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With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious in this new weekly, topical series, Tosh.0 goes deep into the Web, spinning commentary...

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Tosh.0
"Daniel gives the Afro Ninja a web redemption."
"Miss Teen South Carolina gets a web redemption."
"The News Puke kid gets a web redemption."
"\"Scarlet Takes a Tumble\" gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel Tosh takes on everything the Internet has to offer, featuring Asians doing Christopher Walken impressions, Chris Crocker's web redemption and Andy Dick's celebrity video."
"The balloon guy gets a web redemption."
"The worst best man gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel Tosh takes on everything the Internet has to offer, featuring Reh Dogg's \"Why Must I cry\" web redemption and Kristin Cavallari's celebrity video."
"Daniel gives Dizzy Dunk a web redemption."
"The Skateboard Girl gets a web redemption."
"Tron Guy gets a web redemption."
"The backyard wrestler gets a web redemption."
"The Crying Giants fan gets a web redemption."
"Daniel gives the Nintendo 64 kid a web redemption."
"The trampled cheerleader gets a web redemption."
"Daniel gives the Ladder Fail guy a web redemption."
Season 2 - Tosh.0
"David After Dentist gets a web redemption."
"The Crystal Light dancers get the first ever web reunion."
"Daniel gives the Risky Business girls a web redemption."
"The football player who tackled his own teammate gets a web redemption."
"The Average Homeboy gets a web redemption."
"The falling prom girl gets a web redemption."
"The Hood Rat kid gets a web redemption. Daniel does trust falls."
"Daniel gives the \"make it snow\" girl a web redemption."
"The Philly's Fan gets a web redemption."
"The Lightning Bolt LARPer gets a web redemption."
"Daniel tries to give the \"look at that horse\" guy a web redemption."
"The story behind the legendary Internet video \"What What In the Butt\", followed by an \"unplugged\" duet of the \"What What\" song by Samwell and Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures."
"The guy who got stuck in an elevator gets a web redemption."
"The cart wheeling goalie gets a web redemption."
"The \"looking for a girlfriend\" guy gets a web redemption."
"Daniel has his first web investigation on the World of Warcraft freak out kid."
"Daniel gives a web redemption to the worst comedian ever."
"Daniels gives the awful weatherman a web redemption and spoils Human Centipede - Der menschliche Tausendf\u00fc\u00dfler (2009)."
"The Peter Pan girls get a web redemption."
"Daniel gives a web redemption to an angry preacher."
"The American Idol girls get a web redemption."
"Daniel talks to his exact opposite, yells some ridiculous things and goes on a trip with the Double Rainbow Guy."
"The \"I like turtles\" kid gets a web redemption."
"Daniel gives the Reporter Who Can't Break Glass a web redemption."
"Daniel takes a look back at season 2 with a web reflection. The season 2 MVP is named."
Season 3 - Tosh.0
"The first time that Dodson was confronted with a rapist, he wasn't prepared. Daniel helps him learn the basics of self-defense before putting him to the ultimate test."
"Brian Atene stops by for a Web Redemption and Daniel seeks out his own homeless man with a golden voice."
"Daniel gives the ice cream truck guy a web redemption."
"The National Anthem Girl gets a web redemption."
"The \"evolution of dance\" guy has a dance-off."
"Daniel gives the \"crying wrestling fan\" a web redemption."
"Daniel gives the \"hurdle fail girls\" a rematch."
"Daniel gives the \"Foul Ball Couple\" a web redemption."
"Daniel gives a county treasurer candidate a web redemption."
"\"Board breaking guy\" gets a web redemption."
"Chocolate Rain is featured on Behind the Crappy Internet Music and Daniel gets punched in the face by Manny Pacquiao."
"Daniel talks about stuff you never want to hear girls say, offers a Web Redemption for Boom Goes the Dynamite, and introduces his new invention."
"The Naked Wizard gets a Web Redemption and Daniel's pleasure coach stops by the office."
