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Mysteries at the Museum - Season 9 Episode 2

Host Don Wildman examines a bird specimen, tiny camera, and popularity of poker.

Episode: 2/9 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 8.2

Season 9 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Host Don Wildman studies the inspiration behind a famous play, examine a strange device, and visit a Renaissance sculpture"
"Host Don Wildman examines a bird specimen, tiny camera, and popularity of poker."
"Don Wildman uncovers a sculpture of a monster lurking beneath the Big Apple, visits San Diego to check out a car customized with everything including a kitchen sink, and discovers in Boston that Paul Revere was a forensic hero."
"Don Wildman heads to Chicago to examine an odd glass medical device invented by an aviator, discovers in Michigan a set of tools used in a failed auto business, and visits Harvard where a bird specimen reveals a case of deception"
"Host Don Wildman examines in Louisiana a precious metal that reportedly cured alcoholism, discovers how Reno was once a destination for disgruntled spouses, and uncovers the mystery around a president's untimely death."
"Don Wildman explores a rare food fight, a race around the globe, a bird uniform."
"Host Don Wildman examines a plane used in a pioneering woman's quest to dominate the skies, a metronome that spread confusion and controversy among fans of Beethoven, and a small instrument used to fight off an army."
"Host Don Wildman examines a coded letter at the center of an infamous politician's seditious plot, tells how an American literary classic became truly great, and inspects the iconic lamp of a legendary nurse."
"Host Don Wildman examines a forged European painting that fooled museums everywhere, eight tiny boxes that look like coffins, and a mysterious rubber block that was found washed up on a beach."
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