karen and Diana finally make up."
"Cathy's ex-husband, Ray, arrives. Mack learns that Apolune is Abby's company via Laura, who is being threatened by Mark St. Claire of the Wolfbridge Group."
"Ben proposes to Val and tells her he will raise her child as his own. Cathy tells Gary that she went to prison after taking the blame for Ray's crime. Abby denies being involved with Wolfbridge, but Gary throws her out after her schemes are exposed. Brian and Olivia choose to stay with Gary."
"Abby orders Cathy to leave the ranch until Gary tells her to stay. Gary and Cathy sleep together. Gary wants to divorce Abby but she doesn't want to divorce him."
"Val learns that she is having twins. Ben disappears while in El Salvador. Gary protects Cathy from Ray."
"Val wants to go and find Ben in El Salvador but is persuaded not to because of her pregnancy. The Wolfbridge Group arranges to have Gary eliminated so that Abby will inherit his money and Lotus Point will continue. After a shooting at Gary's ranch, Mack tells Val that Gary has been killed."
"Everyone is shocked about Gary's murder. Ben is found alive in El Salvador. Abby is questioned about Gary's murder and the Wolfbridge group but denies any involvement."
"Ben returns home to Val. The hitman actually shot Ray, not Gary. Greg asks Karen why none of the Ewings of Dallas came to Gary's funeral, and tells St. Claire that he thinks Gary is still alive. Greg tells Abby to sell Lotus Point to Wolfbridge, but she won't. Greg tells St. Claire that he is through dealing with him, and calls Abby to tell her Gary is alive. Abby goes to the Mackenzie's and tells Karen that Gary's alive and Mac is using him to get to Wolfbridge. Karen feels betrayed and confronts Mac after he promised her he was done investigating the dangerous ..."
Season 6 - Knots Landing
"The police lose Abby, who was kidnapped by Mark St. Claire. Abby is held on a yacht. Karen is told that she will need surgery to remove the bullet."
"Karen is told that a piece of the shattered bullet is lodged in her spine and must have risky surgery to remove it but she refuses because of what happened to Sid. Lilimae's nephew Joshua Rush arrives to stay with her and wishes to know about his mother. Greg finds Abby and shoots St. Claire."
"Greg tells the police he shot St. Claire in self defense and Abby backs him up. Gary tells Abby he is taking back the company and has made several changes. Gary ends his affair with Cathy and Val guesses that Lilimae is Josh's real mother."
"Greg tells Abby they will never work together again. Josh discovers that Lilimae is his real mother."
"Abby finds out that Gary is the real father of Val's unborn babies."
"Val and Gary try to reunite Mack and Karen. Abby worries that Val will tell Gary of the babies true paternity. Abby complains to Scott Easton about the babies. Cathy and Josh have a romantic dinner. Greg wins the election and becomes senator."
"Karen serves Mack with divorce papers. Josh and Cathy sleep together. Scott Easton has lunch with Mitch Ackerman. Val goes to see her obstetrician, but she has been called away to a conference, and there is a new doctor - Mitch Ackerman."
"Val goes into labour and is put under sedation. However, remains conscious and hears the babies cry and the nurse saying that they are healthy. When Val comes round, Dr. Ackerman tells Val that the babies were stillborn."
"No one believes Val when she says that her babies are alive."
"Abby asks Dr. Ackerman where the babies are but he tells her that she is sick. Scott Easton turns up dead and Ben is concerned with Val."
"Val travels to Tennessee under the name Verna Ellers and get a job in a diner. Meanwhile, everyone tries to locate her."
"Galveston asks Gary to get involved with Empire Valley. Val hears a report about her disappearance but doesn't respond to it. Karen has trouble with her hands functioning properly and she tells Mack."
"Karen agrees to have the surgery. Abby knows where Val is but keeps it to herself. Josh's TV appearances prove popular. Abby wants to be part of Empire Valley but Galveston refuses as she is a woman."
"Karen's surgery is successful. Galveston tells Abby that she knows where Val is."
"Greg tells Laura about Galveston being his father. Abby confronts Val but she doesn't recognize her and Parker asks Val to marry him after discovering that she is Valene Ewing. Gary flies to Tennessee."
"Gary tries to help Val regain her memory but she thinks he is crazy and tells her new boyfriend, Parker, that she will marry him. Karen unknowingly tells Galveston about Mack's investigation."
"Before her wedding to Parker, Gary shows Val her picture on the back of her book \"Nashville Junction\". Abby worries that Mack will discover her connection to Val's missing babies. Joshua berates Cathy about her life."
"Val finally regains some memories and agrees to return home with Gary. Mack believes that Empire Valley is a cover for something bigger. Galveston tells Abby that he will tell Gary about being the twins' father but he suffers a stroke as Abby watches helplessly."
"Val begins therapy and remembers her troubled past with her mother. Abby tries to find evidence on Scott Easton regarding Val's babies."
"Gary wants to shut down construction on Empire Valley until he speaks to Galveston, who is away. Ben discovers Galveston Industries caused an epidemic when chemicals contaminated the water and Galveston covered it up. Val tells Karen that she knows that her babies are alive. Karen asks Mack to consider the possibility that the babies could be alive."
"Karen starts to question people about the day that Val gave birth. Galveston dies and his wife Ruth arrives, telling her son, Greg, that she wants him to take over Galveston Industries. Greg learns that Empire Valley is a communications center, which will be used to interfere with the governments own communications."
"Karen talks with Val's original obstetricians, who reveal they were called away to a conference when Val gave birth. Cathy sings on Joshua's show and he announces he and Cathy are going to be married, which is a misunderstanding of his. Mack finds an address in Galveston's papers, which leads him to a couple called Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. Greg takes over Galveston Industries and Abby tells him that she wants to be a part of the real Empire Valley."
"Joshua proposes to Cathy and she accepts. Abby manipulates Coblentz into telling her everything he knows. Karen meets Val's nurse but doesn't get any answers."
"Ben tells Karen to stop going on about the twins being alive. Greg offers to buy Gary out of Empire Valley. Joshua bullies Cathy into wedding plans. Gary learns that Galveston has left Empire Valley to him in his will."
"Greg tries to make Gary aware of the importance of Empire Valley without telling him any details but says that he has to agree to let things continue in the direction they have been going or sell the land. Gary refuses. John Coblentz finally fills Gary in and gets him to agree to the associates demands. Joshua and Cathy get married. Karen finally catches up with Dr. Ackerman."
"Karen tries to talk to Dr. Ackerman without much success. Ackerman calls Abby telling her to sort it out. Gary tells Greg he wants to be part of Empire Valley and later lies to Mack and Ben about what's going on there. Abby tells Greg about Scott Easton and her link to Val's missing babies in order to get Galveston's papers which Greg gives her, but he has kept the relevant ones for himself. Greg is then seen observing the babies from his car."
"Ben proposes to Val but she declines and he believes she can hear her babies cry. Karen tells Ben of her and Mack's investigation. Greg asks Abby to get Gary out of Empire Valley and suggests that if Gary knows he is the father of Val's twins his interest in Empire Valley will disappear. Mack is offered the chance to become a senator."
"Ben discovers that Ackerman has a motive for stealing Val's babies. Ruth helps Abby get Scott Easton's notebook pages."
"Val's nurse confirms that Ackerman stole the babies. When Karen and Mack confront him, Ackerman shoots himself in the head."
"Greg asks Laura to marry him. Mack tracks the babies down to Harry and Sheila Fisher. Abby tells Val that the babies are alive and she takes her to the Fisher's home, where Harry drives away with one of the twins."
Season 7 - Knots Landing
"Valene has an anxious wait to see if her twins will be returned to her. Abby remains on edge as she waits to find out if her lies and plotting will be exposed."
"While Gary is in Dallas for Bobby's funeral, Greg changes the plans at Empire Valley. Mack has a restraining order put on the Fishers to stop them leaving town with the babies. Karen tries to persuade Harry to accept that the babies can't remain with him and Sheila. Val finally has her babies returned to her."
"Greg and Abby make sure the detonation area at Empire Valley goes ahead, despite it being in the place Gary didn't want it. Val gets used to being a mother to the twins as Ben feels left out. Abby hands running of the TV station over to Ben. Joshua is furious when Cathy agrees to buy a house without consulting him and tells her to move into it by herself. Gary grieves for Bobby."
"Cathy and Joshua's relationship is getting physically aggressive. Ben suggests a possible change of emphasis to Joshua's show which Joshua aggressively dismisses. Val asks Karen if she and Mack would become the Godparents of the twins. Jill Bennett accuses Mack of being a flirt and kisses him to show him that she knows his advances are not serious. Gary asks Abby to take care of Empire Valley while he grieves. Val asks Ben if she can name one of the twins after Bobby Ewing, he agrees. Joshua decides that he will move into the new house with Cathy. Greg gives phony ..."
"Mack talks to the press about the need for an adoption agency watchdog. Gary breaks in a new horse with Olivia and gives it to her. Ben buys a piano for the babies. Greg informs his colleagues that he can get round Gary using Abby and that they have nothing to worry about. Jill Bennett tries to move her stuff into Mack's office, he throws her out. Gary tells Karen that if he needs her he will let her know. Ben tells Joshua that his ratings are slipping and he'd better come up with something to turn things around. Mack tells Karen that Jill Bennett is like Dracula's ..."
"Ben wants to quit running the TV station, so Abby says he can put all the profits the station makes back into the journalism department. Gary finally finds out about the work at Empire Valley and is furious. Karen invites Jill Bennett to her home for dinner surprising Mack. Abby blackmails Frank Elliot. Mack and Jill question Kavanagh's nurse. Gary tells Elliot he'll need him to for support. Karen is paranoid about Jill. Jill tells Mack that she will be leaving. Mack tells her that she has to stay around as a witness to the deposition that they got from the nurse."
"Gary starts enquiring into the surveys for Empire Valley. Joshua asks Abby to get Ben off his back. Joshua starts seeing a waitress. Cathy smells perfume on Joshua and lets him know. Mack and Jill get Kavanagh. Jill tells Mack decide that it's good she's leaving as they've been getting to close. Laura tells Karen she doesn't want to work with her at Lotus Point but later changes her mind. Joshua tells Cathy he doesn't need her help and they fight physically. Cathy goes to Ben after the fight. Ben and Val talk about their lack of a relationship. Val tells Ben that from..."
"Val and Ben tell Karen and Mack that they are going to get married. Joshua goes to see Cathy to apologise and ends up threatening her again. Gary asks Karen if the babies are his. Joshua get suddenly rejected by a new TV station and blames Ben, Val throws him out after he starts wrecking the house. Greg puts Peter Hollister back in his place. Joshua disrupts a TV broadcast. Greg lays it on the line to Abby about the smooth flowing of the project at Empire Valley. Ben's doctor informs him that Lilimae has nothing more than a little bursitis. Ben tells Cathy. Ben sees ..."
"Gary asks Val if she's happy, she says she is. Cathy confronts Joshua about his lies concerning Lilimae. Val and Ben get married. Frank Elliot warns Abby that he will not cover up Empire Valley for the sake of his son's career. Joshua threatens Cathy at the wedding, Cathy slaps his face and Joshua tells Laura to mind her own business. Joshua leaves the wedding and cooks for his waitress girlfriend. Frank Elliot discovers the underground areas at Empire Valley. Cathy goes home to find Joshua waiting for her. Laura tells Joshua to leave. Joshua pushes Laura down and ..."
"Joshua plots to ensure that he and Cathy stay together forever, by whatever means necessary."
"Everyone is coming to terms with the aftermath of Joshua's fall, while Gary becomes suspicious of Abbey's involvement with Greg Sumner and Empire Valley."
"Gary and Mac get closer to finding out the truth behind Empire Valley, but Greg is using any means necessary to stop them."
"Greg threatens Abby with information about Val's babies. Greg tells Coblentz that Gary blew up Empire Valley because he tried to have him killed."
"Conflicting stories about Joshua cause the police to ask questions of Lilimae. Gary tells Val that he knows the babies are his. Val tells him to back off as she has a new family. Laura invites Greg to dinner and starts seeing him again. Val and Ben and friends celebrate Ben's birthday, Val tells Karen that Gary knows the babies are his. Gary has a one night stand. Karen meets with Jill Bennett. The governor is considering Karen for a job in the State Planning Commission. Gary tells Abby that he trusts Karen but doesn't trust her. Ben asks Gary to back off. Greg tells ..."
"Lilimae is asked to look at suspects in a line up. Abby objects to Laura's involvement at Lotus Point. Gary takes Jill out to dinner where they bump into Karen and Mack. Cathy tells Mack that Joshua wasn't killed but just fell off the building. Val tells Lilimae to get to the police and tell them what happened to Joshua or she'll be in trouble. Gary tells Abby that there is no 'us' between them. Ben announces that the governor is considering giving Abby a job in the State Planning Commission much to the shock of Mack and Karen."
"The police arrive to question Lilimae. Lilimae repeats lies to Mack that she told the police. Greg tells Abby that he will get her on the commission so long as she gets him what he wants. Gary and Abby argue over Abby's track record. Greg and Laura sleep together again. Mack coaches Lilimae about telling the police the truth. Abby blackmails Karen about her drug problem. Val waits while Lilimae and Cathy are questioned by police. Lilimae finally tells the police the truth. Jill introduces Karen to the head of the Planning Commission. Karen tells him of her previous ..."
"The police decide that the Joshua Rush case is closed. A newspaper runs a story on Cathy and Lilimae's involvement in Joshua's death. The Governor appoints Jill as Mack's administrative assistant. Olivia hears the truth about her mother's secrets on the phone. Jill gives Mack the key to her hotel room. Olivia leaves a message saying that she's not coming home. She asks Karen if she can move into her house. Olivia threatens Abby that she will tell Gary about the babies if she doesn't let her stay with Karen and Mack."