"Daniel gives a Web Redemption to The Bug In Mouth Reporter, invents a game show, and women mess up simple instructions."
"Daniel talks about the advice he got from his sexpert, a cheerleading Web Redemption, and the butter challenge."
"A high school metal band gets a web redemption. Tosh plays wiffle ball with a guy who can pitch a wiffle ball 95 mph."
"Bus fart kid is given a web redemption. Tosh takes viewer calls."
"Daniel gives a web redemption to the tazed Phillies fan, reads viewer reviews of his new bakery, and shows his new PSA about marriage."
"Daniel discusses unfortunate domain names and a web rematch, and chats with Steroids Guy."
"Daniel plays Is it Racist?, hosts the Tosh.0 Marathon, and debuts his homemade sex toy."
"Daniel does a web investigation of the Alabama Leprechaun."
"Daniel Tosh invades Arizona State University, where he crams four years of college into one week."
"The bumbling surfer gets a web redemption, we take a ride on the ultimate motor boat, and Daniel makes a new phone app."
"The redneck roof jumper gets a Web Redemption and Daniel makes insane proclamations on Twitter."
"Brad the actor gets a Web Redemption and Daniel skypes with a missed connection."
"Daniel pays it backwards, the shroom guy gets a Web Redemption and we get a peek inside Daniel's gem file."
"The worst magician ever gets a Web Redemption and Daniel shows you some of the grossest videos we've ever seen."
"The bumper face kid gets a Web Redemption and Daniel chats with a man who paints portraits with his junk."
"The guy who shot himself gets a Web Redemption, pregnant girls dance, and Daniel puts an end to Tebowing."
"Daniel seeks a replacement as host for Season 4, and we take a journey down memory road in a web reflection."
Season 4 - Tosh.0
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. In the season four premiere, Daniel covers events that happened during the hiatus and learns how to meet European men, and the show gets a new host."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. A terrible artist gets a web redemption; Daniel makes an \"Until Abortion Ends\" video and says goodbye to football season."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel gives a couple a wedding redemption, works out with the bathmate, and gets help writing his will."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel gives the Mustang kid a web redemption, discusses which famous women over 40 he would sleep with, and plays a new version of rock, paper, scissors."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. A bad breakdancer gets a web redemption and Daniel celebrates Black History Month."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel tackles bullying and opens a Tosh.0 memorabilia auction, and the worst sketch group gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel goes back on Shark Tank, and the parkour girl gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel tells us where he likes to eat lunch, and the guy who got choked out by a girl gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. The cliff jumper gets a web redemption and Daniel shares viewers' hardcore parkour."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel tells us what he did with the money from the Tosh Memorabilia Dump, teaches us a new way to make women self-conscious, and says goodbye to high fashion forever."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. In the summer premiere, Daniel, our leader, reveals his summer wardrobe, and gives the girl who sang \"Smell Yo Dick\" a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel makes a kickstarter account and looks at what people search for on Google. Plus, a skater who should be dead gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel gets shot with a cannon, introduces some new emoticons, and the guy who got pepper sprayed gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel gives the spelling bee kid a web redemption, talks with zombies, and blows something up."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel gives out free medical advice and gives a web redemption all about picking up chicks."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel pays people $5 to degrade themselves for your amusement, creates a new game to replace \"F, Marry, Kill,\" and gives Bubb Rubb a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel invents new internet challenges, rewards you for harassing your friends by showing your \"Slap, Lick, Fondle\" videos, and a 14-year-old Juggalo gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel takes his shirt off and the guy who pranked his mom by volunteering for the Army gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel walks a mile in the shoes of his female fans, and a rock climber gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel crams two weeks' worth of Olympics coverage into less than a minute, and shows you the most nauseating segment he's ever done."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel reveals his autumn wardrobe, and a kid who set civil rights back 65 years gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel teaches us the proper way to get drunk, and the biggest little liar in the rap game gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel teaches us how to deal with fires and pedophiles, and Sweet Brown gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel wrestles with his sexuality, reviews your brotography, and an armless girl gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel allows us to watch him sleep, we get a chance to ask him anything, and an extremely cocky cheerleader gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel shows us his Halloween costume, helps catch an internet monster, and a lovestruck teen gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel redeems the Sunshine State's hottest criminal, makes his staff eat high-end pet food, and starts a new sports franchise."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel celebrates Thanksgiving with his fans, and a rapping taxi driver gets a web redemption."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel helps a virgin score and introduces you to the angriest ladies in all of flyover country."
