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Texas Flip and Move

Three teams of Texas real estate entrepreneurs are under the gun to buy low, work fast and sell high in a thrilling flipping competition. As soon as they buy a house at auction, they race to get it renovated and ready for resale.

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Season 2 - Texas Flip and Move
"Cody drops a bid for a tiny backyard barn but getting it to the renovation lot takes a radical house move. Randy wins a weird square building with prison-size windows and he has ideas for an open-plan, loft-style remodel"
"Randy finds a great house at an auction, but is hesitant to spend more money to update it, leaving Travis to convince him otherwise. Elsewhere, Toni grabs a small tin grain silo, much to Donna's chagrin."
"The Snows buy a partially gutted home with an old piano that inspires a country melody theme"
"The Snow sisters and the Slays score identical duplex homes and compete to see who can get more creative and make the most money on their flip."
"Cody buys a houseboat and Suzi helps him revamp it into a party boat while Randy bids on a building that has no bedroom or bathroom and decides to transform it into a vacation cottage."
"The sisters remodel a duplex into a single-family home."
"The Snows renovate one-room shack into a writer's retreat and the Young Guns tackle a horror house."
"The team battle rot and termite damage while redesigning a duplex."
"The guys win a 40 foot metal shipping container and transform it into a sporting lodge. Elsewhere: Donna and Toni build a playhouse to be auctioned off."
"The Snows tackle a large house that must be cut in half to be moved."
"Randy updates a house stuck in the 1970s and the Snows renovate a pool house from a previous bid after getting outbid at another auction."
"The Snow Sisters give a termite damaged three bedroom house a new kitchen and updated bathrooms and bedrooms with a rustic western design theme."
"Randy tackles an Airstream travel trailer after getting a great bargain. Also: Cody rebuilds a shed into a small house after he has to knock a larger house because it could not be moved."
Season 3 - Texas Flip and Move
"In the third season premiere, the Young Guns score a house that used to be a church, but cousin Casey takes over the flip when they go out of town. Also: Donna and Toni win a small service building and transform into a cottage retreat."
"The sisters tackle their dad's childhood home."
"The Lone Wolf wins a house that has major problems and the Young Guns grab a small service building and create a studio suite."
"The sisters score a rough looking house that needs to be cut apart to be moved."
"Identical houses are rebuilt by the Snows and the Lone Wolf and pitched to a buyer who's looking to add to a guest ranch."
"The Lone Wolf bites off more than he can chew when he scores a large three-bedroom home and calls in fellow flipper Casey to lighten his load."
"Randy encounters water damage and black mold and Casey tackles a worn-down lakeside home."
"The sisters buy a house next to one the Lone Wolf purchased."
"Casey discovers asbestos siding in a Fort Worth house and needs to cut off part of the roof in order to move."
"The Lone Wolf tackles add ons and an attached garage to move a house."
Season 4 - Texas Flip and Move
"The Snows score a vintage 80-foot-long passenger train car from a scrap yard, and they can't wait to save this piece of history by transforming it into a cozy home."
"After the Snow sisters get two houses from the same lot, they realize it may be a two-team job after assessing the scope of the work; to solve the problem, the sisters call their friends Jordan and Michelle Olgletree to help."
"Casey and Catrina win a home with lots of charm, but once they look inside, they find it has been completely gutted; across town, Randy wins a large two-bedroom house at auction and encounters a catastrophe of his own."
"Casey and Catrina's new find, a utility structure with a slab floor and no interior walls, is a big design challenge; Gary's daughters must find a mover for their newly-purchased home since Gary is unable to help them."
"Gary's Girls buy an aging train car and plan on keeping its industrial look while adding some updates; Randy snags a relaxing ranch home but realizes it has a lot of termite damage and is too wide to get past the gated entrance."
"Casey and Catrina score a house that is practically new. The problem is that someone previously bought it, tried to finish the interior and failed. Now they must fix the botched job to appeal to a buyer Casey has on the line."