"Olivia doesn't want to talk to Abby and tells her why in front of Karen. Sonny is creeping around between the TV station and Cathy looking for more dirt for the Newspaper. Peter Hollister reveals to Greg that he is his brother. Karen finds Jill's hotel room key in Mack's jacket pocket. Abby overhears about Peter being Greg's half brother. Ben and Val discover that Sonny has been behind the newspaper stories. Mack tries to explain about having the key to Karen. She is not impressed. Cathy tells Sonny what really happened on the roof with Joshua. Abby wants to meet with..."
"Karen and Mack fight over breakfast. Olivia doesn't want to be around Abby or Gary. Gary tells Karen that Olivia is probably better off staying with her and Mack. Cathy hears the truth about Sonny. Peter tells Abby they might find a few areas of mutual interest. Mack gives Jill her key back and tells her he's flattered. Cathy punches Sonny. Greg tells Peter that he needs to take back what Gary stole from Galveston industries."
"Karen isn't talking to Mack. Greg and Abby argue about her role on the planning commission. Abby thinks Karen is letting Olivia run wild. Abby shows Karen that she knows nothing about Gary and Jill, Karen starts laughing. Karen starts talking to Mack again and they make it up. Peter is spending money he doesn't have. He tells his mother he can play Abby and Greg against each other if he needs to. Peter invites Abby to lunch and tells Greg. Greg tells Peter to get Abby to divorce Gary so she can get him to give her Empire Valley. At lunch Abby sees Gary and Jill ..."
"Michael tells Olivia he knows she's stoned, which she denies. Laura tells Greg that Gary gave the twins half of Empire Valley which Greg claims is his ground. Mack hears how Jill hounded the governor to be given the job she claims she never wanted. Gary tells Val he won't take the gift back because the twins are his children. Lilimae revisits the roof where Joshua fell. Mack confronts Jill. Lilimae relives Joshua's accident. Abby takes Olivia to dinner. Olivia goes to the bathroom to smoke a joint. Abby confronts Gary about his gift to the twins. Peter listens in on a..."
"Olivia wants to know why Gary was sleeping with Val whilst living with her mother. Michael is questioned by the police then by Mack and Karen. Greg tells Laura she has to decide whose side she is on. Gary has an accident avoiding pedestrians while test racing a car but is only bruised. Abby asks Peter to 'distract' Jill Bennett. Greg's lawyer advises him to buy Peter out. Greg tells him to make him an offer and tells Laura that if he accepts less than half he is not his brother. Mack finds Jill's photo in a Westfall yearbook under the name Dorothy Simpkins. Peter ..."
"Val visits Gary in the hospital. Greg and Laura visit Peter's mother and make her an offer of $5 million. Mack questions Jill about being Dorothy Simpkins. Peter tells his mother that he needs more than $5 million and rejects Greg's offer. Gary tells Abby he isn't going home with her. Jill tells Mack that her family owned most of Empire Valley until Paul Galveston swindled them out of it. Abby finds dope in Olivia's bag and takes her to see Karen and Mack and apologise to Michael. Jill tells Gary that she can't get past him being married. Mack blames Gary for Olivia's..."
"Gary gives Karen 32 acres of Empire Valley, Greg is furious. Abby doesn't want a divorce. She tells Gary that if he doesn't give her the rest of Empire Valley she will drag out their divorce and involve everyone including the twins. Ben tells Cathy that she has been offered the chance to go on tour. Tired of being blackmailed Abby tells everyone that she knew about the twins kidnapping all along. Abby bluffs Sylvia into telling her that Peter isn't her son. The planning commission reject Karen's plans, Abby says it wasn't her doing. Gary empathizes with Olivia. Abby ..."
"Abby finds out that Gary gave Karen 3200 acres of Empire Valley instead of 32. Greg asks Laura to marry him. Greg fires Peter. Gary tells Jill that he gave the rest of Empire Valley to Abby. Gary sees Peter and Jill together. Abby discovers Galveston had disposed of arsenic and acid at Empire Valley. Abby tells Peter she wants 51% of everything he gets or she will tell Greg that he's not Sylvia's son. Jill tells Gary that she and Peter are just friends just like she is his friend. She says she might see him later, he says maybe never. Peter is furious with Sylvia for ..."
"Eric is still sick in hospital. Mack excuses Jill of being involved in a cover up of the poisoning at Empire Valley. Abby blames Gary for the release of toxins from sealed containers after he blew up Empire Valley buildings. Sylvia tells Peter she is scared of him. Greg tells Laura he is going to get Empire Valley back even if it is covered in toxic waste. Ben has started having an affair with Cathy. Val feels that she is losing him."
"Greg takes Laura on a trip. They get married. Jill wants out of her plan with Peter. Cathy tells Ben that she doesn't want to leave to go on tour. Laura asks Greg to clean up Empire Valley. Greg tells Karen that he will clean up Empire Valley if she helps him get it all back and that if she doesn't she can kiss Lotus Point goodbye."
"Abby wants Karen to accept Greg's offer. Greg bribes Senator Henderson to give up his seat and become a consultant for Galveston Industries. Abby overhears that Jill's family used to own Empire Valley. She tells Gary. Jill tells Gary that she only first went out with him because she wanted Empire Valley, but then she fell in love with him. He storms off. Gary heads to Dallas. Greg wants Peter to be State Senator. Charlie Lee dies of Arsenic poisoning and Karen decides to close Lotus Point."
"Peter says he doesn't want to be Senator. Gary returns from Dallas with news that his family won't fund the cleanup at Empire Valley. Karen tells Abby that she'll never sell to Greg. Gary tells Val he wants to take back Empire Valley from the twins. Ben decides to become Cathy's tour manager. Abby tells Peter he will accept Greg's offer to become Senator. Peter signs a deal with Peter. Ben tells Val that he's going on tour with Cathy for six weeks. Lilimae is angry with Cathy and slaps her. Gary gives Empire Valley to Greg. Abby and Peter sleep together. Ben tells Val..."
"Paige tells Mack that her mother died a year ago. Karen has gone missing. Mack suspects foul play."
Season 8 - Knots Landing
"Gary asks Greg why the arsenic in the water is increasing. Ben tells Jean he is not interested in her offer. Gary tells Abby he will run against Peter for the state senate to put pressure on Greg. Gary's campaign gets under way supported by Jill. Peter asks Jill why she's running the campaign against her brother, she says he's changed and she's only interested in one thing now, Gary. Laura asks Greg if he knows anything about Karen's disappearance. Karen's kidnapper gets her to cut her hair."
"Mack hears that Karen's car has been found. Abby tells Peter she wants him to win the election though she is supporting Gary publicly. Karen's kidnapper says he's not doing this to her, but to her husband. He says that when he was in prison he had no contact with is wife for a year and he wants Mack to feel what he did. He also mentions how much Karen looks like his wife. Jean tells Ben he should be on Greg's side in the election campaign. Greg tells his campaign team that they need people like Ben on their side. Karen asks the kidnapper what happened to his wife, he ..."
"Phil asks Greg if he sees much of Mack. Mack tells the police to say publicly that they've got the kidnapper's fingerprints from Karen's car and an arrest is imminent. They do and word gets back to Phil. A flashback shows how Mack and Phil fell out. Phil lets slip Karen's name to Greg who figures out what's going on and tells him he better undo it before tomorrow. Lilimae tells Mack to call his daughter cause it will mean something to her. Phil tells Karen that if there's no evidence they can't convict him of anything. Karen tries to find hidden exits from the room. ..."
"Karen realises the house is on fire and tries to put out the fire at her door. Greg tries to trace Phil's car and finds it registered in a false name and goes searching for his address in his car. Karen pulls up the floorboards to escape the fire. Eventually she finds a window and breaks it to escape. Phil sees the house explode into a fireball. Phil finds Karen running on the road, tries to run her down and crashes the car. Karen hides in the bush. Greg finds the burned out house. Abby blackmails Peter to back off attacking Gary's campaign. In daylight Karen finds ..."
"Laura is finding out more about Karen's abduction than Greg wants to know about. Karen finds out about Mack's daughter. Karen searches photofits. Olivia is given a warning. Olivia warns off Jill. Karen meets Paige. Gary tells Abby that Olivia was suspended from school. Olivia starts smoking pot again. Laura show Greg photofits of Karen's kidnapper. Greg puts Peter back in line. Olivia is warned by Abby not to use her as her excuse. Lilimae is suspicious of Paige. Mack is told that Phil Harbert was put onto the police by Greg Sumner. Phil phones Greg and asks for help...."
"Mack and Karen accuse Greg. Mack says he'll find everything out and put Greg away. Jean is waiting at home for Ben, he tells her to get out. Greg convinces Phil to come onto the payroll rather than turn them both in to the police. Peter publicly questions Gary's campaign. Jean wants Ben to back Peter's campaign. Greg tells Phil to stay put until he can get him to Hong Kong. Laura tells Karen and Mack how she thought about Karen on the night she escaped from her kidnappers because Greg was away all night. Mack questions the police about Greg. Ben endorses Peter on TV. ..."
"Greg tells Phil to wait for him at a phone booth. The police surround his hotel room. He sees the police but waits in the phone booth across the street denying people access to it. Greg shows up but drives off when people recognise Phil. Phil runs into the road and gets run over. Mack tells him not to die because he needs to know why he kidnapped Karen, then says he's going to then kill him. Phil gets taken to hospital. The doctors tell him he's dying. Phil tells Mack that Greg put him up to the kidnapping and dies. Mack tells Karen that it was all Phil and that he ..."
"Peter is still adding to Sylvia's pills. Michael and Paige sleep together. Greg tells Peter to be prudent and nothing will stand between them and the White House. Karen, Mack, Eric and Michael agree that Paige should move in with them. Val's book gets optioned by a TV Network. Abby tells Peter to follow Greg's advice. Eric finds Michael and Paige together. Eric calls Michael stupid and they fight. Karen finds the mess and wants to know what happened. Eric says it was his fault that they had a fight but refuses to say why. Paige moves in. Jean tells Ben to just give ..."
"Lilimae tells Val that she doesn't trust Paige. Peter gets Jill out of being in bed with Gary to tell her that he can't believe he almost killed Sylvia. Ben turns up looking for Sylvia and wonders what the senator and his opponent's campaign manager are doing together. Gary tells Jill she should just dump Peter and not be his shoulder to cry on. Mack tells Paige that her hotel called and one of her cheques bounced. She takes some jewellery to sell. Jean scratches Greg's car to get his insurance information from him. Ben and Mack discuss Jill and Peter and think she ..."
"Peter panics with Jill at the foot of the hillside and drives off but he stops and drives back. Abby tells Sylvia that she'll get her a lawyer. Ben wonders if Galveston millions put Peter in office. Abby tells him they'll be no skeletons in Peter's closet. Abby tells Ben \"why don't we wait until Hollister does something newsworthy.\" Peter reports Jill's accident. Paige buys a VCR for Mack and Karen, Mack doesn't read the instruction manual. Mack hears about Jill. Karen calls Gary. The police presume it was attempted suicide. Ben phones Greg wondering if Peter has a ..."
"Ben tells Peter he has an eye witness who saw Peter at the scene of Jill's accident. Gary and Peter hear that Jill lost her baby in the accident. Karen tells Paige that she doesn't think it was a good idea for her and Michael to sleep together. Paige tells her it won't happen again. Mack talks to Michael. Jean tells Ben that if he buries Peter with the story she will disappear. Abby tells Peter she can't kill the story. Greg tells Peter to avoid lying. Michael tells Karen he's in love with Paige. Paige tells Mack that it wasn't love with Michael and that it's over ..."
"Jill tells Peter she will pretend that he wasn't at the accident, but when she tells people their relationship is over that she'll mean it. Greg writes Peter's will which Peter refuses to sign. Lilimae and Val find cash in Ben's pocket that Jean gave to him. Ben lies to Val about the money. Abby tells Peter that his so called Mother is now staying with his so called brother. She tells him that he could just say that Jill is his sister to get him off the hook but that he can't be Greg's brother if Jill is his sister. Greg offers Ben a job. Olivia passes her driving ..."
"Karen tells Val that Paige's presence has had a devastating impact on her family. Paige lies to Michael about her date with Peter. Michael tells Eric, Karen and Mack that he can't live his life with their interference and will be moving out as soon as he can. Ben moves into his office working for Greg and Peter. Michael asks Olivia for the lend of money, which she doesn't have. Abby and Gary buy Olivia a new sports car. Paige hangs up the phone on a return call to Karen from Mr Winston, Paige's grandparents. Peter apologises to Ben. Jean's lover asks her what will ..."
"Karen tells Mack that the real Paige is dead. Olivia tells Abby, Val and Ben that the accident wasn't her fault. Karen tells Paige that she doesn't believe she is who she says she is. Lilimae asks to see Abby in the hospital. She tells Abby that she found some white powder on the floor of Olivia's car, she gives the bag of it to Abby. Olivia tells Abby it wasn't hers. Olivia tells Lilimae that what she found wasn't hers. Gary finds the photo album of Jill's that names her as Dorothy Simpkins and that mentions Peter referring to her as his sister. Jill asks Gary to get..."
"Mack tells Karen that the real Paige is dead and Anne is alive. Abby gets Olivia to hand over all her drugs. Karen and Mack confront Paige. Karen tells Mack she doesn't want Paige staying with them any longer as she doesn't know who she is. Olivia tells her friend how she let Abby find baking soda, knowing she wouldn't know the difference. Olivia tries to get money from refunded clothes, which fails. Jill finally tells Gary that Peter is her brother. He tells her he wants to marry her. Mack gets Mr Winston to confront Paige. Abby gets Olivia to do a urine test. Greg ..."
"Abby sleeps in Olivia's room to stop her using drugs. She then smashes the bathroom door in when Olivia locks it. Finding Olivia has hidden drugs in the bathroom, she removes the bathroom door and tells Olivia she will no longer have any privacy at all. Olivia gets Brian to pick up some schoolwork books from her friends, but they contain drugs. Olivia takes Abby's keys but she finds out and they fight. Abby gets Olivia's room wired up by a security firm so she can't go out. When Abby finds out how Olivia is using Brian to bring her drugs, Olivia tells Abby that the ..."