"All new Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central. Daniel shows us a montage of highlights from the year."
Season 5 - Tosh.0
"In the season 5 premiere, Daniel and his staff do various sports challenges, he sends a suggestive picture to a stranger, and Michael, a kid who gets picked on for being a redhead, gets a web redemption."
"Daniel celebrates Valentine's Day by letting you vent about how much you hate your significant other, and the world's only black superhero gets a web redemption."
"Daniel gets bedroom workout tips and does a spoiler alert for all the Oscar Best Picture nominees."
"Daniel organizes a focus group to prevent future racism with a game of \"Is it Racist?\" and one of the most legendary comedians of all time gets a web redemption."
"Daniel refuses to make a Harlem Shake video, and Candice, the ventriloquist who walked off stage, gets a web redemption."
"Daniel learns how to relax, shows you why going on vacation with your girlfriend is a terrible idea, and Will, the fat ninja, gets a web redemption."
"Daniel shows us why imitation is the stupidest form of flattery, and The Illusion gets a web redemption."
"Daniel debuts his extremely feminine fragrance, spends some quality time with his favorite comedian named after a root vegetable, and some insensitive college girls get a web redemption."
"Daniel introduces you to our wacky neighbor to the north and fixes everything that's wrong with America, plus a model with a big heart (and a big everything else) gets a web redemption."
"Daniel finds out which of his privates are flammable and gives away free stuff, plus a passionate man with a childish palate gets a web redemption."
"Daniel helps Bill Gates make a product that people enjoy using and gets Georgia up to speed on civil rights, plus a shirtless boy gets a web redemption."
"Daniel puts the sex back in sexual harassment, makes you even more paranoid about staying in hotels, and pays tribute to trees in time for Arbor Day and 420, plus a woman who was fired for being too hot gets a web redemption."
"Daniel chats with a child who is covered in hickeys, sends lots of money to a stranger on the Internet, and does a CeWEBrity Profile."
"Daniel gets invited to the prom, does a spoiler alert for summer movies, plus the prolific and psychotic performer, Tonetta, gets a web redemption."
"Daniel desensitizes his African successor and contemplates suicide, plus the world's greatest Nerf dunker gets a web redemption."
"In the fall premiere, Daniel reveals his boldest wardrobe choice yet, rescues a furry from a kill shelter, and does some dirty prancing."
"Daniel shows us the most embarrassing thing to happen in New York since the Jets drafted \"The Sanchize,\" and fixes everything that's wrong with America's youth."
"Daniel meets a princess that you'll wish would get in a car crash, teaches us about a magical item that comes back to you after you throw it, and Lohanthony gets a web redemption."
"Daniel plays an extremely uncomfortable game of \"Is it Racist?\" andenlists your help in raising the daughter he hopes to never have,plus a DJ gets a web redemption."
"Daniel shows us why gravy should be the official beverage of autumn, and a guy who traded his life savings for a banana with dreadlocks gets a web redemption."
"Daniel examines the crappiest school in America, and a guy who can create force fields gets a web redemption."
"Daniel chews the fat with a competitive eater, takes an empowering look at female musicians, and learns about the facts of life."
"Daniel checks in with some of his favorite web redemption alums, shows his early commercial work, and finds out what young boys do when they're alone."
"Daniel shows us that nothing good can happen when you mixalcohol and electricity, and the show has its sexiest web redemptionever."
