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Mysteries at the Museum - Season 12 Episode 8

Writer Mark Twain uncovers a false science.

Episode: 8/37 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 8.2

Season 12 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman investigates the chain of events that led to the Miracle on the Hudson River, uncovers the origins of a legendary statue and examines a musical invention that struck a major chord."
"An action figure to a North Korean kidnapping; a gold ring as a symbol of freedom; a 19th-century board game."
"Don Wildman uncovers a British plot to assassinate George Washington, investigates the bizarre trial of a rooster that hatched an egg and examines America's most notorious family feud."
"Don Wildman examines a stone tablet which may hold the key to America's beginnings, a model plane connected to a hijacking and a revolver that once belonged to the first American woman to lead an armed expedition into war."
"Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind one of the most audacious hoaxes in sports history, investigates the preserved remains of a terrifying beast and inspects a watch linked to a presidential scandal."
"Don Wildman examines the mysterious death of one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, the amazing discovery made during the search for Scotland's elusive Loch Ness Monster and a tone-deaf diva who improbably took center stage at Carnegie Hall."
"Don Wildman examines the greatest high-wire stunt in history, investigates the incredible lengths Thomas Jefferson took to preserve America's reputation and unravels one of the most bizarre hoaxes the world has ever seen."
"Writer Mark Twain uncovers a false science."
"The truth behind a culinary caper that stunned the world; a toilet that inspired a taboo-busting invention; a sculpture behind the most tragic love story of all time."
"Don examines a painting at the center of an art world scandal, a 19th century medallion connected to the case of a young girl with seemingly magnetic powers and a blunderbuss that recalls a pirate who terrorized the high seas."
"11. White House Water and More Don investigates an old map, a wooden barrel and an ancient chalice."
"Jim Lovell saves Apollo 8."
"Don investigates the unknown story behind a literary legend, the inspiring tale behind a group of rookie heroes and an army of Roman ghosts."
"Don investigates a freak storm, a kidnapped playboy and an oxygen tank."
"Don Wildman examines the origins of a mythical unicorn featured at a popular circus, the baffling case of a missing U.S. politician and an attack by one of the deadliest creatures on the planet."
"An aged instrument's epic history; uncovering the roots of the Salem Witch Trials; examining a plane linked to a man who would stop at nothing to win a bet."
"Don examines a patriotic pig that helped fund World War II, a man's trek to rescue his crew during an brutal Arctic expedition and two activists who risked their lives to take down a superpower and save the whales."
"Don examines a novel supposedly written by the ghost of a legendary author, a painting that isn't quite what it seems and a replica of the plane that flew in the first commercial airline flight."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Don investigates one of history's greatest archaeological discoveries, a high-flying heroine and a most unusual furry soldier."
"Host Don Wildman examines a piece of a controversial haunted house; a ghost army that saved World War II; and a golfer with a mysterious past."
"Don inspects a sleek fighter jet, an antique steam locomotive and a rare print of the Declaration of Independence."
"Don examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures."
"Don examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures."
"Don Wildman inspects a mysterious prehistoric bone; investigates an incendiary war plot to help defend America; and unearths the origins of a strategy that revolutionized the shopping industry."
"The story of a hero horse that risked her life. Also: a culinary mystery about a popular salad dressing; and an Olympic runner's battle with polio."
"Don investigates a life-threatening aviation adventure, a medical mystery with a creepy cure and an incredible race to the stars."
"Don investigates a life-threatening aviation adventure, a medical mystery with a creepy cure and an incredible race to the stars."
"Don tells the story of a leather harness worn by a real-life Smokey the Bear, investigates the remnants of a space mass and uncovers the shocking truth behind Napoleon's downfall with an ornate saddle."
"Don Wildman examines a patriotic pigeon that saved hundreds of lives during World War II, a clever conman who took advantage of a governmental gaffe and the uncle who inspired one of America's most iconic figures."
"Don inspects a seemingly possessed potato, examines an old chair connected to an intoxicating chapter in the life of George Washington and investigates the surprising origins of a famous paranormal communication device."
"Don examines a piece of cable used by a legendary aerialist during a high-wire walk, a French taxi that helped defeat the Germans during World War I and a piece of bone from a mysterious mass burial discovered in a Florida bog."
"Don examines a F8 Crusader jet that was at the center of a death-defying plummet to Earth, a specially outfitted convertible designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a commemorative coin linked to a baseball player turned spy."
"Saving the Eiffel Tower, the murder of outlaw Belle Star, America's 2nd man to orbit Earth has to re-enter the atmosphere manually after a malfunction, the secret behind the success of Germany's Blitzkrieg, mysterious fossils of words."
"Don investigates a twisted tell-all, an explosive rodent infestation and a conman's bogus ballgame."
"Don investigates a miraculous story of survival, Harry Houdini's crusade against fraudulent mediums and a lunar event that saved Christopher Columbus."
"Don investigates an astronaut's mission gone awry, a killer canine sentenced to prison and a pilot's heroic efforts over the Pacific."
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