"Olivia finally attends one of Gary's AA meetings. Jean gets Ben to bug Greg's office, but Greg finds it. Mack and Anne miss their flight to L.A. Olivia apologises to Brian. Abby tells Gary the divorce settlement is not enough. Anne and Mack get back to Knots Landing, but Paige has left and turned up at Peter's. Ben hacks Greg's computer for Jean."
"Greg shows Ben the bug that he found. Paige returns. Jean follows Greg's computer. Greg discovers the hack on his investments. Abby and Gary haggle. Jean tells her brokers to buy. Laura questions Greg about their unborn baby. Paige tells Anne she isn't going back with her. She tells Mack and Karen. Peter tells Ben that he thinks it's embarrassing that Greg is paranoid about people hacking his business dealings. Ben informs Jean. Paige leaves Peter's. Anne tells Karen that she's staying in Knots Landing as long as Paige is. Jean tells Ben his assignment is to kill Greg."
"Ben refuses to cooperate with Jean, but she implies that his family will also suffer. Val tells Ben that someone tried to run her off the road. Paige takes a job at Lotus Point. Ben lets Val know about his past as an industrial spy. Greg suggests Laura should maybe go back to the cul-de-sac. Peter and Olivia meet. Ben picks up Val, Lilimae and the kids and they prepare to leave town so they'll be out of danger, but Jean knows their every move and follows them in her car."
"Ben tells Jean he wants $1 million to kill Greg. Laura moves back to Knots Landing. Greg leaves a message for Laura saying that he hopes their child will be more of her than of him. Ben gets Mack to invite him to a ball game where he tells him what's going on. Mack says he will help them. Everyone attends the opening of a club at Lotus Point. Greg agrees to meet Ben at the office to pick up some papers. Greg and Laura reconcile. Greg shows up at the office, Ben points a gun at him and explains the situation and asks him to find a way out of it. Ben tells him to write ..."
"Jean tells her colleague that Greg is dead, that she heard it happening and saw a body bag leaving. Val and the kids are brought home in a van and bodyguards posing as construction workers to protect them move into the house. Val tells Karen that Ben is on a business trip. Jean threatens Val. Jean leaks a story to a newspaper that Greg is dead which everybody reads. Abby tells Peter he'd better be prepared to take over Galveston Industries. Jean shows up to see Greg and sees Laura who is visited by Peter who has brought men around to make a list of who gets what. ..."
"Jean's superior tells her she needs to kill Greg. Greg tells Mack that he will handle Jean and that they should handle her buddy. Greg tells Peter that he doesn't like him trying to take his empire every time his back is turned. Greg buys Jean a drink. Val goes looking for a gun. Mack punches Jean's superior and the bodyguards drive off with him. Jean tells Greg she's sentimental about resurrections. Val finds and takes Gary's gun. Lilimae tells Gary and Karen about Jean and her clothing store. Mack tells Karen everything about what's been going on with Greg and Ben. ..."
"Karen asks Laura about letting Anne rent her house. Ben confronts Greg about him sending Jean out of the country rather than putting in her prison and Greg fires him. Gary tries to take Jill to get married but she's not sure because of his relationship with Val. Anne invites Al Stahler to dinner with her and Karen and Mack. Olivia becomes a spokeswoman at the Student Council. Peter changes his plans to join Abby and Olivia. Abby manipulates Peter away from Paige to stay with her, Paige stays with Olivia. Karen tells Anne that she doesn't stand a chance with Mack. ..."
"Val goes to Greg's to question him about Jean. Laura comes in and Val tries to apologize to her but Laura is angry at her over the incident with Jean and tells her to leave. Ben tells Val that they have to move. Val tells Ben she won't touch his 'blood money'. Karen questions Mac about his dinner with Anne. Val discovers Ben on the lawn when she goes out to collect the morning paper. Abby gets Peter to appoint Olivia as a drugs advisor. Peter carries on with Paige but asks her about Olivia. Val and Ben get a security alarm fitted but later panics when Lilimae sets it ..."
"Anne lies unconscious. Mack phones to cancel their breakfast but gets no answer. Paige tells Peter that Olivia is in love with him. Ben gets Mack to burgle his house to demonstrate a new alarm system to Lilimae and Val. Mack visits Anne and sees her unconscious through the window when she doesn't answer the door. He smashes the window and gets her to hospital. Peter has dinner with Abby, Olivia and Brian then sleeps with Abby. Ben gets furious when Lilimae turns the alarms off and doesn't reactivate them. Mack doesn't know what to do about Anne. Olivia tells Michael ..."
"Mack and Karen pick up Anne from the hospital. Olivia tells Abby about her kiss with Peter. Gary tells Peter to invite Jill to Sylvia's funeral. Paige tells Olivia that Peter's mother died and tries to get Olivia to read Sylvia's letter. Ben goes to ask Abby for his job back but changes his mind. Sylvia's funeral takes place and Abby discovers Peter kissing Olivia. She warns Greg to get Peter back in line or she will go to the press about them not being brothers. Mack hears Anne on the phone to Karen telling her she was trying to wake him up about his life. Peter ..."
"Abby asks Gary not to read the letter Olivia sent him, he agrees. Laura gives birth to a baby girl. Greg tells Mack he is not Paige's father. Peter tells Abby he wants to marry her, not Paige. Abby tells him to ditch Paige, which he does but then Abby ditches him. Ben thanks Gary for stepping aside regarding the twins. Jill intercepts Gary's mail from Olivia and burns it. Mack tells Paige that he's not her father and that Greg is. She cries and says Anne was just being vindictive, but thinks that Peter must have known, which was why he broke it off with her. Ben ..."
"Laura and Greg name their baby Meg. Greg tells Paige that he isn't her father. Abby fires Paige but Karen rehires her. Ben phones Val and tells her that he'll keep in touch with her as he's on the move. Greg tells Peter to settle down with someone. Peter thanks Jill for burning Sylvia's letter but she throws him out. Val phones Ben's news service who have no listing of him. Olivia confronts Paige about Peter, but Paige tells her about Peter and Abby. Olivia shouts at Abby about her involvement with Peter. Now enemies, Paige and Abby have a confrontation. Paige and ..."
"Abby tells Olivia to go home, change clothes and act normal. Abby frantically hides Peter's body. Olivia is distraught and goes to see Gary but won't tell him anything. Val is certain Ben will never come back home. Abby buries Peter's body at Lotus Point where a children's playground is about to be built. She notices Peter's car and takes it to the airport where she leaves it. Gary questions Abby about Olivia's behaviour. Mack tells Paige that he called Anne and she admitted that he is her father but Paige remains unsure. The following day, the cement foundation gets ..."
Season 9 - Knots Landing
"People wonder where Peter has got to. Val is distraught when she doesn't hear from Ben but she makes amends with Laura. Greg kisses Paige to prove he isn't her father. Experts say the crack at the Lotus Point playground is a structural problem and they'll have to replace the concrete. Abby objects but is overruled by Karen and Gary. Val tells Lilimae she isn't sure Ben will be coming back. Mack and Paige discover that they are both allergic to cantaloupe so he must be her father. The cement is dug up and Peter's body is discovered."
"Karen closes Lotus Point for a few days. Gary tells Jill about Peter's body being found. Mack offers Jill the chance to be involved in the investigation. Greg wants to know if Abby is going to inherit anything from Peter. A detective begins questioning everyone about their involvement with Peter. The police find Olivia's locket on Peter's body, but don't know who the initials \"OC\" belong to. A memorial service for Peter is held. Gary overhears Olivia telling Abby that she doesn't want to go to the service. Gary tells Abby he knows that Olivia killed Peter. She slaps ..."
"The police decide to talk to Olivia. Greg tells Abby he will see that she's convicted for Peter's murder rather than have her inherit what's his. Olivia turns up at Val's avoiding the police. Karen tells Val to phone Gary but she gets no answer when she does. Mack is suspicious of Paige's phone calls to Peter the day he died. Olivia talks to the police. Mack lets an elderly man named Al use his office but he invites loads of homeless people to stay in it. The police get fibres from Olivia's jumper and arrest her, but Abby tells the police that she killed Peter, not ..."
"Abby tells the police that Peter's death was an accident. The police take both Abby and Olivia in for questioning. Olivia and Brian stay with Karen. Abby gets out on bail. Paige is having nightmares. Gary finally gets Olivia to admit that she thinks Abby killed Peter. Gary talks to Abby and then Mack. Abby and Olivia talk and realise that they both thought each other had killed Peter. Mack suspects Paige. He asks her to tell him what really happened the day Peter died."
"Paige is revealed as Peter's killer. She tells Mack that his death was an accident. Abby retracts her confession. Jill tells Gary she can't handle his relationships with his ex-wives any more. Val buys a sports car. The police decide not to prosecute Paige. Val argues with Gary about the twins. Abby tells Greg that he'll need to pay her what Peter owed her. Mack wants Paige to apologise to everyone for what she put them through over Peter's death. Greg tells Paige she's lucky Mack is her father and not him. Laura tells Karen she is resigning from Lotus Point. Paige ..."
"Laura tells Greg she has an inoperable brain tumour. He takes her from doctor to doctor looking for a different diagnosis. Laura tells him she's not seeing any more specialists. Greg says he's not going to Meg's christening because he's seen his last church. People hold a farewell party for Laura at Lotus Point. Greg visits a doctor Laura refused to see. His car gets towed away and he wanders the streets. Meg gets christened while Greg sits in his car. He eventually goes into the church. Laura decides to go to a clinic alone, Greg says she's going there to die without..."
"Gary is upset when he discovers Val is holding a birthday party for the twins and didn't tell him. Gary tells Val that the twins can call him \"uncle\" as long as he can see them, but she refuses. Greg interviews prospective nannies for Meg but tells them the position is temporary until Meg's mother gets back. Gary tells Lilimae that he is the twins father. Val tells Lilimae that Gary is unreliable and she doesn't need any help to raise them. Michael rescues a drowning girl at the beach. Lilimae takes the twins to see Gary in the park. Al and Lilimae become friends. She..."
"Abby's first love Charles Scott shows up to book a convention at Lotus Point. Karen and Abby have recollections of Charles. Michael takes Jody (who he saved at the beach) home to meet Karen and Mack. Eric returns with his new wife, Linda. Val lets Gary see the kids. They kiss afterwards. Abby has dinner with Charles. They tell each other what they've been up to since they were together."
"Al asks Lilimae to marry him. Lilimae says that they should live together but not get married. They eventually drive off together. Greg receives word that Laura has died."
"Everyone gathers at Greg's after Laura's death including Richard Avery. When Richard discovers that nobody went to the clinic with Laura when she was dying, he takes his anger out on the others. Gary tells Val that he respected how Laura turned her life around. Val argues with Karen about how Karen didn't tell her Laura was dying. Richard wants to know why Greg keeps Peter's ashes on the coffee table. Greg says he always wanted to be the centre of attention. Laura's remains are sent to the wrong mortuary. Mack says Laura is determined not to come back. Everybody ..."
"After Laura's funeral, everyone goes to Greg's. Mac is belligerent and snide. He spends all his time with Meg. Karen overhears him tell Gary that he's a father who never got to raise his kids. Richard tells Karen that Laura emasculated him, but he's matured a lot since then. Jill's upset that Gary is taking care of fragile Val. Jill starts to drink heavily and gets drunk. She tells Val that she lost her family and wants to help with the twins. She steals Peter's ashes and puts them in her purse. Jill then drunkenly goes up to Paige and asks her how she can sleep at ..."
"Gary and Val sleep together. Greg discovers Paige is the assistant at the art gallery. Gary tells Jill that he doesn't love her. Jill blames Val and tells her that she's leaving Gary. Charles and Abby avoid phoning each other, then he shows up at Abby's home with a gift when she is out and Olivia invites him to stay for dinner. Val throws Gary out. Abby tells Charles that she can't accept a gift from him, but he asks for a second chance. Jill leaves Gary but later returns. Mack and Karen plan a trip to Tahiti until Greg turns up looking for a babysitter for Meg. ..."
"Greg phones Mack from home whilst pretending to be in New York. Mack and Karen suffer sleepless nights with Meg crying. A devious Irishman named Johnny Rourke heads to Knots Landing to see his former girlfriend Paige. Paige delivers Greg's painting and questions why he isn't in New York like he told Mack and Karen. He replies \"I am in New York.\" Val tells Gary they should just be ex-husband and wife. Jill tells Gary that she told Val that he's a free man and that Val must not want him any more if she doesn't want to see him. Charles' wife phones and he decides he has ..."
"Johnny asks Paige for $20,000 to keep her secrets but she tells him she no longer has any secrets from her family and tells him to clear off. Johnny introduces himself to Mack as Paige's old boyfriend, and Mack invites him to stay. Charles introduces his wife Judith to Abby when she unexpectedly arrives. Meg starts having convulsions but Patricia quickly diagnoses the problem and helps get them to hospital in time. Mack wonders how she knew what to do, but she says the same thing happened to her own daughter. Paige gets hold of Greg when Mack can't and Greg joins Mack..."
"Meg returns home with Greg. Abby tells Charles that it isn't legal to have two wives at once and tells him to come back when he's told Judith he's divorcing her. Val and Gary argue about the twins. Johnny notices someone, whom he recognises from the bar, acting strangely and breaks into his cabin at Lotus Point and finds a fridge full of money. He takes some and escapes out the back door. He later returns the money and asks the man for a job. Jill tells Gary that he doesn't have to see the twins on Val's terms as she is a lawyer and can help him. Charles tells Judith ..."
"Karen invites the Williamses (now including Pat's husband Frank) to dinner. Judith suggests Charles postpone their divorce until after their joint business successfully concludes. Abby conspires with Greg disrupt their venture. Val refuses Gary's request to legally acknowledge him as the twins' father. Frank is alarmed to learn Mack is an investigator, and Mack assumes Frank is a cop. Judith secretly records Abby and Greg discussing their scheme and threatens to report them to FCC for insider trading, but Charles ends up giving the tape to Abby. A paranoid Frank ..."
