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The Moaning of Life

Karl Pilkington has never really worried about the big stuff until now at the age of 40.In this unique travelogue, he sets out to see how multiple cultures face life’s big issues: marriage(s), happiness, children, career(s) and death.Will Karl...

Duration:44 mins

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Season 1 - The Moaning of Life
"As premiered on Sky One. Karl Pilkington travels the world in search of answers to some of life's most important questions. He begins with marriage, wondering whether he is wrong about not wanting to tie the knot with his long-term girlfriend. In Delhi, he gains an insight into arranged marriages by going on a date with a prospective wife - and her parents - and in Bangalore, he is asked to help a pair of elite wedding planners. He also sniffs out a scientific approach to finding the perfect partner in LA, before searching for an alternative way of getting hitched in ..."
"Karl sets off to discover what kinds of things people do to be happy; and discovers some amazing and different things people do to achieve it."
"Karl sets off to find out why people have children, whether he can have kids and what it is like being a parent."
"Karl sets off to find whether you need a vocation, whether you should you follow your dreams, or is life just about earning money and enjoying yourself."
"Karl travels to find out how to deal with death, what is the best final resting place, and comes face to face with death."
Season 2 - The Moaning of Life
"Karl Pilkington goes back on the road in search of the answers to more of life's big questions. He begins by pondering the point of art."
"Karl tries on toupee's and ladies' clothes as he explores the factors that shape our identity."
"Karl meets a group of vigilante superheroes in San Diego as he goes in search of people with unique attitudes towards life."
"Karl discovers the alleged benefits of 'urine therapy' as he explores the lengths people go to in order to stay healthy."
"Karl addresses the effect of waste and different peoples attitudes towards it."
"Karl investigates how we should spend our limited time on the planet as he finds out what he will be like as an old man."
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