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Skylanders Academy

The series follows the heroic adventures of the Skylanders team, a group of heroes with unique elemental skills and personalities who travel the vast Skylands universe, protecting it from evil-doers and showing the next wave of Academy cadets how...

Duration:25 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Skylanders Academy
"Spyro and his fellow cadets get ready for graduation, but in order for Spyro to become a Skylander he needs to adjust his attitude."
"After a clashing argument about a plumbing disaster, Spyro learns what the \"Skylander Way\" is from Jet-Vac."
"The Skylanders must combine their talents to build a new teammate that will help them work together."
"Stealth Elf excels at her training, and now she has to deliver a speech, however a new foe strikes the Skyland."
"After being assigned to guard a prison for the day, the Skylanders are almost tricked into setting the inmates free."
"After getting stuck in Kaos' mind, Stealth Elf must convince the other Skylanders to help her escape."
"Eruptor finds that his anger management is out of control, until he realizes his rage is necessary to get the Skylanders out of immediate peril."
"After learning that Pop Fizz's band member wants to turn everyone at a musical festival into zombie-like drones, the Skylanders must break up the band."
"Kaos believes that stealing Master Eon's beard will get the Golden Queen to like him."
"An invention called the \"evil-scope\" allows the Skylanders to stop evil before it happens, but the invention creates a great amount of energy that traps Spyro."
"Crash Bandicoot magically transports to the Skylander's dimension, and needs their help to get back."
"Master Eon grows terribly ill, and while the Skylanders look for something to heal him, the Doom Raiders attack Skylands."
Season 2 - Skylanders Academy
"Spyro tries to prove that he has a superpower like the rest of the Skylanders, but realizes his power when they get caught in a dangerous situation."
"When Stealth Elf is told to train with a Ninja Genie, she must teach herself and the Ninjini how to overcome their own fears."
"After joining the Skylanders team, Cynder must find her place in the group while figuring out what it takes to be a true Skylander."
"When everyone goes away for holiday, Spyro and Stealth Elf must get along while trapped in the library together."
"Eruptor believes he has the ability to solve any crime in the Skylands, and uses his new powers by trying to figure out who is has guilty of doing evil deeds."
"Hex tries to turn everyone in the Academy into undead-like creatures, when Skull breaks away from Hex."
"After Pop Fizz is wrongfully arrested, the Skylanders set out to find the true culprit, and save their friend."
"After the Skylander's house is quarantined, all of the team members end up getting sick."
"The Skylanders get stuck in a giant Fire Vipers stomach, and have to find a way out."
"Confusion with Kaos and Glumshanks leads to them believing they might be father and son. Jet-Vac must be a fatherly figure to an evil baby that hatches from one of his eggs."
"The Skylanders try to keep Dreamcatcher from going evil again, when they find her with no memory of the past."
"Sprocket begins to take Jet-Vac's spot on the team, making Jet-Vac unsure of his place."
"Spyro searches for answers about his ancestors, as Kaos unleashes a powerful evil to rule over the Skylands."
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