"Olivia is upset when she learns Charles is married and accuses Abby of breaking up his marriage. Frank and Pat scold Julie for allowing herself to be photographed for school pictures. Frank later breaks into the school, steals Julie's pictures, and burns them. Jill and Gary summon Karen for a deposition. Val asks Karen to lie and say she has no knowledge of the twins' biological father. Johnny is attacked after he carries out a mission for his employer. The man Johnny's working for later kills a young woman who mistakenly entered Johnny's room and saw the man with a ..."
"Karen becomes suspicious of the Williamses when Pat is at first reluctant to be interviewed by the local newspaper and then later learns that although Pat and Frank consented to the interview, they refused to have their picture taken. Val stubbornly refuses to recant her deposition testimony and acknowledge Gary is the twins' father. She later changes her mind. Charles suggests to Abby that Lotus Point expand the marina and even offers to provide the investment capital for the project. Abby is shocked to learn later that Charles drafted plans for the marina expansion ..."
"When Mack casually asks Frank about Pat's whereabouts, Frank berates him for spying. Abby's PI can't find a reason for Charles' interest in Lotus Point. Manny wants the marina completed sooner than Charles has intended. Frank continues to be jumpy and suspicious. Charles offers to give Abby the $2 million needed to complete the marina rather than loan it. Greg has no comment when Paige questions his lack of interest in Meg. Abby and Charles are married in Vegas. Pat returns home and discusses her discomfort at testifying. It is revealed that the family is in the ..."
"Olivia berates Abby for breaking up with Charles. Abby moves forward with the marina expansion, offering to loan Lotus Point the $2 million needed. Barbara, Meg's nanny, tells Greg that she is resigning because with Meg at the MacKenzies, she has nothing to do. Greg goes to the MacKenzies and takes Meg back, prompting Mack to criticize his lack of concern for his daughter. Val's lawyer assures her Gary's case will be dismissed. Karen tells Gary she thinks he should be able to see his children. Val accuses Jill of putting Gary up to his custody case in a desperate ..."
"Gary becomes a silent partner in Lotus Point. Harold meets Olivia and takes her out for pizza, to Manny's delight. Harold is surprised to learn Olivia is Abby's daughter. Abby refuses to allow Olivia to continue seeing Harold until she has met him. Manny accompanies Harold to meet with Abby and Olivia and tells Abby he rents yachts. Abby later introduces him to Karen, saying that she believes he can do business with Lotus Point. Mack is surprised that Karen went to Greg and asked him to let them keep Meg. Val apologizes to Karen for her behavior during the conflict ..."
"In front of the neighbors and kids, Frank pistol whips a construction worker who accidentally breaks their window. Mack reports Frank to the police, but the police decline to act once a \"friend\" of the family (the WSP contact) shows up. Abby expresses concern that Harold is too old for Olivia and that she does not know enough about him. Harold takes a bracelet from one of Manny's debtors and later gives the bracelet to Olivia. Olivia admits to Harold that she had a drug problem. Frank overhears Julie blaming him for Val changing her mind about letting her babysit. ..."
"Val is elated at the prospect pf Ben coming home. Mack fears something may have happened between the time of the letter's mailing in Guatemala and its delivery. Pat thinks Val is not very realistic. Pat and Karen suggest Karen buy a mini skirt, and she shows up for a meeting with Abby and Manny wearing it. Olivia says she will not go to college and will be a traditional stay-at-home woman, the kind Harold wants. Abby expresses concern that Harold and Olivia's relationship is moving too fast. Karen advises Abby to be so overly kind to Harold, Olivia will tire of him. ..."
"Abby and Manny try to locate Harold and Olivia. Gary thinks Jill is becoming dependent on alcohol. Harold insists to Johnnythat he will marry Olivia no matter the consequence to him. Manny sends a henchmen to stop Harold and Olivia from marrying. Harold reluctantly tells Olivia he doesn't want to marry her. After a breakfast meeting where Karen shares her life story with Manny, he kisses her. Jill pays a stranger flying to Honduras to mail a letter there that is addressed to Val. Harold tells Olivia that Manny is behind his decision not to marry her. Olivia implores ..."
"Harold leaves town and leaves Olivia depressed. Manny assures Abby that Olivia is unaware that they are responsible for Harold's departure, but Karen later tells her that Olivia does know. Gary sees late night activity at the Lotus Point marina and alerts Mack. Mack questions whether Manny's business is legit, but Karen thinks he's just jealous. Frank and Pat argue about his reluctance to apply for another job. Mack offers him a job tailing Manny. Abby agrees to help Greg engineer a hostile takeover of a company. Val receives a second fake letter from Ben. Jill ..."
"Manny alerts Harold to Olivia's suicide note and questions whether she is with him. Karen learns Mack hired Frank to spy on Manny. Frank suspects Manny is dealing cocaine. Val puts the answering machine tape aside and labels it \"Ben's Tape.\" Paige realizes her attempt to slow down the highway construction in Santa Tecla has been thwarted. Manny instructs Johnny to return to Santa Tecla and ensure that the highway construction moves forward full speed. Paige accompanies Johnny, secretly taking with her a pre-Columbian artifact she has acquired for Greg. She hatches a ..."
"Paige tries to pay for Chava's silence, but he says he supports her attempt to stop the highway construction and won't expose what she did. Manny tells Johnny to \"get rid of\" Paige once the artifact's discovery threatens to delay the highway, but questions Johnny's connection to her. Mack tells Karen that Manny is using Lotus Point to run drugs. Gary worries about Val's mental state when \"Ben's Tape\" is blank. Meanwhile, Jill destroys the actual tape. Gary offers to keep the twins for a few days. Jill calls Val and plays another \"Ben\" message for her. Abby realizes ..."
"Karen, Abby, Gary, and Mack are warned that Manny will make it look as if they are behind the drug ring at Lotus Point. In Santa Tecla, Manny's goons attempt several methods to scare off the archaeological dig, ultimately succeeding. Mack asks Greg to use his federal contacts to learn why Manny is useful to the government. Greg learns that Manny is not running drugs but weapons. Jill departs for a conference in San Francisco - with a gun. In a wig and using a fake name, she buys a used car and hides the gun under the car's back seat, parking the car at the airport. On..."
"Jill threatens Valene with a gun, forcing her to swallow sleeping pills."
Season 10 - Knots Landing
"Mack goes to Mexico to search for Michael and Paige. Frank finds an unconscious Val on her bedroom floor. Gary rushes to the hospital and pays for Val's medical care. He calls Jill and notifies her of Val's suicide attempt. When Jill arrives and learns that Val will live, she excuses herself to vomit. Jill later muses to herself that Val is in a psych ward and no one will believe her when she regains consciousness. Fearing Manny may hurt her or Mack, Karen leaves Meg with an unhappy Greg. Harold, Manny, and his goon imprison Mack. They call Karen and force Mack to ..."
"Johnny engineers Paige and Michael's escape. Mack and Harold team up to find them, too. Val regains consciousness and screams that Jill tried to kill her. Karen refuses to call the police until she has heard news about her family. Mack later calls and tells her Manny is dead. Gary thinks Val's story is a hallucination. Pat doesn't think the pills Val took would make her hallucinate. Frank calls the police. Val tells her story to a police officer, who then goes to Jill and tells her off the record that she believes Jill is disturbed. Greg hires Ted Melcher to work on ..."
"Val leaves the hospital and goes to Karen's because she is afraid to go home alone. Paige, Johnny, and Michael remain trapped in the deserted truck with the other Mexican nationals, one of whom dies. Johnny reveals that he is not Irish and his accent is fake. Mack continues to search for them and eventually frees them. Mack returns with Paige, Johnny, Michael, and Harold to Knots Landing. Harold apologizes to Olivia for leaving her, to Abby's chagrin. Val avoids everyone but eventually pronounces that she did not try to kill herself. She goes home and terrified, stays..."
"The man in the car observes Frank and Val talking. Val refuses to leave her house. Frank tells Pat he believes Val and asks her to check Jill's account for the past three months. Julie participates in a spelling bee. Frank expresses concern about her being photographed, unaware that the man who has been observing him in the cul-de-sac is now video recording him and Pat. The man (using the name Ned Donnelly) later visits Pat at the bank to open a new account. Pat and Frank ask Julie to lose the spelling bee to avoid the public recognition. Business at Lotus Point drops..."
"Paige and Greg make love -- repeatedly. Jill calls Val, asking for Gary. Ned blackmails Frank and Pat with his knowledge of their real identities. He tells Pat to transfer $100,000 from one account into hers and make out the amount in a cashier's check to him. Pat is able to contact Mack without Ned's knowledge. Mack follows him and learns he is an actor. He and Frank devise a ruse to uncover how he knows about the Williamses' real identities. He later reveals he was an orderly at the hospital where Pat was a doctor. While Mack and Frank are working to get to the ..."
"Paige assures Greg she has not told Mack that they are sleeping together. Later, Ted tells Greg that being with Paige will not be good for his public image. Harold asks Mack for advice about handling Olivia. Mack suggests he talk to Abby, who tells him to give her time to think about allowing him and Olivia to date again. Gary, Karen, and Val go to San Francisco to check on Jill's alibi. Val finds it suspicious that everyone they ask remembers Jill. One man remembers that Jill was not seen after 8 p.m. Val points out that this fact opens the possibility that what she ..."
"Karen, Gary, and Abby put Lotus Point up for sale and consider offers. Greg phones Abby expressing interest in buying Lotus Point. Karen learns Greg made the offer to Abby but she never told them about it. Secretly, Abby has plans to buy Lotus Point and drill for oil. She also scares off a potential buyer before her offer (through her dummy company, Murakame) is presented to Karen and Gary. Abby offers Harold a job and appears to have turned over a new leaf where he is concerned. Later, though, she plants drugs in his locker at work and he is arrested. Ted comes on to..."
"Paige wants to tell Mack and Karen about them, but he says it is a bad idea. Paige and Greg play strip croquet. Paige and Greg both say \"the L word\" to each other. Mack asks Greg if he knows who Paige is seeing. Greg takes down the painting he bought for Laura, replacing it with a painting Paige bought him. Greg buys a ring and contemplates marriage, but Ted says that he and Paige would be \"political suicide.\" He later proposes to Abby. Ted thinks the L.A. mayor will resign and suggests Greg is the right candidate for a potential special election. Gary is distant with..."
"In New York, Paige trades barbs with her mother Anne. Anne tells Paige her grandfather left her nothing in his will. Paige insists she needs nothing -- she has Greg's love. Greg begins to avoid Paige's calls from New York. Abby tells Greg she needs time to consider his proposal. Greg spends quality time with Brian to gain Abby's affection. Mack decides to take a leave of absence from work. With both he and Karen home together all day, Mack begins to grate Karen's nerves, and she suggests he go on a vacation, alone. Harold buys a ring for Olivia. Abby tries to ..."
"Greg avoids Paige. Ted helps Abby and Greg plan their wedding. Greg is uncomfortable when Meg is mentioned as a possible wedding guest. Paige sees the engagement ring and tries it on. Michael indicates he will major in business in college. Mack meets park ranger Paula Vertosick on his camping vacation and contemplates having an affair with her. Karen is amused at Abby's wedding announcement. Karen breaks the news to Paige, unaware that Paige thinks Greg wants to marry her. Olivia is disgusted to hear Abby is marrying Greg. Greg tells Paige he should never have gotten ..."
"Paige questions why Greg has not told Abby about their relationship. Greg tells her that his conversations with his fiancee are private. Harold proposes to Olivia. Olivia tells Abby she doesn't need her permission to live her life. Paige pleads with Greg that she will do anything to be with him. Mack is disillusioned that his office is assigned to defend the county against the homeless. Paige arranges to be with Ted at the same time and place Greg and Abby Harold has difficulty finding a job. Johnny and Harold rent an apartment together. Paige anonymously sends Greg ..."
"Abby and Greg make love. Mack quits his job and begins looking for office space to go into private practice. He successfully negotiates a settlement for the homeless. His secretary Peggy later joins him in his private practice. David, the man Jill claims she slept with in San Francisco, tells her she gave him VD. Gary is amused when Jill tells him the news. He later finds out he does not have VD. A delusional Jill tells the doctor she and Gary are getting married, argues with a print shop about wedding invitations, and inquires about enrolling \"her\" twins in ..."
"Mack and Peggy use an old key to get the file on Mrs. Bailey, the forger Jill used to write the Ben letters. Mack hires Frank to locate Mrs. Bailey, who is found in a hospital, unable to speak. Jill learns that Mack and Peggy took a file from her office. Gary is arrested for breaking into Jill's apartment, but she refuses to press charges. Jill lashes out at Gary for believing Val's story. Michael has a crush on a classmate named Ellen, but she has eyes for Johnny. A wedding dress arrives for a delusional Jill. Pat, Frank, Mack, and Karen plot out scenarios that ..."
"Karen tells Val that Mack is working to get a court order to search Mrs. Bailey's apartment. Meanwhille, Jill breaks into the apartment, locates incriminating evidence, and burns it. Jill takes a lie detector test, which she passes. Gary asks Jill to see a psychiatrist. Harold and Olivia babysit Meg. Karen has some separation anxiety when she takes Meg to day care. Greg tells Ted that Mack and Karen have not legally adopted Meg, but she is better off with them. Ted tells Greg that he will lose the election if he has no better explanation for his choice than that. ..."
"Abby suggests Greg let the lawyers handle all future contact with the MacKenzies. Mack tells Karen about Greg's request. Paige eavesdrops on the conversation. Later, she asks Greg why he would want a woman like Abby to raise his daughter. Jill shops for a hospital bed. Julie is injured while riding Gary's horse. Karen slaps Abby for saying that a dead Laura has no say in who should raise Meg. Gary threatens Jill. An antsy Gary sleeps outside of Val's house fearing Jill will hurt her or the twins. Olivia tells Abby she will not let her do to Meg what she's done to her...."
