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Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World is a reality series about life in a family of little people, also sometimes called midgets or dwarves. Standing only four feet tall, Matt and Amy Roloff are struggling to raise their four children, who are mixed in...

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Season 6 - Little People, Big World
"Matt and Amy's hectic public speaking schedules take their toll on the family. The Roloffs are used to Matt being gone, but when Amy's travel takes her away for weeks at a time, it throws the family out of whack."
"Zach and Matt have their differences - and that's putting it mildly. Matt realizes it's time to reconcile with Zach, so he takes him on a road trip. Will father and son find enough common ground to mend their broken relationship?"
"The Roloff boys go camping with their buddies, but mishaps with a snow-in and a gasoline fire throw their trip into chaos. Meanwhile, the Roloff ladies hit the Oregon coast and battle broken cameras and seasickness."
"Now 20 years old, Zach struggles with issues like getting a job and buying a car. When he is presented with an offer to portray a leprechaun, it causes him to address his dwarfism in new ways. It's a stressful time as Zach makes important decisions."
"Matt feeds his Hollywood dreams and organizes a local cast and crew - including Jeremy - and attempts to make a movie about a spooky pumpkin farm."
"When micromanager Matt tries to \"help\" Jeremy and Amy on a couple of their projects, he's met with a mountain of resistance."
"As their lovable dog Rocky faces a health crisis, the Roloffs worry that they might be forced to say goodbye to him sooner than they expected. Meanwhile, Rocky has his hands full with the Roloff cats when they move in on his turf."
"Matt pulls off a minor logistical miracle transporting an oversized replica of Noah's Ark to the farm. Amy is dead-set against it, but when a government official trespasses to investigate the giant attraction, she defends the project and her property."
"Zach takes a dating class to help him learn how to break the ice with the opposite sex - will he use his newfound skills to get a date? Meanwhile, the family wonders if Molly might be interested in a boy."
Season 9 - Little People, Big World
"In this two-hour special, Jeremy and Audrey give viewers an intimate look into their relationship, from their first meeting up to the big wedding day. Join the entire Roloff family as they share never before seen home movies and behind-the-scenes stories."
"With Zack and Tori's wedding just a few months away, the entire family comes together to help prepare the farm for the big day."
"Zach visits Jeremy and Audrey in LA and learns about married life. Matt makes a surprising purchase to improve his health. Later, Zack and Tori put Matt up to the ultimate challenge: move the church to help set the scene for their dream wedding ceremony."
"Matt and Amy finally address the future of their marriage. Meanwhile, Amy takes on a DIY project with her friend Lisa to help embrace suddenly having an empty nest. Later, Zack asks Jeremy to play a very special role at his wedding."
"Matt and Amy set aside their marital issues to launch the family's new salsa business. With the wedding only a few months away, Zach gets fitted for his custom suit, and Tori goes dress shopping with the girls. Later, Jeremy considers his future in LA."
"The pressure is on for Zach and Tori as they continue planning for their wedding. Meanwhile, Amy feels the urge to give back in a big way by hosting a charity mud run on the farm...with or without Matt's help."
"Matt and Jeremy take on one of their toughest construction projects yet: a windmill cocktail bar for Zach and Tori's wedding. Later, Amy and Matt take their salsa business to the next level by pitching their goods to a local grocery store."
"The wedding countdown is on and everyone is feeling the heat. Jeremy stresses over his Best Man speech, while Amy and Molly hope to pull off a successful rehearsal dinner. As the big day arrives, a storm threatens to ruin Zach and Tori's dream ceremony."
"In this exclusive 2-hour special, the Roloff family sits down with NBC News correspondent, Andrea Canning to share the incredible highs and heartbreaking lows from the most recent season of Little People, Big World."
Season 10 - Little People, Big World
"Matt worries when Amy decides to throw an elaborate dinner party with her friends while he's out of town. Meanwhile, when Zach and Tori visit Jeremy and Audrey's new home for the first time, and events take an unexpected turn..."
"The annual Pumpkin Festival finds Jeremy, Zach, Audrey and Tori assuming larger roles, but they also worry about the tension between Amy and Matt and what it could do to the event should it escalate."
"Matt and Amy learn that they won't get to have Thanksgiving with their kids first time in 25 years! Will the kids rethink their plans and come together for a family celebration reminiscent of the old days? Or will Matt and Amy be facing a holiday alone?"
"Matt and Amy look for new holiday traditions as the kids make their own plans. Amy hosts a charity event on the farm and enlists the help of her family, but old habits die hard, and Matt has a top secret project up his sleeve...and Amy is left in the dark."
"Matt feels alone on the big farm and questions his success as a father. He wants to spend more time with the boys and Zach proposes a boys camping trip! With the boys away, the girls decide to play and Amy tests her courage on the dance floor!"
"With the upcoming finality of divorce, Matt and Amy are unsure how much longer they can work and live on the farm together, and discuss the potential aftermath. Jeremy and Audrey work on a project close to their hearts: making marriage last forever."
