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The Missing

“The Missing” centers on the psychological fallout and ensuing years-long manhunt resulting from the sudden disappearance of five-year-old Oliver Hughes while on holiday with his parents in France in 2006.A gripping dramatic thriller that goes...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - The Missing
"In 2006 Emily and Tony Hughes and their little boy Oliver are on holiday at Chalons Du Bois in France. Tony and his son visit a bar to watch television but when Tony turns round Oliver has gone. Tony contacts the local police, led by English-speaking Laurence Relaud and she brings in Parisian detective Julien Baptiste who issues an abduction alert. Emily's parents Penny and Robert turn up, Robert suggesting that Oliver has been kidnapped out of revenge. Also on the scene are journalist Malik Suri and the English police liaison officer Mark Walsh with his young son. ..."
"Tony is annoyed when Mayor Deloix refuses to reopen the case, despite fresh evidence; Vincent Bourg, a known sex offender, is brought in for questioning; Suri bribes policeman Ziane for inside information; Bourg attends to a secret meeting with Ian Garrett."
"The victim becomes the accused as Tony battles to prove his case. Meanwhile in present day France, something horrifying emerges."
"Julien interviews Rini; A further clue is provided by the sighting of a van owned by Karl Sieg, a suspected trafficker, seen outside the house where Oliver was photographed; Tony visits Ian and learns that he's helping, as his daughter, Molly, vanished years earlier."
"In 2014 Vincent Bourg visits Garrett's wife Mary in a psychiatric unit where she believes she is on an ocean cruise and Rini is able to locate the suspect Karl Sieg, living in Belgium under an assumed name. This is an advance on eight years earlier when her efforts to sound out her brother about the Romanian gang led to her being knifed. At that time Emily went to England to see Mary, who threw her out after she mentioned Molly and Tony , after assaulting Bourg, tracked down Ian Garrett on his boat. Here he found evidence of Garrett being a paedophile who had done ..."
"In 2006, both Tony and Emily are struggling. In the present day, Tony and Julien make a breakthrough."
"It is 2009 and three years on from Oliver's disappearance there has still been no significant progress made in the case. Tony and Emily are having marriage problems but then a surprise turn of events brings both Tony and Emily back to Chalons du Bois. In the present day, the information that Tony, Julien and Emily received offers them a tenuous lead."
"The truth about Oliver's disappearance finally comes to light, as the action moves between 2006 and 2014. But what does the future hold in store for Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark after all this time? Can any of their relationships ever be whole again?"
Season 2 - The Missing
"When a young woman (who was abducted as a child) returns to her hometown, her family is thrown into turmoil. Her name is Alice Webster. Two years later, detective Julien Baptiste resumes the search for another missing girl."
"The Webster's struggle to cope with the return of their daughter as the search for another missing girl intensifies. The shockwaves of Alice's return are still felt two years on."
"While Julien pursues the Giroux case in Paris, a devastating act sets to tear the Webster's apart. Two years later, Gemma discovers a vital clue."
"While Julien continues the hunt for another missing girl, the Webster family implodes. Breaks in the case during 2014 and 2016 point Julien towards two key suspects."
"As Julien gets closer to the truth in 2014, his body weakens. Two years later, a third suspect is thrown into the case."
"During 2015, a new piece of evidence surfaces. A year later, Julien's investigation is closing in on the missing girl."
"Julien finally uncovers the truth about a missing girl, but after the police dismiss his theory, he is forced to take matters into his own hands."
"The events that led up to Alice's return to Eckhausen in 2014 are finally revealed as Sam and Gemma join Julien in a desperate race against time."
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