"Gary is disturbed to learn Jill has been riding horses and hiking on his ranch. He also suspects that Jill is turning his bed down, stealing photos of the twins, and leaving flowers in his bedroom (which she has). Gary threatens Jill to leave Knots Landing or he will destroy her. Jill notifies the police. Ted arranges a sit-down meeting between Mack, Karen, Greg, Abby, and their attorneys. Paige berates Ted for using Meg for political purposes. Jill has Gary served with a restraining order. Karen apologizes for hitting Abby; Mack says she didn't hit her hard enough. ..."
"Pat admits to Karen that she has a crush on Gary. Frank tells Pat that Jill got what she deserved. Val goes for a jog after learning of Jill's death and collapses in a fit of tears and laughter. Police tell Mack a witness saw Gary put Jill's body in his trunk. Abby theorizes that Gary could have only killed Jill to protect Val or to cover up for her. Gary says Val is his alibi during the time Jill died. Greg's speech curries favor with the public. The coroner determines Jill died from asphyxiating on her own vomit. Material is found underneath Jill's fingernails; ..."
"Mack doesn't know how to craft a defense for Gary or if he wants to. Lawyers try to get Val and Gary to turn on each other. Gary and Val show up to Jill's funeral. Val throws dirt in Jill's grave. Mack learns the witness that saw Gary stuff Jill's body in his trunk is anonymous. Abby lobbies to keep Ted as Greg's PR guy. Mack learns Frank was at Jill's on the day she died. He admits to scaring her. Mack says he will notify the police if Frank doesn't. Frank later tells Pat he has no alibi for the afternoon Jill died and asks her to say he was with her. Ted asks Paige ..."
"The court finds probable cause that Gary killed Jill and denies him bail. Jill's landlord finds Gary's car key near the building. Frank and Mack determine Jill planned to get married to Gary. Frank lashes out at Pat for not believing in him. Geologist and co-conspirator Rick Hawkins tells Abby she will need an environmental impact report before she can drill for oil at Lotus Point. Karen sees the twins perform a magic trick with rope and theorizes that Jill killed her self. Once Jill's print is found inside a hole in Gary's trunk, Mack recounts for the DA Jill's ..."
"An Ann Landers column on sex after marriage has everyone talking. Karen later shows up at Mack's office wearing a teddy beneath her coat -- and is seen by Mack's clients. Michael, Ellen, and their college friends go on a spring break camping trip. Johnny shows up there, and Michael realizes he and Ellen are lovers. Olivia uses Michael's camping trip as a cover so she can spend a weekend with Harold, but he's insistent that they not be intimate. Pat and Frank make up, thanks to Julie. Paige and Greg have a talk about having sex. Abby and Karen are both nominated to serve on the ..."
"Abby presents a report supporting Murakame's plan to drill for oil and offers the Sumner Group as both meeting space and corporate sponsor for the environmental rights board. Michael connects Paula and Karen in the hopes Paula can help Karen with a report opposing Murakame's plan to drill for oil. Ted recommends Greg as an appointee for U.S. trade representative to Japan. Paige suggests Greg develop a relationship with Murakame to help secure the appointment. Gary notices Val's new haircut. Abby arranges a meeting between Greg and a Murakame representative named \"Mr. ..."
"Abby shreds the contents of Paula's Lotus Point file. Ted accuses Abby of directing \"Nagata\" to give Paige his name. She then uses sex (in an elevator) to show him that she is still loyal to him. Greg is not interested when Paige tells him that \"Nagata\" is an actor. Ginny buys Val a computer to help her with her writing, and says a computer tech named Danny comes along with the purchase should any issues arise. Paige can no longer locate \"Nagata\" because Abby has paid him to leave the country. However, he shows up later and extorts Abby for even more money. Michael ..."
"Michael and Ellen's professor tell them their program is plagiarised from a program donated by Greg, and puts them on probation. Greg tells Michael that he bought it from Johnny. Michael tells Greg that he is going to sue him. Paula admits to Michael she's in love with a married man, but doesn't tell him it's Mac. Paula and Karen go back to Lotus Point, but there's no sign of the oil drillers. Abby gives Nogata money to go back to Japan, but he blackmails her for more. Paige follows Nagata, and sees Ted give him a briefcase of money. She still follows, but loses him ..."
"Ted assures Abby that \"Nagata's\" death was accidental. Mack dreams and daydreams of kissing Paula. Paige threatens to tell the police she saw him with \"Nagata\" before his death, and he tells her she is in way over her head. Val and Danny go on a lunch date. Through an interpreter, Karen learns that Murakame is not a Japanese company. News reports indicate \"Nagata's\" death may not be accidental. Michael threatens to sue Sumner. He later tells Johnny he will only end up with about 2 percent of what the computer program is worth. Frank joins Mack's office as an ..."
"Fearing a lawsuit will expose them as the owners of the Morikami Group, Abby and Ted Melchar fix the books. Meanwhile, Mac and Paula resist temptation while she stays at the MacKenzie house. Sumner ignores Paige after she's fired."
"Karen accuses Abby and of being involved in Murakame and using Ted as a front. Paige threatens Ted that she will tell Greg about him and Abby. Greg asks Abby to fire Ted once he learns of his \"duplicity\" in owning Murakame. Ted and Abby agree that he will resign instead. Abby tips off that Greg has been imprudent about Ted's involvement in Murakame. Mort, a Sumner Group employee, picks Rick Hawkins' letter out of the trash and plans to use it to get closer to her. Paige suspects something has happened to Rick and shares her concern with Mack. Ted tells Abby he's not ..."
"Greg tells Abby their \"business arrangement\" (marriage) is over. Karen and Gary try to find evidence against Abby. The reporter tells Ted that she will need proof that Abby defrauded her partners before she can print the story. Greg allows Paige to keep her Sumner Group apartment but does not want Paige to know he's behind her staying. Rick's death is reported in the newspaper. Paige goes to the police with her suspicions that Ted is involved in Rick's death, but they find her story incredible. Harold and Olivia honeymoon in their apartment. Harold tells Paige she has..."
"Ted stalks Paige incessantly, trying to convince her that she cannot trust Greg and should tell him what was in the letter Rick sent her. Both Paige and Ted try to get Mort to give them access to Rick Hawkins' files. Paige succeeds, but finds nothing in the files. Her apartment is ransacked when she returns home and the key is missing. Paige seeks refuge at Greg's ranch. Ted calls, claiming Greg was not out of town the night Rick died. Carlos confirms he was in California at the time. Greg says he was overseeing a takeover. Paige and Greg make love. Afterward, Paige ..."
Season 11 - Knots Landing
"Paige decides to leave the ranch with Ted, who insists that she tell him where Greg is storing the key at the ranch. When Greg calls and leaves a message proving that Paige took the key, Ted demands she give it to him. She throws him a key. Paige learns Rick Hawkins has a second home in Spring Lake and goes there, followed by both Greg and Ted. Greg hires muscle to get from Ted the key. Mack and Paula act awkwardly around Karen, who is discharged from the hospital. Karen notices Paula's odd behavior, but Mack pretends he doesn't notice. Val visits Danny at his place ..."
"Gary tries, to no avail, to trace \"Sally's friend\" through phone records. Karen plans a barbecue for Eric and Linda, who will be arriving soon. She is curious about Val's relationship with Danny and tells Val to invite him to the barbecue. Paige steals Greg's keys and wallet, and later uses the key she's retained to locate Rick Hawkins' mail box. Before she does, Greg arrives and demands she give him the key. The police officer who has been friendly to Paige escorts Greg outside. Ted, meanwhile, has managed to escape from captivity. He notices Paige leaving and ..."
"Val tells Danny \"no\", but she cannot deny to Karen later that she is considering his offer. Paige pays to get the film negatives developed. Greg offers to re-hire her, but she rebuffs his offer and his attempt to romance her. Karen is surprised to learn that Mack and Paula shared a hotel room. She later invites Paula to a barbecue for Eric and Linda. Ted has a proposition for Greg: he won't release the Murakame papers, proving Abby defrauded her Lotus Point partners (and possibly incriminate Greg in her dealings) if Greg will get him the negatives Rick Hawkins had in ..."
"Danny drops off Amanda at school, where Val is dropping off the twins. He pretends that he came there to see Val. Gary hires Frank to help him find \"Sally's friend.\" The twins tells Gary that they want to live with him because Val doesn't love them anymore. Paige requests Abby's old office, a $120,000 salary, an expense account, a company car, her own parking space, secretary, with six months guaranteed severance pay. Greg questions Paige about what people will think if he honors her requests, and she says she doesn't care what people think. Michael accepts $100,000 ..."
"Gary learns \"Sally's friend\" is actually Amanda Michaels, but he has trouble getting her actual number. He goes to Val's the next morning hoping to get Danny's contact information, but Danny is there. Danny admits Amanda is his wife when Gary says he saw the two leaving the club together and kissing. Val rebuffs Danny. Gary hits Val's door trying to punch Danny. Ginny takes the twins to see a friend, Jeri Maddux, who steals cash from the office while Ginny and the twins are using the restroom. Danny tells Val that Amanda was unstable and unpredictable and that they ..."
"Danny cries to Amanda that he loves her and doesn't want a divorce. Later he makes up with Val. Karen's friend asks her to sub for her on the TV show \"Open Mike\". Karen's surprised to find that Greg is the guest. Paula comes down to support Karen, and they make up. Paula and Greg argue and verbally spar, and decide to have lunch. Ginny was at Jeri's when she was killed. Mack and Frank don't think it was a suicide and find out Mark Baylor was in her building at the time. Mack thinks that Mark killed Jeri. The coroner says she died from a blow to her head before the ..."
"Amanda rebuffs Danny after their one-night stand. Both Gary and Danny are annoyed at each other's presences in their exes lives. Gary invites Amanda for a weekend getaway to free themselves of Danny's presence. Paula rebuffs Greg's attempts to use her to make Paige jealous. Greg puts Paige in charge of a prestigious Sumner Group account. Paige rebuffs Tom Ryan initially, but after he shows up at the Sumner office party, she takes him home and has sex with him. Mack accuses Mark Baylor of killing Jeri Maddox, yet agrees to defend him later. Michael has no date for the ..."
"Mack invites Paige and Tom to dinner at the MacKenzies' house. Mack attempts to exonerate Mark Baylor with the discovery of Ginny's money, but Mark threatens to accuse Mack of manufacturing evidence. Mark fires Mack when he refuses to plead him out. Karen guest co-hosts Open Mike and loves it. Michael and Linda double date with Harold and Olivia, who are arguing over money problems. Frank convinces Mack to get other retirees who lost their pension to file a class-action lawsuit against Oakman Industries. Mack shares the info with Tom, who pays a visit to one of the ..."
"Danny feigns delight when Amanda signs the divorce papers, but privately he cries. Later, he makes love to Val. When Danny learns that Amanda is planning to go away with Gary, he becomes unreasonable with his divorce settlement. He breaks her grandmother's dishes when he learns that she wants them, later claiming he gave them to Goodwill. Tom and Paige pine for each other after he breaks up with her. Michael is testy when Mort wants to date \"Theresa.\" Mark Baylor is sentenced to three years prison, and he cautions Karen to get Mack to back off of Oakman. Danny kidnaps..."
"Danny tells Amanda that no one will believe that he raped her. Amanda avoids talking to Gary. Danny buys Val an engagement ring. Karen becomes a permanent host for Open Mike. When Danny learns Amanda quit her job, he attempts to apologize and returns her dog to her. Michael admits to having a crush on Linda. She kisses him, but he says that \"this didn't happen.\" Later, Linda tells the MacKenzies that she and Eric are divorcing. Paige and Tom make up. When Amanda backs out of a date with Gary, he says he's had it \"with crazy women.\" Paige is assaulted by one of ..."
"Gary helps Amanda to report her rape to the police. Amanda admits that she last had consensual sex with Danny two weeks before the rape and that she willingly went to Danny's. Danny tells Val that Amanda is making outrageous claims just before Gary informs her that Danny raped Amanda. Val does not believe Gary and later assures Karen that she is confident Danny did not rape Amanda. The DA refuses to file any charges against Danny. When Danny leaves Amanda a voice mail threatening legal action for defamation, Gary lures Danny to the ranch and scares him."
"Paige plays hooky from work to spend time with Tom. She spots Greg playing hooky with Paula. Linda tells Michael she wants to get her own apartment now that she is divorcing Eric. Harold and Olivia argue about her spending money on Michael's birthday gift. Karen plans a birthday party for Michael's 21st. Eric returns and tells Linda he does not want a divorce. Linda tells Michael she loves him. Michael refuses to be with Linda. Paula tells Greg he will have to put in effort to have her. Linda tells Karen that she is in love with Michael."
"Mack discovers that Pomerantz is dead. He finds the doctor who signed his death certificate works for Oakman and is Pomerantz's uncle. Mack presses the doctor, who finally admits that Pomerantz is alive and living in Canada. Val tells Amanda she won't get away with her false accusations. Using psychometry, Ginny has a \"psychic\" feeling that Danny did rape Amanda and agrees with Gary to never leave him alone with the twins. Eric tries to work things out with Linda, who says she no longer loves him. Mack and Karen confront Michael about his involvement with Linda. Eric ..."
"Mike loans Harold a lot of money, which he loses gambling. Olivia tells Gary she needs money for tuition, but instead invests it. Mac finds out that Pomerantz is living in Canada as Neil Strauss. He asks Tom to accompany him to Canada. Tom pretends to call Paige, but really alerts Oakman. Oakman sends Joe to Canada to kill Mac, since Tom won't. Pomerantz tells Mac that he'll trade his books of illegal loans for his freedom. They go to the airport and exchange books. Joe is about to shoot Mac when the police arrest Joe and thank Tom for the tip. Tom calls Oakman and ..."
"The D.A. says he'll look into the pension fund. Mack discovers that Greg owns Oakman Industries. Greg gives a press conference saying he fired Oakman and will restore the pension fund. Olivia makes a profit. Karen talks to her and explains that Harold is under a lot of pressure to provide for her and she decides to give him another chance. Harold loses even more of Michael's money in a poker game. Michael asks for the money back because he needs it for a condo he's buying. Greg's daughter, Mary-Frances comes to see Greg. She was working in a third world country, but ..."