"Randy is approached by a buyer who is looking for a vacation home with a coastal theme; Randy works to bring the beach to North Texas; Donna and Toni get more than they bargained for when they find an animal living in their ranch home."
"Casey and Catrina score a house but realize they must cut off half of it to move it and still find a way to make it profitable. The Snow Sisters get a large house with bonus rooms, allowing them to get creative with their design."
"When two houses go up for auction on the same street, Donna and Toni snag one while their nieces, Gary's girls, win the second. Donna and Toni design a bright Tuscan villa while Gary's girls bring the glam to a drab two-bedroom."
"Casey and Catrina combine two shipping containers to create a house with an outdoor courtyard area. During the build, Gary's Girls approach Casey with an offer to sell him a container house after their previous sale fell through."
"Randy wins an old mobile home at auction and strikes up a deal with Casey so they can both make a profit. But before either mover can flip the house, disaster strikes. Meanwhile, the Snow Sisters come up with an ecofriendly design for their house. They hope that by making this house green, it'll put some green into their pockets."
"An arched entryway in the Girls' new home inspires them to create a Mediterranean theme; Casey and Catrina win two small barns in a two-for-one auction and plan to combine them into one large living space in order to maximize profit."
"Facing a challenge of a large home with very big bedrooms, no defined living room, a small kitchen and dining area, Randy must redesign this ill planned structure with an appealing open floor plan to make this home a winner."
Season 5 - Texas Flip and Move
"After winning a house at an auction, Randy quickly finds out that while his prize is riddled with issues that include a lack of bathrooms and termite damage, it also houses a hidden treasure within the walls."
"The Snow sisters score a home with tons of potential and utilize the square footage to flip it into a modern masterpiece. Then, Casey and Catrina spruce up their build with a contemporary theme, bright colors and unique designs."
"Gary's Girls win big at a unique auction selling a 27-foot grain bin. Meanwhile, Randy scores an almost pristine-condition home but misses an important deadline, turning the flip into a flop."
"Casey and Catrina demolish a home to salvage their build while Randy tackles a ranch-style house."
"Casey and Catrina win a large home and plan to split the house into a playful kids' side and relaxing parents' wing. Then, Gary's Girls might have hopped too quickly into a new purchase and need to rethink their investment."
"Casey and Catrina flip a barn into a 'Barndominium' while the Snows repurpose trash into treasure."
"Casey and Catrina win a house that was moved from Texas Hill Country and are inspired to create a vineyard-themed design plan that centers around being able to entertain family and guests alike."
"Gary's Girls win a house that was originally built with mail-order parts and restore the home with an airy design plan. Then, Randy scores a home with 9-foot ceilings and picks up remodeling where the previous owners left off."
"Gary's Girls win a large, square home that needs a lot of curb appeal. They decide on a bunkhouse design and with the help of their father Gary, they create a home for an unexpected buyer."
"Donna and Toni score a duplex at auction, but while one side is in great condition, the other side is a total disaster. Their design plan calls for combining the two sides into one floor plan to create a single-family home."
"Donna and Toni win a home with a roach infestation and must clean out the house to make a stylish design free of bugs. Then, Randy must go to great lengths to move his cabin out of the woods."
"Casey and Catrina win big when they get a small farmhouse with a bonus room upstairs. They design a chalet-style home that makes the best use of the square footage, giving them their first two-story build."
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Season 6 - Texas Flip and Move
"The Snow sisters turn a bare-bones house into a multi-colored wonderland and Randy converts a moldy home into an airy, rustic residence with a stunning kitchen."
"Casey and Catrina reimagine a dated brick house by adding luxurious kitchen and bathroom features including unique tubs, showers and sinks."
"The Snows take a bare-bones house and turn it into a customized airy home while Gary's Girls create a charming home using tile both inside and out."
"Gary's Girls preserve the character of a Craftsman-style house by mixing the old with the new and repurposing original materials."