"Daniel endorses the first female presidential candidate, Yelpreviewers tell Comedy Central what they're doing wrong, and apothead pupil gets a web redemption."
"Daniel goes nuts for Movember, gets the urge to Purge, and a security guard gets a web redemption."
"Daniel helps a nice guy become more than just a friend, takes the piss out of rich pricks on Instagram, and reveals the results of his AIDS test."
"Daniel makes your Thanksgiving extra queer, gives you a rare opportunity to own a valuable piece of the Tosh Empire, and a terrible impressionist gets a web redemption."
"Daniel invents some games that will give Parker Brothers a run for their money, shows you a Christmas card that is guaranteed to ruin Christmas, and America's sphincterless sweetheart gets a web redemption."
"Daniel reveals his picks for the most fascinating weirdoes of the year, and opens Christmas cards from the fans."
Season 6 - Tosh.0
"Daniel brings back Sports or Consequences, clears up the mystery of who his father is, and has the sexiest web redemption ever."
"Daniel goes on a date with a girl, gives away his car, and golden-throated singer Ice JJ Fish gets a web redemption."
"Daniel attempts to turn every home in America into a public restroom, plays a game the censors will hate, and a guy who doesn't take direction from women gets a web redemption."
"Daniel gives C-SPAN a much-needed ratings boost by speaking to Congress, has lunch with a homeless man, and a kid who is forced to enter the workforce gets a web redemption."
"Daniel hires the Internet's most offensive lawyer, plays the world's most disturbing game of pin the tail on the donkey, and a dog trapped in a man's body gets a web redemption."
"Daniel forces his audience to drink something he made from the toilet, sells out for overpriced headphones, and a teacher gets a web redemption."
"Daniel rids the world of homophobia with the Prancing Elites, turns your horrific tweets into a book for children, and touches one lucky fan emotionally."
"Daniel shows us why you should never take your girlfriend to the ballgame, and a 49-year-old up and coming comedian gets a web redemption."
"Daniel sees how much citrus the human eye can withstand and teaches a man how to play basketball."
"Daniel teaches us how to up our hashtag game, chats with the happiest and creepiest guy in LA, and a girl who wants the internet to pay for her injuries gets a web redemption."
"Daniel helps a religious rapper reclaim his throne, shows us why there's no such thing as stupid questions (just stupid girls), and smokes the ganj."
"Daniel throws shoes at women, his intimate conversations get leaked to the press, and the cheapest man in America gets a web redemption."
"Daniel reveals who will get his old Subaru and shows us why it's never safe to pass out at his place."
"Daniel buries shovel girl forever, asks his fans to dispense some Twisdom to the class of 2014, and a guy who lost the space race gets a web redemption."
"Daniel webchats with a goat, and a bowler who got screwed out of a perfect game gets a web redemption."
"Daniel celebrates the end of vacation by redeeming an embarrassing family, going ham on some bail jumpers and revealing his most erotic wardrobe to date."
"Daniel meets the only man in the world who cares about women's sports, deals with a cutter in the office and celebrates the glorious return of Is It Racist?"
"A Vine gangsta gets a CeWEBrity Profile, Big Ass Baby finds himself in some deep doo-doo, and Daniel leaks nude photos of his fans."
"Brooklyn's baddest dog expert gets a Web Redemption, Daniel offers up some life hacks, and Tosh.0 enjoys the last barbecue of the summer."
"A heartbroken teenager gets a Web Redemption, a master of seduction lends advice on how to have a threesome, and Daniel pulls back the curtain on his pre-show ritual."
"The world's worst weightlifters get a Web Redemption, Daniel plays a round of Is It Racist?, and Tosh.0 fans destroy their property."
"Daniel becomes a big brother and invites kids to ask him questions."
"Two barely literate rappers bust a rhyme, football coach Lane Kiffin fails again, and Daniel explores the sensual side of escalators."
"Daniel checks up on the subjects of past Web Redemptions, explores the many holes of the human body and shares a new way to ruin credit scores."