"The Sumner Group is in chaos. Tom and police question everyone. Jane comes for Mary Francis' funeral. Tom discovers Paige had a relationship with Greg, and is angry she didn't tell him. Val and Danny move up their wedding date, and Gary implores her minister not to marry them. Danny tells Val that Gary attacked him with a bat. Val confronts Gary who tells her that when she gets married and the minister gets to the part about any objections, he's going to stand up and yell \"Rapist, rapist, rapist!\" Gary asks the William's to keep on eye on Danny so he won't hurt the ..."
"Both Michael and a bookie pressure Harold for money. Harold asks Mack to loan him $13,000, but when Mack hears how much money Gary has already given him, he says no. Harold calls Tom and says he knows who he works for, but will keep it a secret if he helps him out financially. Greg gets drunk, and the ghosts of Mary Francis and Galveston follow him around. Worried, Carlos calls Paige, but then Paula shows up. Jealous, Tom follows Paige to Greg's. Paige is angry, but Tom says he's never been in love before, and they make up. Carlos gives Greg floppy discs that Mary ..."
"Greg discovers that Mary Francis had been part of a subversive group, and used his computer to look up shipments from Oakman Industries to \"Monbasa\" over the past two years. Val brings Danny to meet the neighbors. He charms them all except for Karen, who \"knows\" that Gary is right about him. Gary and Amanda sleep together and she moves to Phoenix to start her life over. Paige breaks up with Tom when he lies to her. Mac figures out that Tom is a \"dirty\" cop who works for Oakman. Oakman tells Tom he has one last job for him. Harold empties Olivia's bank account to pay ..."
"Diane berates Karen for bringing Eric on the show. Karen demands to see her own fan mail when she learns the station reads and responds to mail sent to her. Eric and Michael make up. Tom tells Willis he quits, but Willis won't have it. Later, Willis turns up dead. Baylor helps Mack connect Sumner to Willis and the disposition of poison in third world countries. Gary refuses to leave the twins alone with Danny when Val is not home. Danny wants to adopt the twins. A man breaks into Greg's hospital room and injects poison into his IV, claiming responsibility for Mary ..."
"Eric threatens Linda to stay away from Michael, but she immediately tries to cozy up to him at work. Doctors indicate that Greg's IV was poisoned and the effects of the drug will not be immediately known. Karen meets Jeff Cameron, the assistant producer for her show. Jeff butters up Karen while sleeping with Diane. Paula admits to Karen that she is in love with Greg. Anne Matheson returns. Val is not happy that Danny has initiated adoption of the twins. Gary pleads with Val for them to tell the twins that he is their father. Danny violently reacts when Val says that ..."
"Diane tells Jeff she wants Karen fired from the show. Paige tells Mack that she believes Tom has changed. Michael is unhappy when he and Linda are assigned to work together on a project. Danny punishes the twins for making \"too much noise\", and Ginny tells Val that she made a mistake marrying him. Linda is successful in her project at Sumner Group. Val notices a picture in Danny's wallet that he claims is his sister, but she later sees the woman and Danny's engagement in an old newspaper clipping. She learns from the woman's father that Danny beat and raped her. Anne ..."
"Pat saves Danny's life while a hysterical Val watches. Greg tells Paula that Anne is a lot of fun, and he doesn't need a mother. Anne hocks her jewelry for money. Val is comforted by Gary. To get ahead at Sumner Group, Linda tries to cozy up to Paige. Later, she assists Paige's top client with a personal matter and finagles her way into sharing an office with Michael. After Pat quits her job and says she wants to go back into medicine, Frank threatens to leave her and take Julie with him. Anne uses a connection to invite Paula on a out-of-town panel. At a hearing, ..."
"Harold calls Olivia to apologize, but she says she's having the marriage annulled. The police tell Val that they cannot remove Danny from the home without a court order. Olivia lies to Gary to get money, but later returns it. Karen gives a fan attention, much to Diane and Jeff's concern. Paige is not happy that Anne is trying to date Greg. Anne suggests to Tom that Paige and Greg may have feelings for each other. Tom later proposes to Paige. Danny throws Val's possessions onto the lawn after she moves to Gary's ranch. Pat gets a job at a hospital. Danny changes the ..."
"Diane tells Jeff they can use the stalker to scare Karen out of Open Mike. Both Val and Danny are unhappy that the divorce process will take six weeks or longer. Danny tells Bobby that Gary is his father, and he runs off the ranch. Gary tells the twins he is their real father. Danny is fired from his consulting job. Paula tells Greg she has a job offer in Toronto. Paige cannot commit to Tom's proposal, but she eventually accepts. Karen's stalker gets an autographed photo that he adds to a collection of other Karen memorabilia. A drunk driving Danny hits Pat in the ..."
"Julie lashes out at Val and later Frank, blaming them both for Pat's accident. She refuses to leave her mother's bedside. Karen's stalker, Wayne, ends up getting a job as a security guard for the station. When Frank learns Danny hit Pat in a rental car, he vandalizes Danny's car in the cul-de-sac. Frank visits Danny and threatens to hurt him if he ever gets bail, which does eventually happen. Diane questions Jeff's loyalty to her; he no longer wants to be intimate. Greg proposes to Paige once he learns she accepted Tom's proposal. Greg hires an investigator to follow ..."
"Karen receives a letter at home from her stalker requesting an on-air birthday wish, then gets a call at work when she doesn't honor the request. Greg tells Paige that Tom is a thief, but she says she has dated worst. Anne steals Paige's driver's license, adds her photo to it, and uses it to open a new bank account. An accident on-set spooks Karen. Linda sets out on a plan to seduce Michael. Tom and his partner are accused by IA of stealing money from a narcotics sting. Gary sees Danny hiding in the background of a video the twins made while on the ranch. Karen's ..."
"Karen is on edge with fear at the station. Danny serves Val and Gary with restraining orders. Anne secretly knows that Paige is set to inherit a trust fund from her grandfather upon her marriage. Diane secretly leaks news of Karen's stalking to the press. Gary purposely stalks Danny to annoy him. Karen says she will leave Open Mike after the press and the stalker's phone calls become too much. Karen receives flowers with live snakes in the box. The doctor informs Frank that Pat is brain dead. Tom is suspended from the police department and learns $100,000 was ..."
"Jeff and Diane take down Wayne, who expresses shame to Karen for what people will think of him. Frank refuses to take Pat off life support until he can find a way to tell Julie that Pat is dead. Karen warns Linda to stay away from Michael. Wayne denies writing the letters and without proof, the police cannot hold him. Linda claims to Michael that Eric abused her. Frank punches Danny when he blurts out in front of Julie that Frank will be responsible for Pat's death if he ends life support. Karen's unseen stalker (not Wayne) puts a beef heart in a gift box with a ..."
"Frank disarms Julie. The threatening letter to Karen now gives police evidence to prosecute her stalker. Pat dies after life support is removed. Wayne accuses Diane of being Karen's stalker. Anne forges a blank marriage license so that she can have Paige's trust fund wired into the account she opened. Police find evidence in Diane's home that links her to stalking Karen. Val and Gary work together to get Danny re-arrested. Diane ends up in a psychiatric ward after she is found to have LSD in her system. Greg is the mastermind behind Tom's set up and gives Tom a way ..."
Season 12 - Knots Landing
"While in jail, Danny has found \"the Lord.\" Upon release he moves in with a woman named Mia who is also religious. Danny keeps going to Val's on the pretext of getting his belongings. He tells Val he won't give her a divorce, as God doesn't sanction it. Greg's poisoning is affecting his liver, and the news hits the paper. His sister Claudia Whittaker shows up, and Greg says \"I see the vultures are circling!\". Claudia's daughter Kate looks just like Mary Francis. Jeff gives Karen and Mac cell phones for protection and then experiments making a phone bomb. Karen goes to ..."
"Jeff is presumed dead. Ann's livid that Paige's trust fund didn't go to her account, and she returns Paige's wedding gifts for money. Greg asks Paige to go away on a cruise for him. Claudia asks Greg's doctor if a six-month cruise is safe for him and the doctor says he doubts Greg will live that long. Tom comes back and confronts Greg with a gun to have his charges dropped, and tells Paige that Greg set him up. Paige is still mad. She goes to meet Greg for the cruise and asks if he's really dying, because she won't believe her good fortune until he is dead and buried...."
"Claudia has Anne checked out and finds out she's broke. Anne decides to seduce Greg, but he never comes home. Tom stops by Greg's and sees Anne's clothes strewn about, and he assumes that they are Paige's clothes. Danny beats Gary up with a bat. Then he ties Gary up and forces him to drink alcohol. When Gary's nearly passed out, he puts him in a running car that goes off a cliff. Meanwhile, Danny's girlfriend, Kim, goes to see Val, and she kicks Danny out. Val waits up all night for Gary. She calls the police, knowing that Danny has done something to him. Val, Mack ..."
"Karen is overjoyed to find that Jeff is alive, until he locks her in the station and tries to kill her. He says Wayne was killed in his apartment, and he sent her all the letters. Dianne is there and calls the police. Jeff lies to the police, but Dianne taped the whole thing. Gary calls a frantic Val, and says the airbag saved him, but he kept passing out from the booze. He later talks to Karen, and Karen gives her famous \"Pollyanna\" speech. Paige makes up with Tom and moves in with him. Anne receives compromising photos of herself and a note demanding a million ..."
"Paige is offered a promotion which upsets Linda Fairgate. Anne attempts to manipulate an ex-lover."
"Nick suspects Anne of the blackmailing, and says that he is going to stay with her and go wherever she goes. Anne's upset that Marco only sent $20,000 for the blackmailer. Paige is angry that everyone at the office thinks she got the promotion for sleeping with Greg. She asks Greg why he treats her like dirt. He asks Paige to marry him, but she walks out. Greg is really starting to get sick. Karen goes back to work. Diane says Karen is an egomaniac, and that she got a new job and can't wait to leave. Police find a button by the pool where Danny was killed. Ginny ..."
"Greg gets really sick and Carlos tries to call Paige. Tom and Paige fight about her working for Greg and she leaves. Nick makes her sleep on the sofa. Tom goes to see her at the office and tells her she's a brat and a bitch. He sees Greg and punches him. Julie has skipped school since the day Danny died and the police think she saw something. Anne tells Nick the blackmailers called. They're to drop the money at a department store. Anne drops alarm tags into a lot of shopping bags, so all the alarms go off. Anne grabs the money and runs. Nick apologizes to Anne for ..."
"Paige tells Mack that she never loved Tom the way that she loves Greg. Anne and Nick sleep together. She tells Nick that the blackmailers have called for the rest of the money and she's to meet them alone. Nick switches the briefcase with money to one with a bomb in it. Michael gives Linda an engagement ring. Julie tells the police that Danny showed up drunk when she was swimming. He slapped her and said he was going to have her arrested for trying to shoot him. Julie said she ran to the house with Danny following, and his fingers were broken as she tried to shut the ..."
"Gary tells Karen he's backing off from Val, the \"queen of her own drama\". Greg collapses and Paige waits with him at the hospital. Claudia tells the doctor that Greg only wants family to visit, and lies to Greg that Paige and Carlos aren't there. Claudia's mad when she finds out that Greg is leaving the ranch to Carlos and everything else to Meg. Julie's friend Jason mouths off to Frank. Nick finds the $20,000 Anne stole, and admits there is a bomb in the briefcase he gave her. Anne has hidden it at Paige's office, but Linda has taken it. Linda seduces Harvey to get ..."
"Jason's father beats him. Anne and Nick take the suitcases to a luggage store and call in a bomb threat. Tom, one of the investigators, notices the suitcase is Anne's. He takes it, and with the money buys a one way ticket to Brussels. Anne and Nick go to Tom's apartment, but discover he's gone. Linda sucks up to Alex, who works for Calloway. Alex tells Calloway that Sumner Group is ripe for a takeover. Val tells Karen that Gary is messy and smells like a barn. The help tells Gary that Val left and said she'll be back when \"hell freezes over.\" Kate tells the hospital ..."
"Because Julie skipped, Frank goes to school with her and sits in on her classes. She's mortified but they make up. Jason tells Mack that his father died and he lives in a foster home. Mack talks to the school who says it isn't true. Mack goes to his house and hears his father beating him. Claudia tries to keep Paige from seeing Greg, and meanwhile makes a new will for Greg with her as executor. Greg has his operation and asks Paige to marry him. She accepts. Nick and Anne get married, using Paige's name. Alex asks Linda for confidential figures, so she has him sign a ..."
"Gary rescues the twins. Claudia finds out that Anne married Nick for Paige's money, and uses this to blackmail them into signing Greg's fake will. Anne finds out there is no money left in Paige's trust. Nick has to go to Rome but tells Anne he'll be back. Linda tells Greg that Paige's Calloway report was inaccurate, so she made another one. Greg calls a meeting at his hospital room and berates Paige. Furious, she walks out. Alex tells Linda that Greg has cut his company off and is firing their management. Michael wants to get married on New Year's eve, but Linda wants..."
"Paige dreams she meets herself as an older woman, and is miserable because she married Greg. Greg moves his sickbed to the office. He tells Paige he had a vasectomy and wants her to sign a prenuptial agreement, so she calls off the wedding. Mack discovers Jason was sent home because he refused to testify against his dad. Mack and Frank go to a poetry reading at Julie's school. Jason is there, and he's sad his father didn't show up, but he's glad to see Mack. Later Jason shows up at the MacKenzies. Anne decides to set her sites on Gary. Val goes to see the doctor, but ..."
"Mack lets Jason spend the night, but says that's not a solution. Dick Lochner tells Mack that Jason's lying, and Mack goes off on him. The next night Jason sleeps in the park. Julie's teacher Charlotte calls Frank to go to an art exhibit. Not sure if it's a date, he brings Peggy. Then Charlotte asks him out for a real date. Linda is really snide to Paige. In a meeting, Linda gives a suggestion that Greg really likes. Paige is fed up with her and complains about Linda to Greg. Karen offers to \"babysit\" Val. Gary goes to the gym, and is happy to \"run into\" Anne. Karen ..."
