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The Amazing World of Gumball - Season 3 Episode 18

When Gumball and Darwin discover that Anais is Richard's favorite child, they go to extreme lengths to take the title from her.

Episode: 18/21 eps

Duration: 11 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.1

Season 3 - The Amazing World of Gumball
"Gumball and Darwin's voices may be breaking, but they're showing no signs of growing up. Whilst Gumball and Darwin make fun of Mom and Dad for being old, their voices start to break. They try to ignore it, but everybody they meet reacts to their new and unpredictable voices."
"The new coach at Elmore High stands up to Jamie. The new Coach witnesses Jamie bullying the other kids at lunch and steps in. Jamie is made to apologize, much to the amazement of the other kids. Gumball and Darwin worry about Jamie seeking revenge, especially when they see him sneaking into the back of Coach's car."
"Gumball and Darwin attempt to discover the secret behind their classmate Anton's Immortality."
"Gumball and Darwin discover Principal Brown's diploma is fake, and Principal Brown is determined to keep their discovery a secret."
"Clayton, a compulsive liar tells Gumball and Darwin about his awesome martial arts move, and discover that he wasn't lying."
"Gumball and Anais have to find as cure for Darwin's allergy."
"When Gumball and Darwin discover that Anais is Richard's favorite child, they go to extreme lengths to take the title from her."
"When Gumball and Darwin are asked to take out the trash by 5:00 P.M. they try to find ways to procrastinate, but remember, don't forget about the trash."
"Darwin gets jealous of Gumball and Penny's relationship, and tries to break them up."
"Gumball ignores Darwin's advice and decides to not forward a scare email, cursing his family."
"Granny Jojo invites her new boyfriend for her birthday celebration, and Dad wants to ban her from seeing her again."
"Frustrated, Larry quits all of his jobs, unraveling the commercial structure of Elmore."
"When a Butterfly emerges from its chrysalis Gumball and Darwin want to release it. Miss Simian warns them about the butterfly effect. Gumball releases it anyways, and a domino effect causes chaos throughout the city."
"After being shown a video on safety in class, Darwin becomes obsessed with keeping his family safe."
"Gumball is convinced there is a Secret Society in school, and he wants in."
"Miss Simian threatens to expel the boys if they are late for school, so they race a clock in order to arrive on time."
"Gumball and Darwin discover they have an uninvited house guest."
"When Gumball's family tries to cheer him out of a inexplicable lousy mood, he wishes they would all disappear."
"Nicole wants to show to Felicity that the Wattersons are a normal family, while her son, Billy, meets Anais."
"Darwin has been chosen to play a solo in the marching band, but someone may be trying to sabotage him."
"Richard ruins the family, so they need to be in an ad but Gumball doesn't want to sell the Wattersons."
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