"Daniel redeems a redhead who got bitch slapped by Mother Nature, saves America's youth from eternal damnation and receives terrifying tweets from his fans, just in time for Halloween."
"Daniel makes kisstory with some intimacy coaches, teaches a lesson on banging dirty whores and calls for an end to disrespecting women."
"Daniel makes kisstory with some intimacy coaches, teaches a lesson on banging dirty whores and calls for an end to disrespecting women."
"Daniel channels his inner game show host, makes up a musical and exposes a government cover-up with global implications."
"Daniel finds out who shot Black Santa, reveals the most extreme Nana Nana Boo Boo yet and shares a secret Tosh family holiday recipe in this Christmas episode."
"Daniel looks back at all the moments that made 2014 so awful, goes future trippin' with Doug Stanhope and crashes a trashy engagement party."
Season 7 - Tosh.0
"On the Tosh.0 season premiere, Daniel takes the year's most acclaimed movies down a peg and declares war on the Super Bowl champions."
"A woman becomes an awfully wedded wife, Daniel introduces sadomasochism to the workplace, and ASU engages in some distracting behavior."
"A pious Christian launches a campaign against energy drinks, and Daniel reveals how viewers can get rich just by using their home computers."
"A hobo gets a CeWEBrity Profile, a creepy critic gets critiqued, and Daniel bridges America's racial divide."
"A Russian man jumps off a roof while on fire, a rapper takes her love of big penises to the next level, and Daniel highlights potentially dangerous Internet users."
"Daniel redeems wrestling's number one fanboy, gets roasted by the least famous people in the world and makes the streets safe for fashion."
"Daniel fights the good fight with an ardent atheist, a spacey Alaskan man runs for mayor, and the Tosh.0 staff helps out America's embattled fraternities."
"A man finds a new use for Cheetos, a street performer gets in over his head, and Daniel opens up about his affiliation with the Church of Scientology."
"A Russian military parade goes wrong, a science teacher learns to be more careful with his demonstrations, and Daniel brainstorms ways to solve California's drought problem."
"A little girl gets her hands on an assault rifle, a young woman's slam dunk attempt ends painfully, and Daniel adopts a hand puppet."
"Naked men perform an interpretive dance, a Chinese con artist botches an insurance scam, and a teenager gets creative with his microwave."
"A British man gets mischievous with a magnifying glass, Daniel helps out in his community, and two masochistic YouTube users find love."
"A camel gives birth, a high school football fan goes pro, and Daniel comes up with exciting new uses for a leaf blower."
"Daniel starts a new wrestling tradition at the office, a YouTuber gets intimate with some fruit, and Big Ass Baby goes to prom."
"A redhead fulfills his destiny, teenage drivers make egregiously bad decisions, and Daniel finds out what some of his favorite Web Redemptions have been up to."
"A woman gives birth in a car, a former member of Menudo gets a CeWEBrity Profile, and Daniel reviews a new book about football coach Nick Saban."
"Daniel breaks down a martial arts demonstration gone wrong, Welven Da Great talks about being the face of Deez Nuts, and Subway meets with a new potential spokesperson."
"Daniel gives a bully the what-for, a makeup artist turns herself into a husky, and an amateur stuntman ups his game."
"Daniel dons an elephant G-string, a clumsy cruise ship passenger gets a Web Redemption, and members of the Tosh.0 studio audience share what's in their hearts."
"Presents a commercial that companies can use to end the 'straights-only' bias of their advertising."
"Spider-Man lets it all hang out in his hotel room, two friends discover a racist sink, and Daniel tries to recruit sorority sisters to join the Tosh.0 staff."
"A baby gets covered in peanut butter, people who try beach proposals struggle to overcome environmental obstacles, and a fledgling dancer strips for cash."
"A man shows off his malleable skull, a young woman spices up her sex life with feline role playing, and Daniel challenges his audience to a game of Is It Porn?"