"Steve Brewer, a photographer, introduces himself to Kate and pretends to interview her. Linda gives Paige a report for Mrs. Richfield. Paige throws it away and has her take Mrs. Richfield's niece shopping. Linda gives a copy of her report to the niece, and Mrs. Richfield tells Greg she liked Linda's report better. Julie asks Frank to go out to dinner, so he cancels his date with Charlotte. At the restaurant Julie tells Frank she knows Charlotte goes there every Friday, so she took him there to get them together. After Val cooks the twins' hermit crabs for dinner, she ..."
"Mack and Karen go to court and ask to be Jason's foster parents, but the judge decides he should stay with his dad. Mack speeds off with Jason. He hides him in Val's house, but refuses to tell anyone where he is, so he's arrested. Frank and Charlotte go on a date. The doctor tells Gary that Val isn't responding to medication, but might get better on her own. Mrs. Richfield's niece Susie is hired at Sumner Group and does a terrible job. Susie puts through an account Linda was secretly trying to get to Paige, who then takes over the account. Steve asks Kate a lot of ..."
"Claudia tells Paige about Anne's fake marriage to get her trust fund. Anne goes to the ranch to get a puppy, and is bored when Gary goes on and on about Val. Paige kicks Anne out. Nick finds Anne. He calls her Betty, and tells her to call him Dimitri. Steve tells Claudia he is her son and wants to know why she gave him away. She throws him out. Mack is jailed for hiding Jason, so Gary agrees to help. Val comes home as Gary is there to get Jason, and thinks Gary is hiding a woman there. Val questions the twins, who tell her about Anne. Jason's uncles go to the ..."
"Mack is out of jail, and Jason's returned to his father, who promises to be nice but continues to be as abusive as ever. Jason leaves and his dad follows. Nick tells Anne he was traveling with a rich woman named Betty, and she was supposed to pick something up from her relatives. Anne pretends to be Betty, and the relatives give her a doll. Kate learns Steve is her brother. Linda blows off Michael to flirt with Greg. Val overhears Gary trying to have her committed, and leaves."
"Jason is unconscious in the hospital, and his dad is put in jail. Mack stays with him. Linda sleeps with Greg and breaks off her engagement to Michael. Claudia refuses to tell Steve or Kate who Steve's father is. Anne and Nick try to find out if the doll is worth something or if something's hidden in it. The dog rips the doll apart. Val comes by and yells at Anne to stay away from Gary. Seeing the dog, she takes it. Then a man breaks in and demands a vial that was hidden in the doll. Paige comes in with security to kick Anne and Nick out, and the man is arrested. Anne..."
"Val decides to go back to the hospital for further testing. Anne and Nick finally locate the capsule, and it has a microfiche map in it. Two different parties want it, so they make a copy and sell it to both, for a total of $550,000. They rent Tom's apartment. Charlotte tells Frank she doesn't want a serious relationship with him, so he goes on a series of disastrous dates. Claudia makes up a story about who Steve's father is, but he doesn't buy it. Linda jumps the gun on a project of Paige's, and Greg reams her out but she decides to still sleep with him. Mack finds ..."
"Jason is to have a goodbye dinner with his dad, but his father doesn't show up. Finding out their money is counterfeit, Anne and Nick decide to get real jobs, but both are inept and are fired on their first day. Anne decides to blackmail Claudia because she knows who Steve's father is. Kate is shocked to learn Steve was in prison. Kate asks Greg to hire Steve. Mort assigns Steve to be Paige's assistant. She's furious, and has hated him ever since he dinged her car. Greg and Steve meet and immediately argue, but Greg likes him. Paige and Steve get stuck in an elevator ..."
"Doctors discover that Val has a rare virus that is causing her strange behavior, but it's curable. Greg offers Claudia a job as head of his foundation. Mrs. Richfield wants Linda to work on her account with Paige. Paige places a sexy ad on a phone date line and gives Linda's phone number. Steve tells Kate his parents were forced out of their logging business by a big logging company, and his father was killed, and his mother died six months later. He said he got drunk and beat up the company representative, and that's why he was in jail. Steve finds out Greg owns the ..."
"Linda's mother Doris is in town, so Linda misses her meeting with Mrs. Richfield to meet her at the airport. Doris is really bitchy to Linda, and decides to fly home rather than stay with her. Greg takes both Paige and Linda off the Richfield account. Paige and Linda continue to argue and insult one another. Val is cured, and Gary suggests they get remarried. Karen throws a barbecue, and while playing with the twin, Gary bumps into Kate, breaking her arm. Claudia appoints Anne to the board of the Foundation, so Greg knows Anne has something on her. Anne tries to get a..."
"Anne proposes a charity for Claudia's group to fund - but it's really to fund her and Nick. Claudia knows, and tries to delay. Michael decides to quit Sumner Group. There's a fire in the Sumner Building, and all the exits are sealed off. Most of the people for Val and Gary's rehearsal dinner are stuck there until it's evacuated. Greg and Linda use the time \"constructively\", and he invites her to move in with him at the ranch. Steve apologizes to Paige and kisses her. Babysitting all the kids, Julie and Jason kiss. Waiting outside of the Sumner Building, Val and Gary ..."
"Paige tells Steve their kiss meant nothing. Greg assigns Paige to be head of Sumner Plaza and introduces her to Brian, the architect. He asks Paige to dinner and they kiss. Brian and Linda already know one another and sleep together. Linda moves to the ranch, where Greg tries to get her to play croquet. Gary, feeling bad that he broke Kate's arm, offers her a job at the ranch. Claudia's upset as she wanted Kate to work at the Sumner Group. Frank passes the bar and starts a new job at a fancy legal firm. He's mad when he finds Julie and Jason kissing. Anne and Nick ..."
"Greg tells Steve that he's not entitle to Galveston's money, but gives him $250,000 and says he can either save his logging town or go to the Bahamas. Kate finds out that Claudia lied about her scholarship, and decides to move in with Steve. Julie and Jason go to a party, where a gang stabs their friend Paul. Frank forbids Julie from dating Jason anymore. Brian comes on to Paige and she sees he has a video camera running. She punches him and leaves. Brian then goes to Linda, who agrees as long as she can keep the tape. The next day Brian is missing and so is Linda's ..."
"Anne sleeps overnight on a park bench, and her purse and suitcase are stolen. Everyone she goes to for help is too busy to see her. Steve decides to go back to his logging town, and Kate decides to help him move. Claudia goes to Steve's and hides her gun in his van. Claudia calls the police saying Steve is agitated and stole her gun. The police stop Steve's van and find the gun. Steve tells Kate that having the gun violates his parole. Steve pushes a policeman, and another officer shoots him. Linda can't find her tape, but finds the one of Paige, and puts it in ..."
Season 13 - Knots Landing
"Kate blames Claudia for setting Steve up. Ann runs into Benny Appleman, who owes her money. He lets her stay with him, and they try to think up some scams. Linda secretly meets with Brian Johnston. Gary meets Joseph Barringer, a professor who is experimenting with how to capture ocean waves to make energy. Gary is excited by the idea, and wants to back him. While in Toronto for business, Paige meets Pierce Lawton, and is smitten. She waits by the phone for him to call, but he shows up at her apartment. Jason, in the hospital, tells Karen the other teens were the gang ..."
"Brian tells Linda that his wife sent a detective after him and he killed the detective. He needs Linda to pose as his wife to get gold coins out of his gym locker. She does and he gives her the tape. Then Linda goes to his wife and tells her she knows where Brian is. Anne decides to pose nude for a fashion magazine. Gary and Joseph go to Greg to back their new company. Greg doesn't want to work with Gary again, but Paige is interested. Kate moves to a new apartment and won't talk to Claudia. The D.A. wants Karen to plead guilty for reckless endangerment, but Mack ..."
"Pierce is interested in Tidal Energy, and meets with Gary and Joseph. Greg finds out Paige showed Gary's proposal to Pierce, and fires her. She decides to work at Tidal Energy too.Greg meets with Joseph about funding him, but he says he won't sell Gary out. Joseph asks Kate to lunch. Paige is embarrassed by Anne's nude layout.Val tells Lynette she will teach her to read. On \"Open Mike\", Karen's viewers laud her as a vigilante hero. Upset, she says she isn't a hero - she met violence with violence, and someone died. Linda tells Brian's wife where he is for $50,000. ..."
"Karen's station insists she have Anne on as a guest. Anne admits on the show to being homeless. Karen tells Val she's lost interest in the show. Karen's producer Debbie asks Frank out, but he feels really old compared to her. Police tell Greg of Linda's murder. Val tries to teach Lynette to read, and they both become frustrated. Paige organizes the Tidal Energy office. They all go out for dinner, and are told that Greg has picked up the check. Kate tells Claudia off, and Claudia's really upset. Karen comforts her and invites her to dinner. When Claudia doesn't show, ..."
"Greg asks police to pull out the stops in finding Brian, and hires his own detective to find him. Brian is following Greg. Pierce breaks up with his old girlfriend Victoria, and tells Paige about her. Lynette wants Val to help her with her IRS problems, but Val declines, saying she's only helping her to read.Anne decides to do a call-in radio talk show. Frank and Debbie continue dating. Claudia has nightmares of someone needing medication. Kate thinks she faked the suicide, but Karen convinces her to talk to Claudia. Kate makes up with her, but says she still can't ..."
"Karen tells Claudia that she's been saying \"Rosa\" in her sleep. Claudia says she doesn't know a Rosa, but when Karen sees a letter signed Rosa, Claudia says Rosa was her mother's nurse but that she was used to calling her \"Miss Barth.\" Victoria has a hard time getting over Pierce. Joseph kisses Kate, and they both feel awkward about it. Brian kills Greg's detective, so Greg asks Mack to make sure the police get him. Tidal Energy needs shoreline space for their experiments, and Greg wants to block them, so they both court a new member of the shoreline commission. Tidal..."
"Anne's show is a success, and she tells Benny that she's getting her own apartment. He's upset because he has fallen in love with her. Joseph quits the University to work full time at Tidal Energy. Joseph and Kate declare their love for one another and sleep together. Debbie breaks up with Frank because she wants a serious relationship. Pierce has nightmares of sailing in a storm with Victoria. Victoria tells Paige that Pierce has a dark side and will turn on her, but Paige doesn't believe her. Victoria tells Pierce she still loves him, and asks if Paige knows about ..."
"Brian holds Karen, Mack, Jason and Meg hostage. He demands that Greg come over. They leave him several messages, but he doesn't call back. Brian sends Mack to cash some bonds, and starts to kiss Karen, but Mack gets back. Greg finally calls and Brian demands money and a car, or he'll hurt Meg. Brian has tied up Mack, but Meg unties him. Julie barges in and Mack and Brian struggle for the gun, and Jason is shot in the leg. Karen gets the gun and holds it on Brian until the police arrive. Paramedics tell Jason he only has a flesh wound."
"Meg and Mack have a hard time getting over the hostage situation, but Karen tells Mack she won't live in a high security home, or Brian will have won. Jason wins the essay contest, but doesn't want to go to Sweden. Tidal Energy's life sized model doesn't work. Joseph says he can fix it, but it will take a lot of money. Gary decides to mortgage the ranch. Claudia receives an obituary that says Rosa Barth died. Victoria tells Greg she will give him information that will bring Pierce down. She follows Paige around, and Paige finds Victoria in her bed and asks Pierce why ..."
"Mack advises Gary not to mortgage the ranch, and Val's upset that Gary doesn't know when to cut his losses, and Gary's mad that no one believes in him. Frank misses Debbie. The radio station throws a party for Anne, and she makes them invite Benny. Benny falls down the stairs and pretends he can't move and says he will sue them. Greg tells Paige that 10 years ago Pierce took his pregnant girlfriend sailing and she drowned, but the rumor is that he killed her. Pierce disappears. His car is found at the beach, and Paige is really worried about him. Pierce comes home and..."
"The bank hesitates to loan Gary money because of Pierce's past. Gary yells at him for not telling him. Greg has a renewed interest in Meg, and Mack and Karen are worried. The Ewings spend Christmas with the MacKenzies, and Val tells Karen she misses living in the cul-de-sac. The power goes out, so they play football and sing carols. Claudia and Kate go to Greg's for Christmas. Greg asks Joseph if he can support Kate, and Joseph is offended. Jason leaves for Sweden on Christmas Day. Pierce sees a robe that Anne gave Paige, and is enraged thinking it's from Greg. Paige ..."
"Mack and Karen decide to let Greg be in Meg's life, but to wait awhile before telling her she's adopted. Victoria tells Mack that Pierce killed his last girlfriend and gives Gary numbers to Pierce's former business partners. Gary calls and only gets bad reports. Val is worried that the stress will cause Gary to drink, and he considers it, but goes to an AA meeting. Claudia has Greg get Joseph a job in Massachusetts. Joseph discovers a major flaw in his design, and realizes he'll have to start over from scratch. He refuses to tell Gary, and Kate is angry. Joseph gets ..."
"Joseph quits and Gary is furious and punches him out. Gary has to suspend operations, but Val comforts him and says they still have each other. Joseph asks Kate to go with him, but she wants nothing to do with him. Claudia asks Greg why he got him a job in La Jolla instead of MA, and Greg says he wanted to ruin the company, but didn't want Kate losing her boyfriend. Greg buys a date with Anne at a charity auction. Frank sends Julie back east to live with relatives. Alex goes through Claudia's bank book and breaks her artifacts. Claudia cooks him dinner and implies the..."
"Pierce makes charts about Greg, and decides that his first \"line\" to him will be Claudia. Greg offers Paige her job back. Greg and Anne go on a date. Karen's boss wants her to do a show about Gary losing his money, so she quits. Alex throws a party for Claudia where he gives her a portrait of her mother, Ruth Sumner Galveston. After the party Alex tells Claudia that he was there when Ruth tried to reach for her medication, but the bottle broke, and instead of helping her, Claudia just stood there and let her die. He says he has the cancelled checks that Claudia sent ..."