"The Snows renovate a fairly large house and focus on making the kitchen area custom and unique, while Casey and Catrina create a contemporary home with a true galley kitchen."
"Paige and Raf share a house they bought at an auction with Casey and Catrina, who put the house high up in the trees on their buyer's land. Paige and Raf combine their different styles to create one modern house."
"Donna and Toni are contacted by an old friend who is looking for a house to buy. Much to their surprise, the buyer requests a sleek industrial look. Even so, the sisters deliver a house that far exceeds his expectations."
"Gary's Girls turn a bare-bones barn into a two-story house with special installation requests from the buyer, including a unique elevator."
"The Snows and Randy go to two auctions in one day. After Randy snags the first house, he and the Snows devise a plan to join together. They end up with two separate builds and literally split a house between them."
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"After Gary's Girls win a house at auction, Paige is inspired by her daughter's homework and decides on a design with Cuban influence."
"Casey and Catrina buy a duplex at auction that Catrina plans on turning into a single family home. However, Casey surprises her with twin buyers that have different tastes in style and want to keep the home as a duplex."
"Paige and Raf flip a house that gets a brand-new roof and a specific design style. Inspired by Raf's Boston roots, Paige designs a house with an East Coast aesthetic."
Season 7 - Texas Flip and Move
"Casey and Catrina salvage as much as they can to save money and preserve the character of their house, while Paige and Raf strike shiplap gold working on their kitchen."
"Randy breathes new life into an old craftsman by adding a sauna in the bathroom and a galley kitchen, while Casey and Catrina put a Texas twist on their house's art deco style."
"Randy converts an old garage into a gorgeous game room, while Gary's Girls create a family friendly home with space-saving elements."
"Casey and Catrina don't see eye to eye on some of the design elements but eventually end up with a stunning family home complete with custom touches."
"The Snow Sisters create a stunning space for a buyer who needs specific accommodations, while Gary and Jerry bring both Florida and Texas flair to their build."
"Casey and Catrina win a gutted house and turn it into a functional family home featuring a stunning kitchen with a walk-in pantry and decorative dormers on the outside."
"Gary and Jerry convert a shed on a trailer into a traveler's paradise, while Gary's Girls spend more than they intended going upscale."
"Paige and Raf win a small structure at auction and turn it into a lakeside cabin complete with an upper deck and other fun features for a specific buyer."
"Randy wins a huge house at auction and turns it into a bed and breakfast-style home at the request of a potential buyer. He plans different features and designs for each room to create a unique experience for each guest."
"Paige and Raf design a house for friends with a passion for fitness. Their plan for the home includes a fitness room, two stunning bathrooms and colors picked out by \"Random Raf.\""
"The Snow sisters land an old school bus from their dad. For the flip, they draw inspiration from his old travel bus and turn this one into a small yet functional travel wagon for a local aspiring musician."
Season 8 - Texas Flip and Move
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"Paige and Raf turn an abandoned grain silo on its side for the basis of an indoor\/outdoor living space."
"Randy wins a four-bedroom duplex at auction and splits it with fellow flippers, Gary and Jerry. Gary and Jerry decide on a Creole-style cottage while Randy turns his half into a sleek, contemporary home."
"Gary's Girls brighten the interior of their cozy starter home by using wall-to-wall kitchen windows. Meanwhile, Casey and Catrina design a modern, rustic villa complete with an ornate, columned porch."
"Randy takes over the renovation of a house that a client left on his lot. Casey and Catrina win a small house that is cluttered to the brim, and things get complicated when the original owner starts having second thoughts."
"Gary's Girls visit an airplane junkyard and end up buying two old passenger jets. Positioning the plane bodies side-by-side, they use the space inside and also between the two fuselages to create a one-of-a-kind, high-flying home."
"Gary's Girls win a large home at auction that was previously used as an office space. They plan to convert it back into a family home, complete with unique features like a turret-style roof and bump-outs to add curb appeal."
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