"A man suffers a debilitating party injury, a nerdy couple holds a \"Star Wars\"-themed wedding, and Daniel investigates a cold case."
"A young woman gets caught in a surprise mosh pit, Daniel makes the most of the proceeds from the Tosh.0 prop auction, and What's In Your Body? returns for another round."
"A Brazilian man proves to be too heavy for a zip line, a performance artist sticks it to humankind, and Daniel presents the follow-up to his Selena Gomez tribute video."
"A halftime performer finds herself in a tight spot, a countrified YouTuber becomes reality TV royalty, and Daniel creates a Tough Mudder-style obstacle course."
"The Tosh.0 office begins a painful weekly tradition, a woman gets cozy with her pet opossums, and Daniel and his audience try to harness the power of their brain waves."
"A woman gets intimate with a wolf, an arm wrestler visits from across the pond, and Daniel tries to raise the profile of an obscure Swedish snack."
"Tosh remembers the best moments he had during season 7."
Season 8 - Tosh.0
"Todd Glass returns to host his Awful Prank Show, a \"human cartoon\" visits Daniel's dream house, and Tosh.0 pays tribute to a legendary stand-up special."
"A church youth group gets funky, a fart fetishist receives a visit from a genie, and Daniel pitches a terrible business idea on \"Shark Tank.\""
"A crab gets hold of a knife, two Japanese wrestlers engage in a kissing battle, and Daniel finds a solution to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy."
"A jelly bean taste test ends poorly, a fast food critic samples exotic new cuisine, and Daniel endorses a strange and novel method of birth control for men."
"Two lizards get sexy on chaise lounges, a Filipino drag queen flops hard, and a teenager shows off her flatulence."
"A little Welsh girl delivers a baby sheep, a stuntwoman takes a nasty spill, and Daniel finds out if Google is racist."
"A wheelie stunt goes as well as can be expected, Daniel hits the gym with an extreme bodybuilder, and a Maori wedding meets its match."
"A Brazilian man tries to walk off a broken leg, a woman uses her own urine as a panacea, and Daniel finds a presidential candidate he can believe in."
"A volunteer gets kicked in the head during a karate demo, a man claims he can heal people with the power of his gaze, and Daniel seeks a solution to catcalling."
"A couple of buff Brits hit each other with chairs, Vice investigates a questionable life-coaching operation, and Daniel's staff gets into \"Genital Jousting.\""
"A dolphin witnesses a water birth, a musically inclined Hillary Clinton supporter sets his sights on Trump, and Twitter signs Daniel's yearbook."
"A man pulls a nasty prank using a vacuum, a pair of Serbian thieves try (and fail) to steal a fridge full of beer, and the Internet goes crazy for hydraulic presses."
"A woman head-butts a cake, a man tests out a homemade jetpack, and Daniel takes a ride with a YouTube star known for his violent dancing."
"A birthday party Spider-Man botches a flip, Daniel sets out to slay a dragon, and a Pasadena legend rocks out on the recorder."
"A woman learns not to mess with snakes, a suburban daredevil attempts an ambitious jump, and Tosh.0 pays tribute to reckless fireworks enthusiasts."
"A woman eats a live octopus, Daniel produces a movie with the first female Bond, and the internet goes crazy for bottle-flipping videos."
"A vlogger proves just how lazy he is, a personal chef demonstrates how to make the easiest recipe in the world, and a bro finds inspiration in a lost phone."
"A woman shows off her hand-dancing technique, Daniel's Twitter followers critique video art, and a man trapped in an elevator prompts a pop quiz."
"A man befriends a beer-chugging fish, the staff of Tosh.0 gets embarrassing neck tattoos, and park ranger Brian Ettling fights climate change with comedy."
"A man underestimates a raccoon, former Web Redemption subjects return to the fold, and Daniel applies some time-saving techniques to the summer games."
"A man loses weight by emptying his stomach, a young woman gets sexually explicit after her wisdom tooth surgery, and Lane Kiffin's public access show returns."