"Pierce tells Victoria that if she gives him info on Greg, he'll sleep with her. Pierce chats with Claudia about Kate. Pierce goes to Paige's and packs. He throws her against the dresser and tells her he's after Greg. Paige tells Greg to get a bodyguard. Greg and Anne finally sleep together. Greg brings Mary Lou Retton to Meg's gymnastic meet. Mac, Peggy and Frank think they've won the lottery, and search all over for the ticket. They finally find it, but they'd written the numbers down wrong. Gary agrees to run the ranch for the new owner, but is frustrated when they don't see ..."
"Pierce blackmails Mort into giving him information on Greg's business deals. Greg suspects a leak, so Mort tells Pierce he can't risk helping him anymore. Kate's old tennis friend Vanessa shows up and asks to stay with Kate. Claudia wants Alex out, so she tells Greg that he is blackmailing her, and that Ruth was in pain, so she let her die. Greg gives Alex a job so he can keep an eye on him. Alex asks Kate out. Claudia wants him to leave Kate alone, so she sleeps with Alex. Alex goes to pick up Kate, and tells Kate that Vanessa's really good looking. Val's publisher ..."
"Claudia wants Alex to move out. Alex flirts with Vanessa and they almost kiss when Kate walks in. Paige asks Anne to hire Kate at the radio station. Vanessa comes by and sucks up to Anne big time, so Anne hires Vanessa to be her assistant. Val meets with Greg about her book, and Greg is bemused by her earnestness. Pierce tries to ruin Greg's business deal, but it doesn't work. Pierce screams at Greg in a restaurant and is thrown out. Pierce buys a rifle. Paige has dinner with Anne and Greg at his ranch. As they leave, Greg sees Pierce. He pushes Anne and grabs Paige ..."
"Paige has been shot and is rushed to the hospital. The bullet is removed, but her spine is swollen and she might be paralyzed. Mack tells Karen to go home, and he and Anne go to a diner across the street. Anne feels bad about being a bad mother. Claudia finds Pierce at her house. Pierce wants her to tell Paige that he didn't mean to shoot her and he loves her. Claudia plays along and he leaves. Anne is jealous as she watches Greg sit with Paige and stroke her face and hair. Anne tells him that their relationship is over. Vanessa fills in for Anne at the station. Alex ..."
"Val gets a call from a woman telling her she has information about Greg and Meg. Val agrees to meet her, but Gary follows, thinking it could be Pierce setting her up. Alex invites Kate to dinner. Vanessa's jealous, but says she knows he's doing it to get ahead with Greg. Anne does her show on Paige, and how much she loves her. Paige cries and tells Anne that she really needed to hear those things, and they decide to start over. Paige dares Greg to tell her he loves her. Paige starts to regain feeling in her leg. During physical therapy in a pool, Greg tells her she ..."
"Claudia handles Greg's business while he's gone. Alex brings Vanessa to Claudia's, and she catches them sleeping together. Val meets with the mystery woman Mary Robeson. She says that her son Joe worked for Greg and Laura had an affair with him, and Joe is Meg's father, but Greg paid him off. Val doesn't believe her. Paige wakes up aboard a yacht. Pierce is there, and she realizes he thinks she is Margaret, his girlfriend who died. Paige manages to leave her hospital bracelet on the dock before Pierce takes off with her. Greg hires detectives, and they find the ..."
"Mary tells Val that Greg is trying to kill her. Val sees a news story that she's missing, and tells Greg about Mary. Greg calls someone and said that he was to be notified when Mary was let out of prison. Mary watches Meg through the McKenzie's window. Greg tells Claudia that he can't focus, and lets her take over. Claudia berates Alex at work, so he takes Kate out and makes out with her. He tells Claudia not to get on him again, or he and Kate might elope. Pierce's body isn't found, so the search is called off. Paige is upset that Greg has avoided her since she's ..."
"Val goes to Florida against Gary's wishes, where she learns that Mary Robeson was Laura's real mother, and Greg had her set up and sent to prison. She calls to alert Karen, but they can't find Meg. Meanwhile, Greg has threatened Mary to stay away from Meg and leave town. Greg decides to quit, and gives 13% of his company to Claudia, 13% to Paige, and 13% to Meg, with Mac and Karen as her trustees. Alex sleeps with Kate and tells Claudia and Vanessa he genuinely has feelings for Kate. Claudia fires him, but Paige rehires him, so Claudia threatens to tell Kate about his..."
Season 14 - Knots Landing
"Pierce pulls a knife on Paige. She jumps out of the car. Alex is there and punches Pierce out. Pierce is arrested screaming that he loves Paige. Mary returns Meg and tells the MacKenzies that she's Laura's mother. Mary gets a lawyer, Toni Fields, to obtain visitation rights with Meg, but she really wants money. Claudia kicks Alex out. Greg is at a remote cabin, but Anne finds him and tells him she's pregnant. He doesn't want her to keep the baby, and wants her to leave. She won't, so he goes off hiking and Anne follows. Gary is worried when Val doesn't return from ..."
"Gary decides to go to Florida to look for Val. Kate asks Vanessa to leave, because Alex is moving in with her. Kate catches Alex and Vanessa in the shower together and kicks them both out. Anne says she is going to keep the baby, so Greg says that in that case they should get married. They return home. Mary decides to bring the MacKenzies to court, so Karen and Mac ask Greg to help. He tells them he'll take care of it. Anne tells Paige that Paige dropped the ball with Greg, and now she is going to marry Greg. Paige breaks down and cries."
"Greg decides to pay off Mary, but she says it's not about money. The MacKenzies are mad that she told Meg about the adoption. Claudia gets Vanessa a job at a music television station, and Alex tries to get back with Kate, and then comes on to Paige. Alex decides to go back east. Greg is appointed to a task force to rebuild Los Angeles after the riots. He tells Paige he wants her and Sumner Group to be part of it. Gary is frustrated that he didn't find anything out about Val in Florida. Kate helps to comfort the twins, who are worried. Kate decides to stay at Claudia's..."
"In Florida, Gary discovers Val has been kidnapped. He chases Val and the kidnappers in his car. The car that Val is in crashes and blows up. Anne plans her wedding with Greg. She wants a big wedding, but she tells him to keep it small. Greg wants his commission to sponsor a sports complex for inner-city youth, and wants Sumner Group to build the complex. The judge gives Mary visiting rights to Meg."
"Kate comforts Gary and the twins about Val's death. Gary and Kate start to kiss, but he says he can't. A memorial service is held, and Betsy runs out, not believing Val is dead. Karen's upset over Val's death. Greg appoints Bill Nolan, an ex-baseball player to his commission. Bill antagonizes Paige, but she agrees to go out with him, and to back the sports complex. Anne confides in Mac that she isn't pregnant, but is taking fertility pills. Mac thinks she should tell Greg, but she doesn't. Anne wants Paige to attend the wedding, but she won't, because she still loves ..."
"Paige tells Bill she slept with him on the rebound. He still wants to go out, but she rejects him. Nick moves in with Claudia. She buys him an Italian restaurant to keep him in town and in her bed. Nick lets Vanessa know he's in town. She's upset and asks him not to tell her secret. He says he won't as his future might depend on her. Kate feels guilty about her crush on Gary. Meg doesn't want to see Mary, and Mary tells her if she doesn't, the judge might make Meg live with her. Joe Robeson tells the MacKenzies he can get Mary out of their life if he pays them. The ..."
"Vanessa's scared of being fired, because her ratings are low. She finds Anne's fertility pills. Bill receives an offer to play baseball in Japan, and asks Paige to go with him, but she says she isn't in love with him. Gary takes a job overseeing the building of the sports complex. Karen's upset that Mack won't talk to her. Karen tells Toni that Mary only wants money. Toni asks Mary, who fires her. Paige can't get the money, so Mack asks Claudia's help. She tells him to make up a phony charity for the money. Claudia gets a million dollars, but only gives Mack half, ..."
"Vanessa tells Anne she wants $2,000 a week to keep her secret. Anne's upset that Greg spends all his time on the committee and not with her. She learns that Greg had Bill sent to Japan. Anne falls off a horse and tells Greg she lost their baby. Nick gives Claudia a necklace. Karen's upset that Mack tried to set Mary up. Mack's upset Gary didn't get it on tape. Mary gives her brother Joe some money, but says she's going to see Meg until they give her the rest of the million. Mack's upset because he thought Mary was out of their life. He yells at her and her neighbor ..."
"Kate helps Gary hire a housekeeper, and tells him that she has feelings for him. Vanessa's upset that Anne won't give her money. Anne tells Greg she was never pregnant, but that she'll be a good wife. Greg tells her it is a marriage of convenience, and she is never to bring up Paige to him. Karen finds a tape Mary made of her meeting with Mack. She hides it and calls police. They put Tom Ryan in charge. Mack burns the tape, but Mary had sent a copy to Toni, which she gives the police. Tom wants to know where he got the money. Claudia tells Tom that Mack filed papers ..."
"Despite their best efforts, Karen and Gary are not allowed to speak with Mack while he's being booked for the murder of Mary. They retain Attorney William Reed to represent Mack. Paige and Kate try futilely to calm Meg, who's nervous that her parents aren't home. After Meg goes to sleep, Gary and Karen return to the house with no news about Mack. Kate and Gary share a tender moment. The following day, Karen and Paige go to the jail where they learn Mack fired his attorney, Reed, the night before. Reed tells Karen that Mack gave explicit orders that he doesn't want to ..."
"Greg tells Claudia to return her half of the money or he'll make her disappear. Nick gives her the money, but won't tell her how he got it. Nick kisses Anne, but she doesn't want to mess things up with Greg. Gary hires Kate to work on the sports complex. She convinces a couple who are holding up construction to move, but they later change their mind. Kate kisses Gary, but he pushes her away. Out on bail, Mack investigates who killed Mary. Toni decides to help Mack. Gary gets a report that Joe kidnapped Val, so he decides to go back to Florida and asks Kate to watch ..."
"Greg doesn't know why construction of the sports arena is stalled and tries to bulldoze the Carters' house, not realizing they still live there. The incident is on the news. Greg decides to quit the committee and go back to Sumner Group but Paige tells him that Claudia will put up a fight. Tom wants to interview Mack so Karen and Peggy cover for him. Karen asks Paige to help, so Paige spends the day with Tom. The police discover that someone is using marked money. It's Joe Robeson and Paige helps Tom arrest him. Joe is questioned but denies killing Mary and says the ..."
"Back from Florida, Gary tells Karen that Mary was really Laura's aunt, and Laura's mother died in childbirth. The police drop the charges against Mack, and they let Joe go. Joe meets with Nick, who tells him he wasn't supposed to have murdered Mary. Then Joe is found dead. Nick tells Vanessa he doesn't want Treadwell coming to town. Nick has Claudia open a bank account for \"Edward Messinger\" and gives her a briefcase of money. Paige asks Mack for his shares of Sumner group, but he says he doesn't care. Kate comes on to Gary again. He says he's not ready and she's ..."
"Greg ignores Anne, so she comes on to Nick but won't sleep with him. Greg tells Anne his heart wants what it wants, and it doesn't want her. Gary tells Kate he has conflicting feelings, but wants to still be friends with her. Mack calls Karen but she puts Meg on. He and Greg commiserate in a bar and Mack says he'll give back to Greg the shares of the Sumner Group that Greg gave Meg. Paige asks him for the shares and Mack says he already promised them to Greg, but will give them to her instead. Greg blackmails Claudia to sell him her shares. Treadwell calls Nick and ..."
"Gary tells Kate that she needs to find someone younger and that he doesn't want any more children. Upset, Kate decides to go away. Claudia agrees to keep her share. Nick says he needs to know Paige's strength and weaknesses, now that she has the MacKenzies' shares. Tom investigates Kate's hit and run, and Paige tells him that there is probably a link to whoever gave Claudia money. Tom, trying to find Nick, meets Vanessa, and they flirt outrageously. Vanessa asks Tom for protection, and tells him Nick is involved with Treadwell. She says she was Treadwell's mistress, ..."
"Greg has Claudia and Kate stay at the ranch where he's hired extra security. Claudia sells her shares to Greg so she won't be in danger. Gary tells Kate he wants her in his life and they kiss. Treadwell and his men beat Nick up. Anne tends his wounds and he tells her about Treadwell. A mailboy shoots Greg, but he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Tom brings Paige to his apartment so she'll be safe, and they kiss. Vanessa comes by but runs away, and Tom runs after her. Mac goes to New York and tells Karen he loves her, and that their marriage is worth fighting for. Mort ..."
"Greg has Claudia and Kate stay at the ranch where he's hired extra security. Claudia sells her shares to Greg so she won't be in danger. Gary tells Kate he wants her in his life and they kiss. Treadwell and his men beat Nick up. Anne tends his wounds and he tells her about Treadwell. A mailboy shoots Greg, but he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Tom brings Paige to his apartment so she'll be safe, and they kiss. Vanessa comes by but runs away, and Tom runs after her. Mac goes to New York and tells Karen he loves her, and that their marriage is worth fighting for. Mort ..."
"Tom talks Greg and Paige through disarming the bomb, and they do with 2 seconds to spare. Treadwell is angry that the bomb didn't work and that Val escaped. Disguised, Val gets off a bus and dyes her hair brown. She has flowers delivered to Gary with a card that says to meet her, and \"I've never seen the ocean.\" He has Kate watch the twins and meets her. They have a tearful reunion at her motel. He brings her to Karen's, who's shocked, and she tells them about Treadwell. Tom asks Paige to marry him. Nick begs Claudia for money and says Treadwell is after him because ..."
"Treadwell is going to shoot Nick, so Vanessa shoots Treadwell. She tells Tom it was in self-defense, so no charges are filed. With Treadwell out of the way, Val is free, and she and the twins have a tearful reunion. Gary tells her about Kate, but says he never loved anyone the way he loved her. Kate's upset and decides to go away. Karen and Mack yell at each other, and suddenly realize that things are back to \"normal\" and start to laugh and cry and kiss. Abby tells Greg that she is Treadwell's partner, and is taking over Sumner Group, because she has information to ..."
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