"Matt and Amy are on shaky ground after meeting with their divorce lawyers, but Matt thinks that more space might make it easier to co-exist peacefully on the farm. Zach finds a way to use his love of soccer to bring awareness to dwarf athleletics."
"The family goes to Hawaii to avoid being overwhelmed by Matt and Amy's impending divorce, but the fun could be ruined when their split creeps back into the conversation, and they suspect Matt might want to put the farm up for sale."
"The aftermath of the divorce finds Amy channeling her rebellious side by making a very important decision, while Matt deals with the split in his own transformative way. Also: Zach needs Jeremy's help to keep Sully safe."
"The Roloffs feel the need for speed! But when it's time to take the new mule out for a spin, the weather forecasts a recipe for disaster. Amy is stepping out on the single scene for the first time and gets a new look guaranteed to attract attention!"
"As Matt's health deteriorates, he finds himself forced to undergo high-risk surgery involving his spine. Zach plans a surprise party for Tori's 25th birthday, but the covert operation is at risk when Jeremy accidentally spills the beans..."
"It's a busy time for the Roloffs despite Matt's surgery looming. Matt and Amy finalize their divorce. Molly graduates from college and makes a surprising announcement. Matt fearfully heads to LA for spinal surgery."
"The show's 10th anniversary features clips of favorite moments and recollections-some comical, others painful-by the Roloffs, who discuss what it's like being in front of a camera."
Season 11 - Little People, Big World
"Matt enters the operating room for his risky spinal surgery, leaving Amy to manage Roloff Farms on her own. As the two struggle in their own worlds, the entire family faces another devastating blow they never saw coming."
"Matt is home from the hospital, but his relief is short lived as he discovers a problem on the farm that could destroy pumpkin season. Zach & Tori plan a fun wedding anniversary trip and Amy takes a huge step forward when she attends a singles mixer."
"Amy continues to dive into the dating world & plans a pool party with single friends, both old and new! Matt wants to install dozens of surveillance cameras around the farm, and the family wonders if everyone can come together peacefully for a Game Night."
"Amy pursues her longtime dream of opening a B&B on the farm. But as it becomes a reality, things quickly spiral out of control. Matt's surgery propels him to pursue a dream of his own: writing an inspirational children's book."
"Matt announces shocking plans to build a fully-equipped doomsday bunker, with space for the entire family! Crazy or not, the Roloffs band together to help him. But can they survive a overnight trial run locked together in close quarters?"
"Amy shocks the kids when she heads out on a date with the new man in her life on a motorcycle! Meanwhile, Amy feels Matt's frivolous spending habits for farm toys are getting out of hand, and Zach takes on his biggest home improvement project yet."
"Zach and Jeremy confront Amy about her dating life. Tired of his living situation, Matt dreams up something big for the farm while Amy plans a birthday boat ride with friends. And Jeremy surprises Audrey for their second anniversary."
"Matt has big plans for the future of the farm but he'll need to get everyone on board. Amy gets cozy with Chris after a romantic date, and Zach and Tori deliver unforgettable news to the family."
Season 12 - Little People, Big World
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Jeremy and Audrey surprise the family with big news! To escape home nesting renovations, Zach and Tori leave town for a \"babymoon\" weekend. Amy and Chris face a potential bump in their relationship during a getaway. Matt and Caryn balance dating and work."
"Amy struggles to define her relationship with Chris after 6 months together. Zach realizes he needs a new job to support his family, but he's skeptical when Matt offers a solution. Jeremy & Audrey are running out of time to make a big life decision."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Events surrounding the birth of Jackson Roloff."
Season 13 - Little People, Big World
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"Amy is determined to balance her family life with her personal life as she throws Audrey a baby shower & also hosts a birthday party for Chris. Tori is nervous to parent alone when Zach must travel. Jeremy's nearly out of time to finish his home repairs."
"Jeremy & Audrey feel overwhelmed now that their daughter is due in less than 2 weeks. Zach wants to remind Tori how very important she is to him. Matt & Caryn head to the beach to relax, while Amy & Chris celebrate 1 year together by taking a wild plunge!"
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"When Audrey's due date passes, she & Jeremy must play a stressful waiting game. Amy & Chris return from their trip and attend a launch party for Matt's children book that he dedicates to Zach & Tori's son. Later, the family gets news about Baby Roloff #2!"
"New parents Jeremy & Audrey are faced with very unexpected and emotional challenges. When Zach & Tori struggle to sleep train Jackson, Matt gets to work on a fun solution. Amy's birthday is coming up, but little does she know what's in store!"
"As Matt struggles to get everything set for Pumpkin Season, Jeremy & Zach juggle their duties as fathers with their farm responsibilities. Tensions rise when Amy must negotiate selling her baked goods at the farm & the new pirate ship may be a money pit."
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