"A girl battles a tree, a woman outsmarts a parking clamp, and Daniel gets personal with one of the biggest booties on the internet."
"Daniel comments on a pants-dropping dance video, interviews a man offering his sex services on the internet and gives an award to the worst town in the world."
"Daniel studies the art of toad stacking, interviews a teen stuntman and tries a dangerous new version of ping-pong."
"A woman gets too close to the finish line at a race, a stuntman takes on Orange County's swimming pools, and the creepy clown trend meets its match."
"A woman downs an entire stick of butter, the internet's preeminent bong smoker gets a checkup, and a fan's email presents a chance for mischief."
"Daniel covers all the big issues of the 2016 election, learns some surprising truths from a conspiracy theorist and tries to get inside the mind of the average voter."
"A performer finds a new use for a mechanical bull, a teenage makeup guru lends Daniel his expertise, and Daniel charts the rise and fall of the mannequin challenge."
"A gang of raccoons finds a doting fan, a competitive eater goes to a theme restaurant, and Daniel's viewers bombard him with Tosh doppelgangers."
"A sea lion finds its way into a fishing net, Daniel reflects on 2016, and some overzealous Tosh.0 fans get blocked."
Season 9 - Tosh.0
"Liturgical candles mishap, undigested food removed by hand from elephant, Amasian ground gymnastics. Cewebrity interview with fat 'stuntman' Zac and the Tosh dream version of him starring in a ruthless TV show gauntlet run. Street justice biker returns a car-dropped wallet. Vestimentary seasons oversight, abusive mails to CC studio executive Gary. Launching Kitty danger the klutzy 'OO7 girl', cuckolded husband's video of cheater wife car movements, Daniel's record slides on wake-board and bare-chested over masses of highlight markers."
"A dog trots out its prettiest outfit, a man takes the high-tech route while tailing his wife, and Daniel gets in a question at a White House press briefing."
"Knock-out Michael Jackson imitator, self-logging road and forest fairy Daniel, motorcycle runaway on ice, chocolate fountain spill and Daniel's dessert date. Video breakdown of flock-knocked over German she-shepherd. Cewebrity profile interview with blind film critic Tommy at Oscar time. Bin squirrel attack, failed high roof pool diver interviewed, masked like gay playmates, blues grass 'I pooped in the grass' and the Tosh Dixie band version."
"A communications director gets a little too handsy, YouTube's most prominent breastfeeder bares her soul, and an Alabama driver goes off-road."
"Dog scares off Korean delivery man, human bee hive, Inuit throat chant horror, Canadian scum pond duel. Cewebrity profile of MTBV vintage self-glorifying wold be 'best alive' music producer 'Mark 5'. Kitty Danger Ka Boom, daily photo)eating Jason Segal fan 'Dog Shit'."
"Senior citizens have fun with balloons, Daniel catches a merman, and Tosh.0 takes on the flat Earth conspiracy theorists."
"Suburban kids test the limits of a trampoline, a leather salesman speaks his mind, and Daniel takes down some local restaurants."
"A little girl pisses off the wrong monkey, a gun safety trainer makes a fool of himself, and the rich stick it to the poor."
"A British bloke attempts a not-so-daring jump, a Jedi uses the teachings of \"Star Wars\" in his real life, and Daniel makes his own version of a National Geographic show."
"Daniel presents in white briefs under white robe. Cross carrying perils, Thai festival extreme piercing, good neighbors borrowing, fatso pantses himself in fitness gym by gravity, bare butt vaping. Video breakdown of head butt challenge. Web Redemption for Ashley, the female self-knockout Ashley attempting to catch a football with fake FNL draft. Limber neck kid, step back-challenge perils at basketball school with Tosh Beverly Hills version, Kitty Danger final, vomit. Actor Hugh Jackman doing his own sound effects and Tosh acing it all-round."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Lame Gay Pride alternative, limber lunatic 'after chiropractor'. Web Redemption of lawyer Tosh jail-visiting client Ross 'Creations' who piles up pranks like jumping over people including cops or walking over them on his hands, trust-falls, wedgies, kissing passersby and removing traffic signs. Asian slot machine profaner, suspicious popularity of girls on YouTube and Tosh's 'pedo fan' trap, sexy 'composite nude dog' animation, Lonny's 'noise' battle cry challenge and Daniel's barked entry."
"Daniel meets a former math teacher who's passionate about music - and one very specific actress."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A motorcycle stunt goes awry, an elephant decides it doesn't want a particular man walking behind it, and Daniel sits down with Canada's top mullet-sporting daredevil."
"An extremely curvy man lubes up, a guy draws a penis with his voice, and Daniel sits down with a guru who eats air."
"A dangerous new trend sweeps public golf courses, a raccoon turns out to be less than friendly, and Daniel works out with a woman who may have the longest legs in America."
"Daniel takes a tone-deaf pitcher out to a ball game, meets the internet's premier animal impressionist and discovers a new method to stop fights in the office."
"Coating a man in cinnamon turns out to be a terrible idea, a funeral gets the rave treatment, and Daniel catches up with Web Redemption recipients from years past."
"Daniel discusses foot care, sits down with Iraqi twin brothers Michael and Zach Zakar and gets his fashion choices shamed by his audience."
"Daniel sits down with a pair of fake fitness experts, puts his rope swing away for the winter and tries to seduce naked tree lovers."
"Crazy breakfasts, multi-store raft and Tosh's ditto inflated bed, golden art-retriever, inline skaters dance duo. Video breakdown of perilous jumping kids, surprisingly safe cable ride between trees. Cewebrity profile interviews as Tosh's radio show guest Tourette-affected and -embracing stuttering comedian Benny Feldman. Playgroud ruckus, marbles race over bizarre courses, Tosh offended by celebrities measurements comparison so he does worse."
"Daniel taps into the psyche of a death-defying urban explorer, attempts a freestyle rap and discovers a new use for drones."
"A man calmly vomiting a toilet full inspires Daniel to devise a padded barf bench and Tosh install a posing wall for men, for a change, with a phallic bragging focus. Videos about a toilet-liberated snake, a shirtless 'wimps' sword-duel till they draw a single bloody cut, a Chicago black street fight. Daniel transforms to a talk show host to interview Canadian boy drag queen Lactatia (9). A Halloween show 'What's in your body' stars weird extractions from butt-hole, stomach and a leg, seasonally followed by pumpkin abusers."
"Videos show teachers are heroes, dangerous motorcycle driving, mass jump from a 'suicide bridge'e, Indian kids traditionally rolled in in manure. Tosh's breakdown of abusive Aussie students dumping a drunk mate boxers-only in snow. Demolition own-goal, CeWebrity profile of chubby Mississippi State fanatical 'family' fan Stingray who gets a statue. Sticky rail slide, catching exploits, cheese-covered 'rack', a video to raise money for a kitten born without butt-hole."
"Opens with a cocky bullfighter trotted plight, trapped moths, 7\/11 robber versus tame staff. Further gassed, traditional Thai 'extreme body piercing' parade, Penn State fans steeling beer by car window crash, Israeli bus driver facing his own face. Daniel interviews a fallen Spiderman web fetish site ASMR's creepy whisperer, takes her to 'conservative father Tosh's' family Thanksgiving and 'answers' his way Vogue's 73 celeb questions. Next too drunk to use an ATM, Tosh's version of the NoNut November challenge."
"A sexy night-club's laser-lighting for go-boy-bottoms in the cage, excessive wedding rituals, a toilet-liberated snake. Daniel critically interviews Poppa Pipes, a butch Internet-posting workout-fanatic who abuses the English language worse then he would wish adversaries in the ring. Also a tape-acrobatic fall, beer can crushing records and virtual assistant Alexa's presidential preferences."
Season 10 - Tosh.0
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